Headhouse Square Farmers’ Market Kicks Off the Season This Sunday


The Food Trust’s and the city’s largest outdoor market returns this Sunday, May 5th to Headhouse Square. The farmers’ market which brings local farmers and producers to 2nd and Lombard Streets, runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

And if shopping makes you hungry, Lucky Old Souls burger truck will be there along with Los Taquitos de PueblaMade in the Shade lemonade and Zsa’s Ice Cream.

Activist and founder of White Dog Cafe, Judy Wicks will be there signing her new book, Good Morning, Beautiful Business: The Unexpected Journey of an Activist Entrepreneur and Local Economy Pioneer.

Headhouse Square Farmers’ Market [Official Site]

Six Pack: House Made Sodas

While New Yorkers shudder at the thought of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed ban on large servings of sodas and sugary drinks, we Philadelphians are prepared to let all the soda addicts cry on our shoulders. More importantly, we are also prepared to brag about the limitless bottles of craft soda that we have on hand throughout this great city at any point in time. At these six Philly establishments you can find a plethora of flavors in as many ounces as your heart desires.

Stings a bit, doesn’t it NYC?

Hey, if you’re nice we may even let you have some. But only, like, 12 oz or so.

Our Favorite House Made Sodas (no high fructose corn syrup anywhere) »

About Last Night: A Food Truck Pop-Up At Cook (With Pictures!)

There are three things that need to be said right up front about last night’s Foobooz Neighborhood Pop-Up at Cook.

Thing 1: We should do a food truck pop-up every month because, apparently, working entirely from a truck that could be quickly overturned by an angry mob turned insane by bland tacos or bad cupcakes makes a person into a fast cook, a skillful talker and a person who cooks cheeseburgers or roti like their lives depended on it.

Thing 2: Speaking of roti, I could eat the Trinidadian roti from Mini Trini at every meal, every day for a month and not feel like I was missing out on anything at all. As a matter of fact, I would feel bad for the rest of you chumps who only got to eat caviar, lobster tails and pie all day.

Thing 3: Next time I have to leave one of these events early, I’m making the guy doing dessert go first.

Oh, and one more. Apparently, if you can steal borrow a good enough bottle of vodka from under the counter, virtually any drink you mix will cause a group of strangers to think that you are a gifted bartender–even when, if fact, you are just a food writer who happened to tend a little bar at swingers parties in the basement of a Chinese restaurant a hundred years ago. But I digress…

Show me some pictures

Quick Bites

Paloma opened last night, the former Northeast Philadelphia restaurant is serving haute Mexican at 763 S 8th Street. [The Insider]

Chris Painter provides hints on what to expect at his upcoming Il Pittore at 3rd and Bainbridge. [Meal Ticket]

Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co. named to Bon Appetit’s Top 10 Best New Cocktail Bars list. [Bon Appetit]

A mini-version of Green Aisle Grocery is coming to Headhouse Square’s Bodhi Coffee next month. [Green Aisle Grocery]

Lucky Old Souls goes in front of the PLCB on Wednesday, August 4th regarding its liquor license. Owner Mathew Feldman is encouraging his Newbold neighbors to show up in support. [Meal Ticket]

Quick Bites

Right now Foobooz crush object, Paesano’s is suffering from too much of a good thing. Since being named the best hoagie by WIP they’ve been getting crushed by business. So for at least right now, the late night hours are off.

Strongbox is a locked box. The Walnut Street bottle bar is closing for the summer. [Meal Ticket]

The Oyster House started lunch service last Monday and its been going gangbusters. Meal Ticket has the menu. [Meal Ticket]

P.Y.T. is aiming for July 3rd. The menu is by Time’s Josh McCullough. [Icepack, City Paper]

Wine Thief has opened on Germantown Avenue. The bistro aims to be affordable with everything under $20 and wine priced at $15 over cost. [Table Talk, Philadelphia Inquirer]

UCity’s MarBar has been redone as Panda Bar. There will be live music and good beer. [Beer Lass]

Local food and music are the backbone of Lucky Old Souls. A new spot opening in the New Bold neighborhood of South Philly. [Kitchenplay]

Former Daily News food writer  April Lisante and her husband are opening Avril, a 50 seat BYOB in Bala Cynwyd. [The Insider]

Bistro M in Berwyn has closed and will be replaced by Meridith’s which is moving from its current location. [Main Line Dine]