Another Member of “Main Line Takeover Project” Admits Guilt

main-line-drug-bust-mugshot-john-rosemann-400A member of the alleged preppie drug ring that made headlines last spring has pleaded to misdemeanor charges in the case, the Delco Daily Times reports. John Cole Rosemann, 21, of Weston, Connecticut, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of receipt in commerce of marijuana, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia while he was a student at Lafayette College.

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Teen Admits Selling Pot to ‘Rich White Kids’ in Lower Merion Using Instagram

When we last visited the Main Line Take Over drug case, lawyers for the two alleged ringleaders were pointing fingers, and the Washington Post was writing oddly fawning articles about it. (When we last visited teens in general, they were peeing all over Nolibs.) But now one of the alleged “sub-dealers” in the case, a 17-year-old, has admitted to selling pot on the Main Line. He sold the weed to “rich white kids” — a quote from his supplier — at Lower Merion’s two public high schools.

The Inquirer — which doesn’t name the juvenile — reports that while juvenile court proceedings are usually closed to the public, “proceedings in which the offenses are serious enough and the accused is old enough are open.” The teen admitted to three felonies and faces four years in a detention center for selling marijuana. He said in court he’s been selling drugs since he was in eighth grade.

Prosecutors said the 17-year-old dealer had the cell phone number of Timothy Brooks, one of the alleged ringleaders of the Main Line Take Over crew, in his phone. On the night of a raid in March, the teen attempted to throw a jar of marijuana out the window, but a detective caught it in midair.

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Lawyers Defend Ex-Students Charged in ‘Main Line Takeover’ Drug Case


Lawyers for two students accused of being ringleaders in “Main Line takeover” drug bust have released statements to ABC News about their clients.

Prosecutors accuse Timothy Brooks, 18, and Neil Scott, 25 — both graduates of the Haverford School — of running an elaborate drug ring that sold marijuana and other drugs at high schools and colleges on the Main Line. The alleged preppie drug dealers are accused of having “sub-dealers” sell for them at the high schools.

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Washington Post Seems Kind of Enamored of Well-Organized Drug Ring

An important out-of-town newspaper has written an article about Philadelphia, and it’s not the New York Times! On Tuesday, the Washington Post ran an article on the Main Line preppie drug bust, complete with mugshots of the young suspects.

The story, “Philly preppies accused in ‘Main Line take over’ drug operation aimed at cornering supply to fancy schools,” is a solid story for the paper. Many of the Post’s readers must be familiar with the Philadelphia Main Line, and drug busts involving $35,000-a-year prep schools like the Haverford School allow the paper to print the doe-eyed mugshots in the paper. Schadenfreude for those who hate the rich; horror for upper-class readers. It’s sure to be a hit.

Anyway, the paper compared the teens to Mark Zuckerberg:

They called the operation the “Main Line take over project.” In terms of intricacy and ambition, it appears more suited for the business pages than the crime blotter. […] On Facebook, he and the accused sub-dealers’ play lacrosse, pose for family photos, hug cats, fence and wear lots of button-downs. In all, they look like everyday, if wealthy, teens and 20-somethings — perhaps characters out of “The Social Network,” the movie about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s birth.

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Prep School Drug Ring Busted in Montco

This story just moved into the lead for our favorite of 2015.

CBS Philly:

Prosecutors in Montgomery County, Pa. say they’ve taken down an intricate drug distribution network that targeted students at high schools and colleges throughout the Main Line and was being run by two graduates of a prestigious private school.

Prosecutors say the criminal enterprise was known as the “Main Line Takeover Project,” and they say the ringleaders had eyes on becoming the major marijuana distributors in the area.

They’ve been popped-collared!

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