Main Line NIMBYites: No Target for Ardmore!

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Lower Merion residents are petitioning again.

This time, they want to stop a new Target from coming to their township – or, per the petition hosted by, they want to “stop developers from targeting Lower Merion.”

Residents say a Target at the busy intersection of Lancaster and Ardmore avenues in Ardmore will “only make traffic worse than it already is” in the area.  Read more »

Lower Merion Parents Outraged Over “Mega School” Plans

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Penn Wynne Elementary School via Google Maps

Parents in the Lower Merion School District want to keep “mega schools” out of their backyards. The term means what it sounds like: a really big school… relatively speaking, of course.

Lower Merion, one of the best and most well-funded public school districts in the country, has prided itself on its small and intimate classrooms. But over the years, parents have flocked to the wealthy suburban district for its elite reputation, some leaving private schools in the process. These days, LMSD is among the fastest-growing school districts in Pennsylvania, with enrollment expected to surpass 9,300 students in the next 10 years, according to district officials, and that influx has led some ill-equipped schools to feel like they’re bursting at the seams.  Read more »

Lower Merion Girls Attacked While Walking to Rita’s Water Ice in Philly

The two girls were approaching this Rita's Water Ice in Philadelphia on Monday.

The two girls were approaching this Rita’s Water Ice in Philadelphia on Monday.

Monday was the first day of spring, and so, as has become an annual tradition, Rita’s locations all over were giving away free water ice. And around 3 p.m., after they had finished the school day in Lower Merion, two sisters from Wynnewood decided to take a walk to Rita’s on City Avenue in Philadelphia, literally across the street from Lower Merion Township. Read more »

Main Line Monday: The Main Line Dream on a Budget in Penn Valley

523 S. Woodbine Ave., Penn Valley, Pa. 19072 | TREND images via Benjamin Hardy Real Estate Group

523 S. Woodbine Ave., Penn Valley, Pa. 19072 | TREND images via Benjamin Hardy Real Estate Group

For many buyers, Lower Merion is one of the most desirable places to live. With its top-notch schools, easy access to the city, and charming shops and restaurants scattered throughout this township at the Main Line’s heart, it offers just about everything a sophisticated suburbanite might want.

Usually, it costs a pretty penny to gain access to all this. But not this time. Just off Montgomery Avenue on the Lower Merion side of the Lower Merion-Narberth border lies a charmingly renovated Colonial at a price so attractive that even some first-time buyers could consider it. Read more »

Lower Merion School District Forced to Withdraw Tax Hike

Photo Courtesy of User:ifly6 via Wikimedia Commons

Lower Merion High School. Photo | ifly6 via Wikimedia Commons

A Montgomery County Judge told the Lower Merion School District it couldn’t raise taxes as much as it proposed this year, claiming the school district has, for years, exaggerated multimillion dollar deficits to warrant tax increases.

In a taxpayer lawsuit filed by attorney Arthur Wolk, Common Pleas Judge Joseph A. Smyth ordered the district to withdraw its planned 4.4 percent tax increase for 2016-17.

The judge found that the district has increased taxes by more than 53.3 percent since 2006 to make up for supposed budget holes – but recent findings reveal that despite the district’s projected budget deficits, it has continually had a surplus at the end of each school year. Smyth has not yet decided whether or not those who already paid their current school tax bills will receive rebates – an estimated $1,400 per householdRead more »

Jawdropper of the Week: A Mediterranean Retreat in Penn Valley

44 Fairview Rd., Penn Valley, Pa. 19072 | TREND images via BHHS Fox & Roach

44 Fairview Rd., Penn Valley, Pa. 19072 | TREND images via BHHS Fox & Roach

For all you homebodies out there, this luxurious home in Penn Valley will ensure that the flak you get from your socialite friends is not for naught.

Think about it. Why drive into the city, battle with muggy summer heat and down drinks at Happy Hour in some overpriced restaurant when you have your own private retreat to enjoy at home instead? Especially when that retreat is a Mediterranean vacation in itself. Inside and out, architectural details ranging from large arched doorways to tile floors to stucco-clad fireplaces to Greek columns whisk you away to the lands of ancient charm and modern wonder. Read more »

LOCAL NEWS: Lower Merion School Board Unanimously Passes Trans-Affirmative Policy

Photo: iStock

Photo: iStock

Lower Merion schools now have a transgender-inclusive student policy.

On Monday, the Lower Merion school board unanimously passed a transgender-inclusive policy that respects students’ names, pronouns, and personal identification in records and academic documents. The new policy also aims to ensure trans students are included in sex-segregated events and public spaces. “This policy is the icing on the cake,” Bruno Reiver, a trans student at Lower Merion, told the press. “As a graduating senior, I cannot express how grateful I am to have attended such a progressive, open-minded institution.” The Pennsylvania Youth Congress and local student groups helped to get the policy passed. Lower Merion is now one of five districts in Pennsylvania — Great Valley, Springfield, Upper Dublin, and Cheltenham are the others — to officially enforce a trans-affirmative policy. The Pittsburgh Public School Board plans to vote on a transgender student policy in June, while the School District of Philadelphia is currently reviewing a policy expected to reach the School Reform Commission this summer. Read more »

Police: “Anti-Semitic” Incident Outside Lower Merion Kosher Restaurant Wasn’t

The Dairy Cafe in Bala Cynwyd (photo via Dairy Cafe on Facebook)

The Dairy Cafe in Bala Cynwyd (photo via Dairy Cafe on Facebook)

Last week, Lower Merion was aflutter over allegations of anti-Semitic threats outside a kosher restaurant on Montgomery Avenue. But after days of investigation and involvement from the Anti-Defamation League, the Lower Merion Police Department says there wasn’t anything anti-Semitic about it. It was just two guys with a beef. Read more »

Here’s the Proposal for the Suburban Square Expansion


Oooh, the Suburban Square expansion proposal appears to be chugging along. Per the Main Line Times’ Cheryl Allison, Kimco Realty received a recommendation for approval from the Lower Merion Planning Commission for their tentative sketch plans two days ago. Now, the Building and Planning Committee is scheduled to hear them later tonight.

Here is what Kimco wants to do:

  • Construct four-level parking garage with 571 spaces at 75 St. James Place;
    garage would include 3,000 square feet of retail space at grade along Coulter Ave.
  • Construct two-story, 40,000-square-foot building at 100 Coulter Ave.;
    include first floor retail; second floor office space
  • Construct one-story, 3,445-square-foot addition to rear of Trader Joe’s
  • Demolish existing storage building with Class II historic resource (it was a former freight shed dating back to 1885)

Read more »

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