Lawsuit: Eagles Fan Assaulted After “Good-Natured” Obscenity

Fans at Lincoln Financial Field can unpleasant. The Linc doesn’t have Veterans Stadium’s reputation for boorish fan behavior, but attend a game and there’s a good chance someone around you will be making a scene of himself with obnoxious behavior. It is part of the, erhm, charm of attending an Eagles game. (That, and the harassment of women.)

Where was I? Anyway, a fan from Levittown is suing the Eagles, claiming he was assaulted after shouting a “good natured” obscenity at a fan.

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The Philadelphia Eagles Launch a Wine

Philadelphia Eagles - Rollout Cabernet Sauvingnon

The Philadelphia Eagles are celebrating their 80th anniversary this season and are celebrating with the launch of their own wine.”Rollout” is a 2011 cabernet sauvignon sourced from the Napa Valley and Dry Creek.

The wine will be on sale throughout the Philadelphia area at Pennsylvania liquor stores as well as at southern New Jersey retailers. The wine will also be available for purchase on the club level and in suites at Lincoln Financial Field. We’re sure it will go great with Marc Vetri’s North Philadelphia sausage cheesesteak.

Eagles Senior Vice President of Business, Ari Roitman says the bottle is “a nice way for fans to celebrate four generations strong of Eagles football whether they enjoy it with friends and family over dinner or save it as a keepsake.”
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Pete McAndrews Wins Food Porn Award at Eagles Chiefs Game

On Thursday night, the Eagles and the Chiefs squared off at Lincoln Financial Field. I’ll let the people who know something about the sport opine about the future of the Eagles. I was there for the food and left before the end of the first quarter.

Below, some photos of what you’re going to be eating at the next Eagles home game at the Linc. Hats off to Aramark — the folks actually making and serving the food — for running a pretty tight operation.

Paesano’s Pete McAndrews wins the coveted food porn award for his namesake Paesano brisket sandwich:

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Eagles Add Garces, Vetri and McAndrews to Team


Last season the Philadelphia Eagles offered food from Kevin Sbraga at Lincoln Financial Field. This year the Eagles and Aramark are teaming up with Jose Garces, Marc Vetri and Peter McAndrews. For the 2013 season fans will be able to get dishes from each of these chefs at various spots in the stadium including on the main concourse, Headhouse Plaza and the club levels.

Look for more details on the food at Lincoln Financial Field to be released next week.

Paesano’s Opening at Woody’s

mcandrews-at-cookMichael Klein is reporting that Peter McAndrews is looking to expand his Paesano’s sandwich shop chain. Paesano’s has locations in Fishtown, the Italian Market and recently opened a location within Margare’s Memories night club. Next, McAndrews is taking the cohabiting concept to Woody’s Bar at 13th and Walnut.

Also on tap for McAndrews, a Paesano’s at Lincoln Financial Field.

McAndrews also owns Modo Mio, Monsu and La Porta. His Popolino in Northern Liberties is closed for the summer.

Paesano’s in expansion mode [The Insider]
Paesano’s [Official Site]

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Practice Fields Get $200K Facelift

With training camp coming to Philadelphia, the Eagles decided to give their practice fields a $200,000 facelift.

The NovaCare practice fields had not been re-sodded since the complex opened back in 2001. The team had been mulling the project for a couple years, and decided this was the time to pull the trigger.

Some inconsistencies (low and high spots) developed as a result of all the trampling over the last dozen years, so Tony Leonard — the team’s director of grounds — and his crew removed two inches off the surface and re-graded the area before laying down a Bermuda grass new to the market called “Latitude 36,” which is expected to be more wear-tolerant than what they have had in the past. The Ravens and Bengals are two of the teams around the NFL currently using it.

The same grass will be installed in the Linc. The field will be stripped prior to the Taylor Swift concert on July 20, and the new turf will be put down after the show. That should take two days. The Eagles’ first training camp practice at Lincoln Financial Field is scheduled for July 28.

The work at NovaCare was a bigger undertaking. Leonard and about 20 crew members got to work  the day the Eagles’ minicamp wrapped, and completed the project in a week despite battling the rainy conditions that disturbed the U.S. Open at nearby Merion.

“It was a 2-3 week project condensed into one week,” said Leonard. “It was a lot of long days but we got it done.”

Plenty of fans have been asking whether the Eagles are considering putting artificial turf down in the Linc to give the speed-loving Chip Kelly a fast track. Leonard said that if any such discussions have taken place, he has not been a part of them.

The team website posted a time lapse video of the new fields being put down at NovaCare.


Zach Ertz and Jordan Poyer are playing catch-up because of graduation rule.

Bennie Logan is getting plenty of support from his fellow defensive linemen.


Tickets to the five training camp practices are a hot item. From Les Bowen:

An Eagles spokesman said about 130,000 free tickets to the five training camp dates at Lincoln Financial Field have been distributed in the first two days since they became available. Originally, only the lower bowl was designated, but Thursday the team made 6,500 upper-bowl seats available, and said it will continue opening up sections as needed in the 69,144-seat Linc.

So far, the first session seems very popular with ticket seekers, the Eagles said, as does the Aug. 11 date, which involves a LeSean McCoy bobblehead promotion.

