Yessss: Barre3 Is Hosting Free Outdoor Pop-Up Classes

Barre3 on the Plaza | Photo via of Barre3 Rittenhouse Facebook

GUYS, how awesome is it that we have sooooo many outdoor workout options coming up? Well, here’s another one to add to your calendar: Barre3 Rittenhouse will be hosting two outdoor pop-up barre classes in the next two weeks. And they’re totally free. Meaning: You better sign up ASAP before all the spots are taken. Read more »

Breweries and Bars Are Officially Yoga Destinations

Yoga at Martha in Kensington

Yoga at Martha in Kensington | Image via Instagram 

Guys, let’s hope this isn’t a passing trend because I think the folks at Wissahickon Brewing Company, Martha and Federal Distilling are truly on to something. These three gems of local institutions are offering on-site yoga classes (some recurring!) followed by the chance to rehydrate with their specialties. Now, that’s a reward system I can get on board with. Who’s with me?

Check out this crop of yoga sessions, all followed by drink or two, below. Read more »

What Are the Best Cheap Fitness Classes in Philly?



There is no shortage of amazing fitness classes in Philly — the pros around here teach everything under the sun from stand-up paddleboard yoga to trampoline fitness. The problem is clearly not the quantity or variety, but often these classes don’t come cheap. We’re on the hunt for the classes that offer the very best bang for your buck, and that’s where you guys come in. We’re asking you, dear readers: What’s your favorite weekly fitness class in the Philly area that costs $10 or less? Any type of class at all. And don’t forget to tell us what makes it so awesome. Now, Comment away!

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10 Philly Fitness Activities You Have to Try Before Summer Ends

race st pier

Yoga at Race Street Pier

I’m sorry to burst your summer-lovin’ bubble, but sadly we’ve only got about a month left of this wonderful warm weather and all the good stuff that comes along with it: beach trips, hot summer runs, ice cream trucks everywhere you look.

If you’ve spent the majority of your summer swinging on a hammock, eating water ice and enjoying the weather, that is completely acceptable (and I am totally green with envy), but it’s officially time to abandon the hammock and get moving: We’ve got 10 outdoor activities best enjoyed in warmer weather that we think you absolutely shouldn’t miss. Happy sweating, folks!

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