3 Reasons Alcohol at Work is No Biggie

Frank Ockenfels/AMC

Hey, it worked in Mad Men. (Photo courtesy of Frank Ockenfels/AMC)

I’ve been watching a lot of Mad Men lately, and while the smoking and sexual harassment in the Madison Avenue 1960s looks archaic by today’s standards, the office boozing is starting to look amazingly normal.

Sure, Don Draper and his cohorts were drinking way too much on the clock, from the vodka in the morning, to the bourbon shots during the day, to the old fashions at night. But is it really that different from today’s workplace? Read more »

Modern Unit at the Ayer for Mad Men Fans

Images via LauriePhillips.com

Images via LauriePhillips.com

Here’s a fun fact: prior to undergoing a $75 million dollar renovation that transformed it into a 56-unit luxury condo building–Carl Dranoff is in the midst of doing just that for some of the floors at the Residences at Two Liberty Place–, the building at 210 W Washington Square used to be the headquarters of N. W. Ayer & Son, an advertising agency extolling itself as the oldest in the United States.

According to Ad Age, the group was “a leader and innovator” in the field for most of its history, even being the first in the industry to establish an art department. We’d like to think of them as the Don Drapers of the early 19th-century, don’t you?

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Mad Men Premiere Viewing Parties


This Sunday marks the premiere of Mad Men’s final season and a couple of Philadelphia restaurants are getting into the spirit with special viewing parties.

At Pennsylvania 6, the fun kicks off at 9 p.m. with the Midtown Village turning itself into Mad Six, a night of revelry complete with 1960s-themed food, Mad Men-inspired cocktails and a screening of the show. Admission is free but reservations are strongly encouraged.

Guests are encouraged to dress as Mad Men characters or at least in their period-best. During the show, lights inside will be dimmed and the volume turned up. During commercials, a retro DJ will play.

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Mad Men & Chicken Kiev

Antioch Farms Chicken Kiev

Sunday was the premiere of the fourth season of Mad Men and as our Twitter feed indicates, there’s a significant crossover between Foobooz readers and Mad Men fans. One scene focuses on a date at Jimmy’s La Grange and Chicken Kiev. Growing up, chicken Kiev was an almost common dish in Mamma Foobooz’s kitchen. A search of MenuPages finds Chicken Kiev isn’t as popular as it once was. It only appears on the menu of  four Eastern European restaurants in Northeast Philadelphia:

  • Bordeaux
  • Golden Gates
  • Palace Royal
  • Stolovaya

We’re not familiar with any of these places, are you? Know of anywhere else that serves up the dish, let us know in the comments.

Check out Mamma Foobooz’s involved Chicken Kiev recipe after the jump.

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