Q&A: Looking for an LGBTQ-Friendly Doc? This New Site Can Help

QSPACES co-founders Catherine Hofmann (right) and Nic Anthony (left) | Photo courtesy of QSPACES

Rating and reviewing health care providers is nothing new, but sites like RateMDs, Healthgrades, and ZocDoc have never quite cut it for the millions of LGBTQ Americans who worry about confronting discrimination each time they step into waiting room. After all, a long wait time is hardly an issue if a physician who disagrees with your identity refuses to see you.

When Philly residents Catherine Hofmann, 31 and Nic Anthony, 27 got sick of sifting through Facebook groups to find recommendations of LGBTQ-friendly doctors in the area, the couple decided to create a centralized resource to help the LGBTQ community seamlessly access safe health care.

After a year in stealth, the free Yelp-like resource known as QSPACES, has launched in Philadelphia. BizPhilly talked with founder and CEO Hofmann about how the team developed the site and how they plan to push Philly’s health care community to make diversity a priority.  Read more »

Philly’s Pride Flag to Get Two New Stripes: Black and Brown

Image of new Pride flag via its designing company, Tierney.

Multiple sources closely connected with Thursday’s First Annual Pride Kick-Off at City Hall have confirmed to G Philly that the city’s Pride flag will add black and brown stripes below the traditional six-color rainbow layout. The new permanent design will be, from top to bottom: black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Read more »

iHeart Debuts Philly LGBTQ Radio Station

curtis.kennington | Flickr | Photo shared under a Creative Commons license

curtis.kennington | Flickr | Photo shared under a Creative Commons license

iHeartMedia Philadelphia has launched “Pride Radio Philly,” a digital radio station geared towards local lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer listeners. It’ll be the area’s first digital station of its kind and local listeners can tune on 102.1 HD2. Nationally, the station can be heard on iHeart Radio’s app.

iHeartMedia already has the popular national station Pride Radio, but Richard Lewis, president of iHeart’s Philly arm, wanted to add some local flavor to the mix, the PBJ reportsRead more »

OPINION: Single-Identity Social Justice Is No Justice at All

Photos | Dan McQuade

Photos | Dan McQuade

“There’s a gay Trump supporter in Philly,” a close friend of mine texted me on the last weekend in February. “Really? That doesn’t make sense,” I quickly responded. Minutes later, I was tagged on a viral post in a closed LGBTQ social media group I belong to. A scan of the outraged comments revealed that a senior adviser to Philly Pride Presents, Chuck Volz, a white gay man, is “an ardent Trump supporter.” I saw copies of provocative images and social media posts made by Volz that mocked people of color, women, and the Muslim ban. (All of this information was later reported on publicly.)

I quickly contacted Franny Price, the lead organizer of Philly Pride, to see if she had any clue what was going on. What I got back from her was that she’s always been aware that Volz was a conservative with “controversial views,” but that that didn’t necessarily keep him from being “a champion of LGBTQ rights in the community for a long time.” She later said that Volz wouldn’t step down from Philly Pride leadership because the organization felt that “his personal politics are separate from his commitment to the LGBTQ community.” Read more »

Philly’s First-Ever LGBTQ Women’s Week Starts This Weekend

Philly's first-ever LGBTQ Women's week is taking place February 25th to March 4th.

Philly’s first-ever LGBTQ Women’s week is taking place February 25th to March 4th.

“The Revolution,” Philadelphia’s first-ever LGBTQ Women’s Week, is launching this week. Started by The Strong Catalyst, a local lesbian multimedia collective, the event is centered on “bridging the gap between lesbian women and the rest of the LGBTQ women’s community.”

“I began wondering what it would look like to have a weeklong event that was just for LGBTQ women that was socially conscious, charity-focused, and conversation-driven,” Amanda Swiger, co-founder of The Strong Catalyst and executive producer of the event, told G Philly. “After attending Outfest last year for the first time as a community organization and a normal person, I saw things differently. It felt too male, too white, too party driven to actually do our community much good.” Read more »

The G Philly LGBTQ Voting Guide for 2016



Election Day is finally here! We hope you stay informed and exercise your right to vote.

Resources for LGBTQ Voters on Election Day

Voter Guides

Lists of Endorsements

Gayborhood Watch Party

LGBT Community Election Results Watch Party: 7 p.m. at John C. Anderson Apartments, 251 South 13th Street.

Pa. Senate Committee Approves LGBT Discrimination Protections Bill

Photo courtesy of Philly Bricks.

Photo courtesy of Philly Bricks.

The Senate Urban Affairs and Housing Committee voted 7-4 Wednesday to pass legislation that would prohibit discrimination in employment and housing based on sexual orientation or gender identity or expression in Pennsylvania.

The bill, Senate Bill 1307, was one of three bills Republican Senator Pat Browne introduced recently to update the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act.

Browne’s original legislation had sat dormant in committee until he split the bill to encourage more Republicans to support it. Some legislators did not support a section of the original legislation that would’ve allowed transgender men and women the right to access public restrooms that do not identify with their birth sex.

Read more »

Why Pennsylvania’s Hate Crime Laws Still Lack LGBT Protections

hate crime laws

In the wake of the country’s worst-ever mass shooting, the nation’s cry for change is hard to ignore.

In the early morning of June 12th, a gunman opened fire at a popular LGBTQ nightclub in Orlando, killing 49, wounding 53, and leaving a horrific mark on the nation.

The massacre has brought discussions of hate crimes to the forefront of the country. Was the rampage fueled by terrorism and the killer’s professed ties to the Islamic State, or was it a hate crime against the LGBTQ and Latinx communities? President Barack Obama said it was both “an act of terror and an act of hate,” but federal investigators aren’t yet sure what to call it.

In Pennsylvania, members of the LGBTQ community are not covered by the state’s hate crime legislation, meaning crimes committed in the state based on someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity cannot be charged as hate crimes.  Read more »

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