Be Well Family: The Very Best Lunch Gear For Kids (And Adults)

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One of the best parts of fall and starting a new school year (and OMG, that’s in about a minute now) is stocking up on new gear — especially lunch gear, which just keeps getting cooler and healthier and more fun. (And that’s translated into lunches that have gotten cooler and healthier and more fun.) Here, a roundup of the very best lunch bags and accessories for the whole family.

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Where to Get Free Lunch in Center City Today

Verts Mediterranean Grill | Photo via Facebook

Surprise: Your lunch plans just got a whole lot cheaper, Center City office workers! Today, Wednesday, August 9th, Verts Mediterranean Grill and WeWork have teamed up for an outdoor WeWork pop-up complete with free (and healthy!) food and coffee, plus giveaways. Feel free to indulge in a Napoleon Dynamite-style “YESSS” from your desk chair.

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10 Cool Adult Lunch Boxes You’ll Actually Want to Carry to Work


From left to right: Built NY Uptown Lunch Tote; Kate Spade Lunch Tote; BAN. DO Metallic Lunch Bag

Raise your hand if you’ve spent way more money on Sweetgreen than you’d like to admit. We’re with you. We’re thinking it’s time we stop investing so much of our money into spicy sunflower seeds (delicious as they may be) and invest in a cute adult lunch box that will make us want to carry our own homemade (much cheaper!) salads to work instead. If you’re in the same boat, find 10 cute adult lunch boxes that you’ll actually want to carry to work below. Then watch your bank account grow.

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Pure Fare Is Rolling Out A New Summer Menu (And It Looks Delicious)

Pure Fare | Photo via Facebook 

This Thursday, June 1st, Pure Fare will start churning out a new summer menu featuring some pretty drool-worthy items. Think: a Vegan Watermelon “Poke” Bowl. YUM. You can check out the full list of new items below, but to give you an idea of what to expect, the new menu will feature a bunch of new grab-and-go salads, entrees, sandwiches and snacky “guiltless pleasures” (helloooo, carrot cake pudding with cashew cream frosting, yes please!).

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The Best Cafes (and Restaurants) to Bring Your Laptop and Eat an Actual Meal

The Cusco Sandwich at Plenty Cafe

The Cusco Sandwich at Plenty Cafe

Maybe you’re a freelancer with a few hours between meetings downtown and you want to keep up the productivity. Or there’s construction in your office building and you can’t get anything done with power tools grinding away upstairs. Or you work from home but you’ve reached the point at which you’ll freak out if you don’t leave the house today.

You need a spot to get work done — school, freelance, creative, or just catching up on email. You also need to eat, and as tasty as the croissants and cookies at most coffee shops are, they’re not exactly brain food.

We’ve rounded up some of Philly’s favorite spots to camp out for a few hours (or more), eat a real breakfast or lunch, crush your task list. For our purposes, we’ve stuck with Center City and adjacent neighborhoods; we also made free wi-fi for customers and an actual food menu (however brief) a requirement.

And for when the workday spans meals, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite trendy spots where you might spend a working lunch (and maybe happy hour afterwards) while chowing down on a more substantial, chef-driven menu.

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Go Eat Lunch Outside Today

R. Kennedy / Visit Philadelphia™

R. Kennedy / Visit Philadelphia™

After days of gray, rainy weather, the weather is warm and sunny — and it’s Friday. Sounds like the perfect excuse to treat yourself to al fresco lunch — without having to wait for a sidewalk table.

We have a list of quick, affordable, and delicious spots to grab a bite, coupled with the closest park, plaza or grreen space where you can get away from your desk, stake out a patch of grass, and soak up the spring weather.

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Philly’s Fanciest Italian Restaurant Kicks Off Weekly Lunch Service Next Month



Last year, Marc Vetri decided to open up the Vetri books to the city’s lunch clique. Initially, it was a three-month stint — a first for the then-18-year-old restaurant — and it would happen on the first Friday of each month for $85 a person. Of course, it sold out immediately.

So for the past nine months, he made lunch a monthly event, but, still, the people wanted more. So, starting next month, lunch at 1312 Spruce Street will become a weekly affair.

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The Meal-Prep Trick That’s Saved Me Tons of Money

I nearly start sobbing when I think about the year 2014, when I would go to HipCityVeg every single day and order the drool-worthy Curry Tofu Wrap for lunch. Every. Single. Day. I was young and stupid and had not yet experienced the big unexpected bills caused by broken cars or broken pets or a broken body that everyone talks about having a savings account for. So away went hundreds (and hundreds) of dollars on Curry Tofu Wraps over the course of a year. More if you factor in the occasional green lemonade I’d get to wash the wrap down with. Insert puddle of tears here.

Now, a few years later and after dealing with a number of my dog’s weird health problems (she somehow managed to get a paint chip in her eye, and who knew ear infections could be so draining on your wallet?), I think about what I eat for lunch a bit more and go out for lunch a whole lot less. Because I get it: Savings accounts are helpful.

But this shift from a lady who lunches at HipCityVeg and Sweetgreen all the freakin’ time to a lady who lunches out of a trusty Tupperware container did not come easy.

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Butcher Bar Launches Lunch Service

butcher bar celing 940

The upstairs at Butcher Bar

Center City’s Butcher Bar, from the team behind Varga Bar, Mercato and Valanni is now open for lunch. Though there are some vegetarian dishes, as the name suggests, Butcher Bar is about the meat. Highlights include Sloppy Joe Poutine; a Butcher Bar grinder with sobrasada, rigani salami and provolone; and a $29 plate of steak frites.

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