Building Collapses in West Philly

West Philly Building Collapse

A home in the Cedar Park section of West Philadelphia collapsed Monday night. A neighbor, who said he’d  called 911 about the property, explained that the home had been in the process of a controlled demolition that was being conducted by the Department of Licenses and Inspections.

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UPDATE: Boot & Saddle Hits a Snag


A Stop Work Order was slapped on the outside of Boot & Saddle a week ago. The order cites violations of building and plumbing codes. No word on how long this will delay Boot & Saddle’s refurb which had just begun.

UPDATE: A spokesperson for Four Corners Management relays to us that this has nothing to do with Boot & Saddle, but rather that the landlord is performing emergency repair of a broken sewer pipe for the offices and residents above. The Landlord told the Boot & Saddle team he has applied for an expedited permit.

Cease and Desist at Corner/Foodery Spot on Sansom

This morning when we were heading over to Federal Donuts, we snapped the above photo through a scratch in the window at the forthcoming Corner/Foodery build-out at 1710 Sansom Street.

As we took the photo a big burly guy bellowed at us, asking what we were doing. When we responded we were checking out the progress he told us that he was protesting the construction.

When we returned to Federal Donuts a couple of hours later, a couple of Cease and Desist placards were taped to the doors.

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News For People Who Like Bad News: Small Kitchen Nightmares

The Sustainable Business Network of Philadelphia released a report this week that told us something we’ve long suspected: in Philly, it’s tougher to open a business in the food-service industry than in any other. The report, which studied the requirements for launching and operating a small business in the city, was commissioned to issue recommendations to ease the process.

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Al Zaytouna Shut Down

A reader tips us off that Al Zaytouna, the Middle Eastern restaurant next to Sabrina’s on Christian Street has been slapped with a big old Cease Operations placard.

From the details on the candy-striped sign, Al Zaytouna is accused of operating without the proper licenses for food prep and outdoor dining.

Late Night Gotcha for Food Vendors

On Saturday night Dapper Dog was doing what it has been doing for the better part of the year at 2nd and Poplar, feeding the masses. But this week shortly after midnight the hot dog cart was approached by police officers who told Dapper Dog they had to immediately stop vending as it is illegal to do so between midnight and 7am.

A quick scan of the Philadelphia code shows that late night vending is indeed prohibited.

(7) Prohibited Conduct. No vendor or person shall:
(l) engage in the business of vending between twelve midnight and seven A.M.

We contacted Dapper Dog’s Seth Russell today for more information. Russell says he has been vending across from the Standard Tap for close to the year without incident and “never heard any negative feedback from the community.” He sees that his success has brought other vendors to the area (most notably Jose Garces’ Guapos Tacos) and these vendors have raised community ire as they “simply showed up, even parking in no parking zones.” Russell says he’s working on a plan for this weekend but “sadly, our spot may have been ruined.”

We’ll be updating this latest chapter in Food Truck Woe as the week goes on.

The City’s Side of Cupcake Saga

KYW’s Hadas Kuznits has the Licenses and Inspections side of its impoundment of the Buttercream Cupcake Truck. L&I stresses that this week’s confiscation of the truck was not the first run-in L&I had with Kate Carrara and her cupcake business. In early July the paid the truck a visit and found the following:

  • The business didn’t have a business privilege license
  • No food license
  • No license to vend from a vehicle

When the truck was impounded this week it was missing a license necessary to vend in University City.

City Speaks Out About Cupcake Truck Snafu [KYW News Radio]
Buttercream Cupcake Truck [Official Site]

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