Eagles Announce New Running and Cycling Challenge to Raise Funds for Autism Research

Eagles owner Jeffrey LurieMayor Jim Kenney and representatives from Children’s Hospital of PhiladelphiaDrexel University and Thomas Jefferson University/Jefferson Health stood together on a stage atop the grass of Lincoln Financial Field on Friday to announce a new annual charitable event dedicated to raising funds to advance research and support for Autism Spectrum Disorder – with a lofty goal, too.

The Eagles Autism Challenge features a family-friendly 5K run/walk as well as cycling routes of 15, 30 and 50 miles that will take riders through the city and its suburbs. The running course will shuttle participants through South Philly before ending back at Lincoln Financial Field, which will serve as the finish line for all runners and bikers. Don’t drink too much at the Friday Kick-Off Party the night before the big event, which will be held on May 19, 2018. You can already sign up or just donate here.

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Philadelphia Marathon Training: 3 Important Things Your Marathon Training Plan Won’t Tell You

Newsflash! The Philadelphia Marathon is a measly 10 weeks away, people! And for those of you who are following a training plan, the words and numbers outlined week by week will likely rule your life, and in some cases, can lead to more questions than answers. If those words and numbers could, well, tell you more than they do about getting your body and mind ready for a marathon, here are the three things they would tell you about marathon training.

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The Philadelphia Marathon’s Half Marathon Course Looks Completely Different This Year

Photograph courtesy of the Philadelphia Marathon

As you might’ve noticed if you were thinking about running the Philadelphia Marathon’s half marathon course on November 18th, for a while, where there would usually be a course map, the website has said something along the lines of “coming soon!”

If you’re anything like us, you were intrigued and anxiously checked back often. Well, my friends, the folks over at the Philadelphia Marathon quietly debuted the course map, and good news for everyone who complained about last year’s course changes: It’s looks very different this year, with more city and less of Fairmount Park in the mix. Victory!

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10 Awesome Photos From the Broad Street Run (Including a Marriage Proposal!)

BS run roundup
Yesterday, thousands of runners took to Broad Street to tackle 10 miles on foot in the Broad Street Run. Let’s pause to give them all a hand, shall we? Okay, now if you missed the flood of humans snaking down the middle of the city yesterday (we get it: sleeping in happens), below, some of our favorite Broad Street Run photos rounded up from Instagram (including another race proposal! This one after the to-be bride hit the finish line, though.). We suggest you scroll through these and keep your fingers crossed that some of the runner’s high captured here rubs off on you. Hey, we could all use a little help on Mondays, right?

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Everything You Need to Know About the Philly 10K 2017

The Philly 10K 2016 | Photo by Matt Stanley

The Philly 10K | Photo by Matt Stanley

It might not feel like you’ve got a super-sweaty summer race in your not-so-distant future (what is UP with this 50-degree weather in May, amirite?), but you do, my friends: Our friends over at the Philly 10K have given us all the juicy details for this year’s race, going down Sunday, August 27th. And to answer the question we know you’re all asking: Yes, the race, known for its course through Philly neighborhoods, will, once again, end in South Philly with a giant block party complete with Philadelphia Brewing Company beer and frozen custard, a collaboration between Shake Shack and Federal Donuts, for all. Mmmmmmmm.

Below, everything you need to know about this year’s race, including what the course looks like, where the pre-race kickoff party will be (they’re switching things up this year!) and when to set your alarm for registration. Read up below!

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Everything You Need to Know About This Year’s Philly Mayor’s Cup

Photo Courtesy of Philly Mayor's Cup Facebook

Photo Courtesy of Philly Mayor’s Cup via Facebook

Local runnings clubs, it’s time to gather the troops and begin preparation: The third annual Philly Mayor’s Cup is scheduled for Saturday, August 12th, and bragging rights are at stake. If the Mayor’s Cup is a totally foreign term to you, stay tuned because the full run-down is outlined below, but to give you the real quick and dirty: It’s basically a huge cross-country meet for grown-ups featuring trail and road runs varying in distance, from a 5K to a half marathon, at the Belmont Plateau. Intrigued?  Read more »

Watch: Videos of Runners Helping Fellow Runners Across Race Finish Lines

A few weeks ago, a video of three half-marathoners swooping in to help a struggling fellow runner across the finish line at the Philly’s Love Run Half Marathon made people ‘round the globe cry. After clicking on our post covering the viral video, one of my co-workers Slacked me saying she was sobbing at her desk. I didn’t judge, because I’d been doing the same thing just an hour earlier.

In a world where Facebook newsfeeds often seem like broken faucets, solely existing to spew information that chips away at your faith in humanity (just me?), there’s something so nice — so nice it’s tear-worthy! — about seeing strangers helping each other out.

And clearly, I’m not the only one thirsting for video evidence of human empathy and kindness in the world. Since that video went nuts across the web, there have been a number of similar videos — videos where runners sacrifice their race times to help a fellow runner who looks like they’ll probably (er, definitely) collapse onto the cement before they reach the finish line if someone doesn’t rush in help ‘em out — popping up around the internet from recent races.

So, because we figured a Monday is always made better with a minute (or 10) of happy crying, we’ve rounded up a few of our tear-inducing favorites, including the Philly Love Run Half Marathon video, a couple of videos from the Boston Marathon, which went down April 19th, and a video from this weekend’s London Marathon.

Watch ‘em and feel your faith in humanity rise a few points. (And let’s hope these videos keep on comin’ through spring race season, eh?)

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Run These: 9 Really Fun Philly-Area Summer Races

ODDysey Half Marathon | Photo via Facebook

ODDysey Half Marathon | Photo via Facebook

Fantastic summer races may feel as though they’re few and far between, but fear not! Our city and boasts a whole slew of one-of-a-kind running events in the warmer months. From a jazzy mainstay, to a little bit of yoga and a bright sea of bubbles (don’t worry — they supply the soap!), you’ve got more than enough opportunities to shape up (and sweat your buns off) throughout summer. Read on to find your perfect (very sweaty) race.

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