Some Things Don’t Change

At Foobooz we are consumed with what’s new and changing, so sometimes it’s nice to know there are places that stand the test of time. If it weren’t for the telephone booths you probably wouldn’t guess that this photograph of Locust Bar is nearly 40 years old.

Locust Bar

200 South 10th Street [PhillyHistory]

Where To Karaoke

Leah Blewitt breaks down some of the best places to get down with the karaoke.

  • Abbaye
  • Barristers
  • Happy Rooster
  • Locust Bar
  • McGillin’s Olde Ale House
  • Woody’s

Karaoke Dokey [Philadelphia Weekly]

What Is A Dive Bar?

Joe Sixpack tackles the question of what is a dive.

The question: What is a dive bar?

You’ve got Noah Webster, who defines it as “a shabby and disreputable establishment.”

There’s Wikipedia, which refers to a “dated or rundown appearance and atmosphere.”

And Word-Detective.Com says the name goes back to the 19th century, when many disreputable joints were located below street level. An adventurous evening out literally meant “diving into a subterranean world of bad booze and even worse company.”

OK, it’s sounding pretty negative.

But when you talk to beer drinkers, you find they have a warm feeling for a favorite dive. Several online search sites, for example, run “best dive bar” polls, and readers describe them in the kind of glowing terms that a tavern owner usually clips out and pastes onto the wall.

Want a comfy bar? Just dive right in [Joe Sixpack, Daily News]