New Liquor Reform Plan Before Senate Panel

Ryan McVay

Ryan McVay

There’s another liquor reform bill being reviewed right now, and this one is…

Well, not a lot different than most of the other ones, actually. It’s just more futzing around with who is allowed to do what and where. Far from comprehensive reform, in other words.

But it’s something, right? And Joel Mathis has the details over on the Philly mag news blog.

Another Day, Another Liquor Reform Bill []

A Watered-Down Booze Bill Could Hit Corbett’s Desk Within Weeks

Looks like no RIP for the PLCB this year. PennLive reports that House majority whip Stan Saylor, formerly a staunch supporter of the full privatization of Pennsylvania liquor sales, has expressed a new willingness to compromise with his Republican colleagues in the Senate and move forward with a plan to bring wine and beer sales only to grocery and convenience stores:

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Should Government Provide Services … or Jobs?

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Quick question: What’s government for, anyway?

There are lots of answers to that question, of course, but for the sake of argument, let’s boil it down to two possible answers in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania:

• Government’s job is to provide certain services to the public, a byproduct of which is also providing jobs to a number of people.

• Government’s job is to provide jobs to a number of people, a byproduct of which is also providing services to the public.

In the real world, the answer is probably a little bit of both — conservative fantasies of bare bones governance notwithstanding. The problem around here is that we’ve drifted a little too close to the second answer being the right one.

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Is Liquor Privatization Coming In 2014?


Well, it’s failed every other year its been up for debate, so my gut says no–that in 2014 we’re still going to be dealing with the same bizarre, antiquated, state-run system that we’ve all come to know and loathe. But still, apparently there’s some doings afoot in the halls of power, and a nice, fat shortfall in the state budget might make this year a different story.

Don’t believe it? Head on over to the Philly mag main page and see what the politics-watchers have to say on the subject. In the meantime, I’m just gonna sit over here and drink my state-approved whiskey and dream about a day when I can go and buy a bottle of John Powers Irish at the 7-11 like a normal human being.

Tom Corbett May Give Liquor Privatization Another Shot in 2014 [phillymag]