Flavors of the Avenue Free Street Festival Is This Weekend

flavors of the avenue

Flavors of the Avenue on East Passyunk is this Sunday and though the culinary tour is sold out, you can still take advantage of the free street festival. Along with shopping and live music on the street, restaurants are offering drink specials all day.

Bing Bing Dim Sum will also open for special lunch hours. You can get a preview of what’s to come when the fun dumpling spot launches their lunchtime hours. They’ll be serving their full menu from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. with $4 Victory Summer Love drafts.

To check out the drink specials at the rest of the East Passyunk restaurants, look here.

Distrito Loyalty Card Pays Dividends

distrito-bar-940Yesterday, at Industree’s food and beverage tech panelScott Steenrod, Vice President, Restaurant Operations for the Garces Group dropped a very interesting nugget. Since instituting their “Blue Demon Express Lunch Club” at Distrito in March, they’ve seen lunch business double.

And as a reminder, that deal is after five $15, two-course lunches, your sixth one is free.

So for some of those other loyalty programs around town that give you 10% off your 11th meal, this is what a working loyalty program looks like.

Distrito Wants Your Lunch Loyalty [Foobooz]

Hippot Shabu Shabu’s Excellent Lunch Deal


This is what happens at a hot pot restaurant: you get raw meat, uncooked noodles and a pot of broth and prepare to have the time of your life (or at least a fun lunch).

Considering that until recently Philadelphia had no shabu shabu restaurants, it’s pretty exciting that we now have two (soon to be three, with Nine Ting). Shabu shabu is not just me stuttering on the page. It’s the name of a special kind of cook-your-own Asian noodle soup.

Hippot Shabu Shabu can get somewhat pricey if you go for dinner (because you’ll invariably look at the menu with pages of meats, noodles, and balls and want to try them all) Unfortunately, those little additions all come at a cost (usually about $3.95 a pop, to be precise), and that’s on top of $10-$20 you’re paying for the soup itself.

But then there’s Hippot Shabu Shabu’s lunch deal.

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Fitler Dining Room Adds Weekday Lunch

eggplant lunch fitler dining room squareFitler Dining Room at 22nd and Spruce has added weekday lunch. The menu offers snacks, soups, salads and sandwiches. Enough “S”s there? Did we mention Fitler is on Spruce Street?

Highlights of the menu include the 9th Street, a house-made sausage with provolone, broccoli rabe, long hots and a fried egg and the pictured grilled eggplant sandwich with fresh mozzarella, basil and dried tomatoes.

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New Philly-Based Study Uncovers the Trick to Resisting Pizza and Cheese Fries



If you’ve ever wandered into a cafeteria or food court and immediately lost the will to maintain any dedication to a healthy diet, you are not alone. The smell of cheese fries and pizza tends to have that effect. But a new study, conducted by the Philly-based Center for Urban Health Policy and Research at Einstein Medical Center and published in the journal Appetite, has revealed what could just be the trick to resisting not-so-healthy temptations at a cafeteria: Decide what you’re going to order before you actually step foot inside. That way, the smell of melted cheese (or hot donuts or sweet-and-sour chicken) isn’t even a factor.
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Ventuno Opening at 21st and Chestnut

ventuno-riverwestVictor Fellus, the owner of Mix and Victor’s Bar, is opening Ventuno, adjacent to those businesses, at the base of the Riverwest condominium at 21st and Chestnut.

According to Fellus, the restaurant is intended to open in about a month, with a menu focused on, “fun food, with 15 different homemade soups and a salad bar similar to saladworks.”

The restaurant will also serve grab-and-go style sandwiches and ice cream. Fellus said that he intends Ventuno to operate as a quick and easy lunch or dinner option for the neighborhood.

What 5 Philly Fitness Pros Eat for Lunch

brown bag lunch


You know the saying, “Abs are made in the kitchen”? Well, we took it to heart and asked five Philly fitness pros (who all have stellar abs, if I do say so myself) what they pack for lunch. And, man, did they give us some serious brown-bag-lunch inspiration: From sesame-crusted salmon to turkey roll-ups to taco salads, these personal trainers and fitness instructors are eating well.

If you’re looking to replicate their healthy eats, the takeaway that I gathered from them is this: Pretty much all of them said they like for their lunches to be high in protein and healthy fats, most of them paired protein with a side of veggies or fruit. Spinach popped up on a few of their plates, and you’ll note that not a single sandwich made the cut—or any starches really, aside from a sweet potato. Check out their photos and more details about their lunch routines below, and watch the brown-bag-lunch inspiration flow in.

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