Tonight: Some Phillies Deals

Last night we asked Twitter who has some good Phillies deals going on. Since we got no replies here are a couple that we spotted along Locust Street. Locust Rendezvous is offering $3 Victory Headwaters Pale Ale and down the block Misconduct Tavern has several varieties of craft beer cans for just $3 too.

If you have any other suggestions, please add them in the comments.

My Rendezvous with Flavored Vodka

In my little food world, where I serve as chief cook, bottle washer and benevolent dictator, I do not permit flavored vodkas. I am against them, I don’t believe in them and I shun them. Unless they are free, in which case I will drink them happily. Did I mention this was my little food world? I make the rules here. Don’t argue with me.

Of course, as a dictator – even a benevolent one – I can turn on a dime. I must have whims and they must be catered to! So I’m upending my flavored vodka ban for one product only:

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Best Fries

City Paper lists their favorite bar fries and what kind of beer to wash them down.

  1. Locust Rendezvous Рwaffle fries covered in onions and jalape̱os
  2. N. 3rd – Served with chipotle Asian chile mayo
  3. Nodding Head РWith a side of bourbon jalape̱o mayo
  4. Royal Tavern – Classic crab fries
  5. Sugar Mom’s – Intensely spicy Spanish fries

Bar Fries for Bar Flies [City Paper]