Have Some Of Philly’s Finest Sandwiches Delivered For Free

The Fresh Mozz at Meltkraft.

The Fresh Mozz at Meltkraft.

Hey, did you guys know that its National Sandwich Month? Well it is, and we’re celebrating by bringing you the best sandwich news we can find.

Yesterday, it was an up-close-and-personal look at the Gizmo from Paesano’s. Today, it’s the new Local Deals promotion from Caviar that’s going on right now. In keeping with our theme, we thought we’d do a round-up of all the best sandwiches you could have delivered to you until Friday with no delivery charge.

So get out your stretchy pants, folks. It’s going to be that kind of week.

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Retro Week: Your Favorite Throwback Dishes In Philly


It being Thursday and us being in a retro kind of mood this week here at Foobooz World HQ, we decided to do our own little game of Throwback Thursday. But rather than asking for ridiculous photos of you passed out drunk in someone’s basement rec room with your parachute pants and Flock Of Seagulls hair, we’re looking for something better. What we want you to reminisce about are your favorite throwback dishes being served in Philly–what you like and where you go to get it today.

What’s that? You want some examples? We’re here to help.

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The Best Soups In Center City


Forget Center City Sips…when the weather is as gray and nasty as it is today, it’s all about Center City soups.

But where are the best? Don’t worry. We went out and answered that question for you. Here’s a list of places that offer up the good stuff in any number of ways – creamy, spicy, tomato-y, you name it.

The best soups in Center City

Luke’s Lobster Turns Five


They started with 250 square feet in East Village and no restaurant experience. Today, they’ve grown into a small empire with 13 different locations across the Northeast–including Philly. And now, Luke’s Lobster is turning five.

So to celebrate, on Wednesday, October 1st, Luke’s will be giving a $5 discount to any order of $15 or more (while supplies last).

Franklin Flea’s Summer Market Food Lineup


The Franklin Flea Summer Market is happening this Saturday, August 16th, and it’ll be full of vintage pieces, music, and food. Oh so much food. In fact, this month’s event is the largest one yet, when it comes to the food.

We just got the lineup of the 13 vendors that will be satisfying your cravings and we’re not sure where to start. Maybe with the Watermelon-Basil Lemonade? Or the Pork Tacos with Pineapple Salsa? Perhaps the S’mores Cups and Chocolate Cupcakes with Strawberry Cheesecake baked in the center? The list goes on, so be sure to stop by between 10am – 5pm and enjoy all of the market’s offerings.

Franklin Flea Market will be located at the McCall Schoolyard in Society Hill. (325 S. 7th Street between Spruce and Pine Streets).

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Luke’s Lobster Launches Winter Menu

LukesSign2Just in time for the cold weather, word came down today that Luke’s Lobster is launching a winter menu. Or a menu augmentation, really. There’s just two new dishes going up on the board, but they’re good ones.

Starting today, the crew behind the counter will be adding lobster grilled cheese sandwiches made with gruyere cheese, buttery white bread and, of course, big hunks of lobster. And for their second trick, they’ll be dishing out lobster mac and cheese. I’ll let them describe it for you…

“For Luke’s mac ‘n’ cheese, the team turned to Hurricane’s Soup in Greene, Maine—the same folks who
create their award-winning chowders and bisques. Hurricane’s is a small company owned by Phil Wilbur [who has] collaborated with the Luke’s team to create a classic, creamy macaroni and cheese with cheddar from Pineland Farms in Maine to accompany the steamed lobster you’ve come to know and love. The Luke’s crew gently hand mixes lobster into each order of mac ‘n cheese
so that it stays fresh and perfectly cooked.”

Sounds like a pretty good lunch, doesn’t it? And to wash it down, Luke’s is also offering hot apple cider, along with their full regular menu.

Luke’s Lobster [f8b8z]

Luke’s Lobster Delivers


Okay, so remember how excited we were when we heard the news that Luke’s Lobster was coming to town?

And remember how happy I was when I finally got to go there and taste a lobster roll done right (for the first time in longer than I care to recall)?

Well here’s the only thing that could possibly make things even better: I just got word today that Luke’s Lobster is going to start delivery service.

And here are the details…

Where We’re Eating: Luke’s Lobster


Two things you need to know about Luke’s Lobster. One, you should go right now. And two, if you didn’t hear me the first time, GO RIGHT NOW. This is the first Philly location of the small, beloved, Maine-based, Manhattan-centered nine-outlet chain that serves idealized roadside-shack lobster rolls. Yeah, yeah, there are crab rolls ($12) and shrimp rolls ($8) and blah blah blah. But what matters here—really, all that matters here—is the $15 lobster roll, done as the lobster gods intended.

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First Bite: Luke’s Lobster


The Thursday that sign is referring to is today. And noon was already two hours ago. So if you’re not at Luke’s Lobster right now, stuffing your face full of lobster rolls, what’s your excuse?

Mine is that I dropped in last night on the soft open/preview and that I’m still kinda stuffed–mostly because, at a certain point, I just gave up on the dining room and started hanging out by the pass rail of the open kitchen, grabbing half-rolls off the trays as fast as the cooks could lay them down. Waiting my proper turn? That’s for suckers. Especially when I’ve already been waiting so long for a lobster roll done right and served for a price that doesn’t immediately put it in the realm of the only-if-someone-else-is-paying expense account lunch.

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Real Lobster Rolls For Philly?


Yup. That’s how things are looking right now, with the scheduled May 16 opening of Luke’s Lobster at 130 South 17th Street. And everything that’s got me excited about this place is plain in that picture right there.

Thing 1) They got the roll right–a flat-grilled and buttery, squared-off New England hot dog bun.

Thing 2) A lobster roll is supposed to be filled with lobster. Not lobster salad. Not lobster gunked up with a bunch of celery chunks and other filler. Just a little mayo on the bun, maybe–maybe–a little butter drizzled over the top and NOTHING ELSE. Anyone who does it different is doing it wrong, and Luke’s (apparently) is doing it right.

Thing 3) That lobster roll is sitting on a plank table with no tablecloth. As the lobster god intended.

Stuff that isn’t in the picture? A $15 price point (no, really). The sustainable lobsters (they’re coming from Luke’s own seafood company in Maine) and the fact that, when I told a couple of my New York friends that Philly was getting a Luke’s of its own (it’s a small chain, with locations in New York and Washington D.C. and a truck, which is my next wish for Philly), they all made that “Awwwww…” sound in the backs of their throats and told me how lucky I was that I wasn’t going to have to schlep all the way to Amsterdam Avenue for a fix.

Luke’s Lobster [Official]