Monday Obsession: Adorn By Sarah Lewis Statement Rings


Now that we’re in the throes of summer sales, it seems like most purchases we make are killer markdowns scooped up at the last second and fewer “lusted-after-and-saved-for-weeks” buys. Impulse buys are great, but there are still items out there worth obsessing over—particularly Adorn by Sarah Lewis’s standout statement rings from the Band of Gypsys collection.

Details ahead!

Where to Shop This Week: Erdon’s Sale Room

Photography by Victoria Stern.

Racks of gorgeousness at Erdon. | Photo by Victoria Stern.

Sometimes it can be tricky to gauge the extent of a sale, particularly a sale announced via email blast. Is it a store full of markdowns? Just a rack? Maybe a bin? Are there coupons and a secret handshake involved? You only really know what’s in store until you’re, well, in the store. So I did some recon at Erdon on Friday afternoon. Let’s put it this way: There’s an entire room dedicated to discounted designer merch.

Photographic evidence ahead.

Monday Obsession: 3.1 Phillip Lim x Linda Farrow Sunglasses at Joan Shepp


It’s rare that Philly is gifted with brick-and-mortar access to limited-time designer collaborations. It usually warrants some super-quick online ordering come release day, or worse, begging an NYC boutique to mail ‘em to you. So if the announcement of the 3.1 Phillip Lim x Linda Farrow collaboration had you booking Greyhound tickets, don’t fret! You can buy the sunglasses right here in Philly. Joan Shepp for the win!

Click here for the deets.

We’re Obsessed With These Metallic Temporary Tattoos

Image via Flash Tattoos.

So gorg, right? | Image via Flash Tattoos.

Temporary tattoos are having a major moment right now (stay tuned for a roundup of our favorites!), and let us just say, they are So. Much. Better. than the ones you buy from quarter machines. We were first alerted to these metallic beauties when Geisha House owner Cortney Cohen told us shoppers were basically scooping up the temporary tats in droves: “People have been—no joke—OBSESSED with these.” And we can totally see why.

Keep reading to find out how to snag ‘em.

The 5 Philly Sales You Need to Shop This Week

Image via Paula Hian.

Paula Hian’s whitewashed Manayunk showroom. | Image courtesy of Paula Hian.

As shopping editors, there’s nothing more satisfying than to see our inboxes pile up with sale announcements. And sometimes when sales are super-abundant and super-special—a la mid-July—we compile ‘em into a handy comprehensive guide. Here are our picks for the five must-shop sales happening in Philly this week, including tips on what to know before you go. Better start marking your calendars; the sales start today! Keep reading for sale deets.

Monday Obsession: Zola’s Ceramic Wall Planters


Confession: I may be one of those people who, in a fit of excitement, buys herbs and succulents galore at farmers markets and then lets them sit on my counter for, well, basically their lifetimes. (That is, I eventually forget about them and they die.) To combat what seems like the inevitable, an artsy-cool planter is just the thing to incentivize keeping my plants alive. My saving grace: Zola’s Geometric Wall Hanging Planters.

Click here for details.

The Fashion Event You Need to Go To Tonight


Fishtown’s Toile Atelier. | Photo via Facebook.

Fishtown’s Toile Atelier is one of my fave spots. It’s owned by amazing local designer (and PMFP contestant!) Bianca De Pietro, who creates absolutely incredible womenswear.  The shop carries other local designers that should know about, if you don’t already, and many of them will be feted tonight, as the shop hosts a huge summer party. (Ice cream and booze included.)

See the details here.

Hurry! There’s an Amazing Shoe Sale Going on at Skirt

These neutral heels are a no-brainer | Image via Skirt.

These neutral heels are a no-brainer | Image via Skirt.

Consider this sale flagged, high importance, or whatever other descriptor it takes to get you to Bryn Mawr’s Skirt between today and tomorrow. The boutique is having an amazing sale with a buy one pair of shoes 50 percent off, and get the second pair free. That’s right, one pair of shoes for half the price, and another pair of equally stylish shoes for free.

Interested? We thought so.

Keep reading to find out what’s on sale.

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