Philly to Host Army-Navy Game in Five of Next Six Years

Photo illustration by Joe Trinacria.

After several years of trading off hosting duties with Baltimore, Philadelphia has been named the official site for the Army-Navy Game in five of the next six years, officials announced at a joint news conference on Tuesday at City Hall.

Lincoln Financial Field was awarded the game this year as well as in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022. MetLife Stadium in New Jersey will host the 2021 grudge match in observance of the 20-year anniversary of 9-11. Read more »

U2 Is Playing the Linc This Summer

U2 with Carson Wentz photoshopped in

Photo illustration, obviously | Wentz photo by Keith Allison (license; U2 photo by Zachary Gillman (license)

LiveNation announced today that U2 would play Lincoln Financial Field on June 18th as part of a 30th-anniversary tour celebrating the band’s 1987 critical and commercial smash The Joshua Tree.

“Recently I listened back to The Joshua Tree for the first time in nearly 30 years … it’s quite an opera,” U2 lead singer Bono said in a release. “A lot of emotions which feel strangely current, love, loss, broken dreams, seeking oblivion, polarization … I’ve sung some of these songs a lot but never all of them. I’m up for it, if our audience is as excited as we are … it’s gonna be a great night.” Read more »

How Beyonce Made Football a Protest Space

Beyonce performs during halftime of the NFL Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, California, on Feb. 7, 2016

Beyonce performs during halftime of the NFL Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, California, on Feb. 7, 2016

When “Formation” came out during Super Bowl Weekend, the height of American consumption, culture and entertainment, the opening image of the music video featured Beyonce atop a police cruiser in a flooded New Orleans. There was much to be unpacked in the imagery that coursed through the video, and while many fawned over the instances and message of bad-assery accompanying all things Beyonce, there was an undeniable power in those images in a music video showcasing not only a renewed Beyonce, but also the best leveraging of her brand: politicized, policed and persistent Blackness.

There’s been a litany of thought pieces about her use of a New Orleans styled setting evoking not only the tragedy of southern racism — a thing we still like to assign to geography as if racism’s waters don’t dampen things here up North — but her supposed co-opting of Katrina, the flood that drowned a city and tsunami-ed a black population out of the city. It was seen by some as an insult, an affront to the actual ordeal. A friend who spent some time in New Orleans around Katrina shared this sentiment: “I feel some kind of way about her using the Katrina/New Orleans stuff though.” The argument here being that of cognitive dissonance; that Beyonce — famous, rich, beautiful, presumably untouched by the taint and turmoil of Katrina — was therefore somehow aloof about the importance of utilizing those images and that setting; that, in essence, she had no right to do so.  Read more »

Kenny Chesney Sorry for Mistaking Folcroft Police Officer’s Death at Concert

During his Saturday night concert at Lincoln Financial Field, country singer Kenny Chesney incorrectly told thousands of fans that a wounded suburban police officer had died.

Video by Maria McGeary

Chesney was referring to 25-year-old Christopher Dorman of the Folcroft Borough Police Department, who was in critical condition this weekend after being shot seven times in the line of fire in Folcroft on Friday morning.

Chesney called Dorman on Sunday morning to apologize and to offer to take him out to a football game and “grab some beers.”

Read more »

WATCH: Chilean Fans Sing National Anthem at the Linc

Chile’s national anthem is long. It’s five verses and a chorus. It’s so long the country has a short version, which is what U.S. Soccer says was approved for use in the Copa Americá Centenario.

Fans and players, apparently, wanted to sing a longer version of the anthem. And as they continued to sing Chile’s opener in the tournament, they were interrupted by a Pitbull song. At Chile’s second match, and last night at Lincoln Financial Field, the players and fans got together and sang the anthem after the music stopped. They were not interrupted by Pitbull.

I don’t speak Spanish, but it was pretty cool. A lot of cool things happened at Lincoln Financial Field the past week in the Copa Americá Centenario. Uruguayan fans dominated the crowd of 23,002 at the first game, only to see Venezuela eliminate them from the tournament with a 1-0 win. The smaller contingent of Venezuelan fans hung around to celebrate in the stands for a long time afterward. Read more »

Copa America Centenario Arrives in Philadelphia

Venezuela defender Roberto Rosales (16) reacts in the second half during the group play stage of the 2016 Copa America Centenario at Soldier Field. Venezuela plays Uruguay Thursday night.

Venezuela defender Roberto Rosales (16) reacts in the second half during the group play stage of the 2016 Copa America Centenario at Soldier Field. Venezuela plays Uruguay Thursday night.

The Copa America Centenario begins tonight in Philadelphia with Uruguay and Venezuela facing off at Lincoln Financial Field. This is the first of three matches to be hosted by Philadelphia – the U.S. will play Paraguay on June 11th, and Chile faces Panama on June 14th.

With 15 of the 45 titles in tournament history, Uruguay is the most successful nation in Copa America history. But tonight’s matchup finds them hanging on after a loss to Mexico, while Venezuela arrived in Philadelphia celebrating a huge win against Jamaica. Read more »

Lemonade Stand: What Beyoncé Will Be Bringing to the Linc


When Beyoncé lands at Lincoln Financial Field tomorrow night, she’ll bring with her hits, legions of fans — and about a dozen reasons for them to give each other the side-eye.

For the last three years Beyoncé has mastered the side eye — that sidelong look that says “oh, really?” Her last album, the amazing self-titled Beyoncé, was the most sexually alive album from an artist you increasingly got the notion worked so hard at her presence and her music that she may not even be familiar with a bed. With it, though, came the notion that despite a nigh-undisputed attractiveness, she was still viewed as virtually asexual. Not even giving birth to Blue Ivy could dislodge the idea that Beyoncé was not a sexual being; to the most deranged detractors (and some fans) Ivy seemed more likely an immaculate conception — or at least a surrogate pregnancy — likely part of the reason why “Beyoncé fake pregnancy” is such a popular Google search. Even after birthing Ivy, her music (largely) hasn’t wavered, and both Beyoncé and Lemonade have felt like organic, important entries into her impressive catalogue. It has been business as usual for Queen B.  Read more »

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