Nefertiti Jaquez Reported Officer’s Death an Hour Before He Was Pronounced Dead


Photo via Twitter

Editor’s Note: The headline and other parts of this story have been updated to reflect new information.

Last Thursday, in the wake of the shooting of Philadelphia Police Officer Robert Wilson at a GameStop in North Philadelphia, reporters were scrambling to get the latest news in the case. And NBC10’s Nefertiti Jaquez was the first one to report that Wilson had died. The problem was, he hadn’t been pronounced dead yet.

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Dissed Doctor Sues Stephanie Stahl and CBS 3 for Libel

You know Stephanie Stahl. She’s the medical reporter and sometimes investigative reporter for CBS 3 in Philadelphia, the woman who mongers fear over the perils of buying prescription drugs without a doctor, the potential for an Ebola outbreak in Philadelphia, and doctors who allegedly implant cardiac stents into patients who don’t need them. Well, the last of those stories has her being hauled into Federal Court. Read more »

WATCH: Fox 29 Live Snow Reports Already Getting Awkward


One of the joys of being stuck inside on a snow day is the non-stop local news coverage. Some of you may hate the endless snow coverage — currently on channels 3, 6, 10 and 29 — but I love it. Eventually, the stations run out of news to talk about and begin interviewing anyone they can. For example, this woman on the phone!

The report also continues with a person behind reporter Thalia Perez yelling at the camera. Then some silence! It’s not even noon and we’re already getting to the good stuff.