Post-Apocalyptic Restaurant Mad Rex Opens in Fishtown This Weekend

Photo by Society Hill Films

The world’s first post-apocalyptic-themed restaurant, complete with a “Survivor’s Kitchen,” virtual reality lounge, and a rugged “battle truck” bearing its name that will sit on pilings 14 feet in the air and double as an outdoor seating shelter, will open in Fishtown on Friday.

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Screw It. Let’s Just Go to This Post-Apocalyptic-Themed Restaurant in Fishtown

Photo provided by Michael Johnigean

You win, World. Want me to get excited about Mad Rex? Okay, you got it. I am now excited about Mad Rex, the post-apocalyptic-themed restaurant opening in Fishtown. Because, believe it or not — and whether we want it or not — Mad Rex is happening. It will exist here in Philly (1000 Frankford Avenue). And it will open to the public by the end of September.

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The Apocalypse Is Coming To Fishtown And Dilworth Park


One of these things is absolutely, definitely, 100% happening. And the other seems almost too bizarre to be true (and yet apparently is). But we have two apocalypse-themed news items to round up this morning, so let’s get at it shall we?

Tomorrow, in Dilworth Park, there’s going to be a zombie skate at the Rothman ice rink. And at some point in the future (like possibly this spring), Mad Rex–an apocalypse theme restaurant and virtual reality experience–will be opening in Fishtown.

No, really.

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