Interesting comments from Oregon offensive coordinator Scott Frost, via

“The best part of our team right now is just the attitude of the team, the culture of the team. Our team gets and understands what we want to do so well that, after Chip left, I swear the team could have run itself. We have all those pieces in place, we have pieces moving in the right direction, but things have to go right for you during the season.

The Eagles hired former Soul coach Brett Munsey as a scout.


A Twitter Mailbag, and whatever else pops up.

Eagles Training Camp Tickets Available Today

Tickets to the five training camp practices at Lincoln Financial Field this summer will be made available starting at 2 pm today. You can get the free  tickets  by going to, or by calling Ticketmaster at 1-800-745-3000. There is an eight-ticket limit per practice.

Dates that the Eagles will be practicing at the Linc:

Sunday, July 28 (Alumni Day)

Monday, August 5  (Military Appreciation Day)

Sunday, August 11 (Bobblehead Giveaways)

Saturday, August 17  (Health and Safety Day)

Monday, August 26

All parking will be free. Lots open at 9:30 am. The HeadHouse Plaza will open at 10:30 am and the interior gates will open at 11:30 am. All fans should enter the stadium through the Northeast and Xfinity gates only. Concessions will be available inside the stadium but no alcoholic beverages will be sold. If practice is forced to move away from Lincoln Financial Field because of weather, the Eagles will announce the change no later than 9 am. Because of scheduling conflicts, there will be no re-scheduling of training camp practices at the Linc.

The new rules regarding the types of bags you can bring with you into the stadium will be in effect for these practices. The Eagles will be sending out complimentary bags that fit the criteria to season ticket holders the week of July 22.

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Eagles Unveil $125 Million Plan For the Linc

The Eagles have released the details of the $125 million revitalization project already underway at Lincoln Financial Field.

The 10-year-old stadium is undergoing a significant make-over in an effort to enhance the fans’ gameday experience.

“We have had discussions with season-ticket holders over the past couple of seasons to find out what was important to them,” said team president Don Smolenski. “We listened and developed a plan of action. The revitalization of Lincoln Financial Field that will take place over the next two years is a direct result of those conversations.”

Some of the changes will be much more noticeable than others. They include:

HD Video Boards

New high-definition video boards in both end zones along with an upgraded sound system. The boards will have the ability to expand in size (over the advertisements) to accentuate a big moment. LED ribbon-board displays will be placed along each side of the stadium to make it easier to get real-time stats and scores.


Seating Bowl Expansion

An additional 1,600 seats will be added (an estimated 800 in the Southwest corner, 600 in the Northeast corner and 200 in the Northwest corner).

The extra seats will further close in the stadium, which in theory should help keep more of the noise in.

“We’ve been very happy with the sound,” said Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, “but we never want to sacrifice. We want to keep the sound in – that’s big.”

Two bridges will be built in the Southwest corner that will allow fans in the upper concourse to get from the home to the visiting side of the stadium easier. And a new escalator will be built on the west side.

Showcasing Eagles History

There will be images of the best players and moments displayed throughout the lower and upper concourses, as well as the club and suite levels.

Change At the Gates

The three main gate entrances will be expanded so that fans can get into the stadium more quickly. At the Verizon Wireless entrance, you’ll see that the gate is actually being moved to the bottom of the steps.


An integrated Wi-Fi system will be installed that will feature 600 access points that are expected to accommodate 40,000 simultaneous users. Access to Wi-Fi will be free of charge.

Suite And Club Level Enhancements

All of the suites will be refurbished, and will feature personally selected images of the best players and moments in Eagles history. A food market will be installed in each club lounge. And the Touchdown Club will move inside and housed in a 5,000 square-foot space.

Retired Numbers/Banners

The retired numbers will be displayed in the stadium bowl. On the opposite side, banners reflecting team accomplishments (conference and division titles, etc.).

The historical imagery, entrance gate expansion, Wi-Fi system, concession-stand upgrades, Touchdown Club and suite renovations and pro-shop expansions are to be completed for the upcoming season, according to the team.

The video boards, bridges and club-level enhancements won’t be in place until next season.

Why all the changes? Teams are competing with the couch, essentially.

Watching the games at home in HD with quick access to your fantasy scores and the Red Zone channel is good living. The quality of the home-viewing experience “requires teams to be very vigilant about investing in their relatively new stadiums,” said Lurie. “You can let it play out until you are really sort of behind the 8-ball as a stadium; why not take it and be ahead of the curve? That’s what this is all about.”

No public funds are being used for this renovation, according to the team. The money will come from the Eagles, and the NFL will be providing financing support. This project is completely separate from the green initiative (solar panels, etc.) going on at the Linc.

Lurie stated earlier this offseason that he will push for Philadelphia to host a Super Bowl if New York is a success next year. While the renovations aren’t being done specifically with the Super Bowl in mind, the Eagles’ owner knows it can’t hurt their chances.

“When you are bidding for a Super Bowl the committee looks very closely at your stadium, your city, what you can host. Philadelphia would be a great place,” he said.

Leading up to this project the Eagles explored the idea of a retractable roof (and even asked if it was possible to put on a temporary roof if they were to host the Super Bowl). Ultimately they deemed that to be too large of an undertaking.

“And do our fans really want to have a permanent roof? I don’t think so,” said Lurie. “We’ve always surveyed our fans, when we built the stadium, do you they to have a domed stadium? And it was very obvious of course not in Philadelphia.”

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