Philly Named No. 1 Music City in North America

DJ Armin van Buuren at Festival Pier | Photo by Steve Garfinkel

DJ Armin van Buuren at Festival Pier | Photo by Steve Garfinkel

Vivid Seats, a website for buying and selling music, sports and theater tickets, recently compiled a list of the 20 best North American cities for live music. It should come as no big surprise that Philly was at the top of that list. They analyzed factors like number of concerts and average ticket price for upcoming shows to rank the cities, all of them being from the U.S. except for Toronto. They noted that Philly was particularly great for genres like alternative, blues, jazz, country and folk.

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Philly Ranked Third Unfriendliest City, But at Least We Have a Great Arts Scene

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Philly’s always had a reputation for being kind of grumpy, but perhaps never more so than lately when we’ve got our panties in a wad about the disruptive pope visit. Then there was that whole hitchBOT thing that made national headlines, making us look like the biggest meanies ever. Just last week, Seth Meyers called us out in one of his opening monologues for basically beating up people for no reason.

These moments haven’t escaped Travel + Leisure readers, who ranked Philly No. 3 on its list of “America’s Unfriendliest Cities,” just ahead of Detroit and New York City. Here’s what editors had to say about our particular brand of angry:

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Cape May Zoo Named 13th Best In the World recently ranked the 25 best zoos in the world, and Cape May County Park and Zoo (CMCPZ) cracked the lineup at lucky number 13.

CMCPZ is the nearest one to Philly to appear on the list, sharing the accolade with biggie animal parks like Bioparc Valencia in Spain (No. 12), Zoologlischer Garten in Germany (No. 14) and the San Diego Zoo in Southern California (No. 1).

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Head Scratcher Rankings: Forget Beverly Hills, Narberth Is the Place to Live

Downtown Narberth | Photo: Dan Groff/Facebook

Downtown Narberth | Photo: Don Groff

Ahhh, Narberth, we often find ourselves longing to bask in your wonderland of sunshine, streets lined with palm trees, (good) Eddie Murphy cop movies and Hillbillies shows, iconic shopping and bevy of stars living in mega-exclusive compounds. Wait, that’s Beverly Hills. Sorry, we often get the two mixed up. How is that possible, you ask? Well, Niche, a website that says its goal is to transform “the way people make big life decisions,” has ranked the Montgomery County locale as the tenth best suburb in the nation, ahead of places like Beverly Hills (12), Manhattan Beach, California (11) and even Lower Merion Township (25).  Are we proud of this? Yes, and Narberth Online’s Facebook page summed it up for pretty much everyone in the region with a simple, “In your face, Beverly Hills!” Read more »

8 People You Almost Always See in a Philly Yoga Class



I think it’s safe to say the whole yoga-studio-filled-with-tea-drinking-hippies stereotype is a thing of the past. Now, thanks to an endless supply of yoga studios around the city, just about everyone has dipped their toes into the practice.

If you go to enough yoga classes, you start to notice some patterns, a few people you can pretty much count on always seeing when you hit the studio: the Lululemon addict, the skylight hog, the wide-eyed newbie. We decided to test our theory by hitting studios all over Philly and documenting the yogi types we saw over and over again.

Don’t get us wrong: We love each and every one of these people — they’re what keeps the yoga soup so darn interesting. But because chances are you’ve been at least one (if not all) of these people at some point in your yoga life, we thought it was high time to celebrate each and every one of them here on Be Well Philly. Namaste.

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Swarthmore No. 3 on List of Top 10 Colleges With the Hottest Guys

Nearby Swarthmore College has earned the No. 3 slot on College Magazine’s top 10 list of the colleges with the hottest guys. The online publication says it came up with its list of winners by researching schools’ four-year gradation rates, varsity and intramural sports programs, popular Greek life and gym facilities, so it’s not all about looks and braun. An explanation on how Swarthmore got the No. 3 distinction:

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Philly 7th on List of Most Dangerous Cities in America to Own Property

The view from 2116 Chestnut looking south

One thing has been made abundantly clear over the first three-and-a-half weeks of 2015: Philly is on some impressive lists. However, we’re going to have to take the good with the bad in this instance. A report from lists Philly as one of the most dangerous cities in America to own property–in fact, we’re squarely in the top 10 at number seven. If it makes you feel any better, New York City took the top spot. We’re also two spots safer than San Antonio, a city that’s trying to cheat its way to a larger population that Philadelphia.

The list examines data from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program and takes into account the number of robberies, property crimes, larcenies, motor vehicle thefts and arsons. Here’s what ‘the authority on bad credit” had to say about our fair city:

Neither the weather nor its citizens’ dispositions are always sunny in Philadelphia. The city is home to several hundred homicides a year, a large concentration of organized crime rings and some of professional sports’ rowdiest fans.

In summation, the list of reasons why Philly is seven on the list goes homicides, organized crime and poorly behaved sports fans.

Actually, these number will help to paint a more complete picture:
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10 Best Books on Amazon Kindle Unlimited: Fiction

Back in July Amazon opened up its Kindle Unlimited subscription service to the U.S., throwing their hat in the ring to be the “Netflix of books.” For just $9.99 a month, users can access over 700,000 e-books on their Kindle e-readers, through the Kindle app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry, or on their desktop.

Having access to this library is a boon for bookworms—that is, if they can figure out what to read. With so many titles to choose from and, frankly, quite a few duds, the choices can be a bit overwhelming. We’ve dug through their fiction selection to find the best books on Kindle Unlimited for you to download.

71qsXVeH9oL._SL1500_The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers (1940)
Often named one of the best novels of the 20th century, McCullers’ modern classic debuted when she was just 23. The story follows a deaf man named John Singer and the friends he makes in a small Georgia town in the 1930s. Singer’s life changes when he is separated from his mute companion and meets heroine Mick Kelly, a tomboy who loves music.

Up the Down Staircase by Bel Kaufman (1965)
This novel is the original “young idealistic teacher fights bureaucracy and small budgets in an inner-city school” tale, but it’s told through inter-office memos, students’ notes, suggestion box ideas, and lesson plans. After spending 64 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list when it debuted, it was adapted into a film in 1967, becoming an instant classic.

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