Tonight: House-Made Mortadella and a Beer TV Pilot

Tonight and tomorrow Russet will be serving up the above house-made mortadella with black pepper and lemon zest grissini.

Then at 10 p.m., Lehigh Valley PBS affiliate WLVT will be broadcasting American Beer Blogger, the pilot episode of beer writer Lew Bryson’s Kickstarter funded TV show. WLVT is available locally on Xfinity (39, 793HD).


Pep Rally for Session Beers at Farmers’ Cabinet

Friday and Saturday the Farmers’ Cabinet is turning its 26 taps over to session beers (drinkable beers with an alcohol content under 4.5%). The lineup will mostly include European beers, some house beers from Terry Hawbaker and a few wildcards from around the world.

The always passionate and booming Lew Bryson will be extolling the virtues of these beers with a free session beer seminar on Saturday at 1:30 p.m. New chef Jason Goodman will be creating a special selection of hot dogs to accompany the beers.

Go on out and have a more than one but please, less than 26.

Farmers’ Cabinet [Official Site]
Session Beer Event at the Farmer’s Cabinet [Session Beer Project]

Beer Cocktails

michelada - via Fine CookingLondon Grill added a list of beer cocktails last month and suddenly beer cocktails seem to getting positive press from the most unlikely of sources. The Beer Lass, yes the BEER Lass enjoys the Curious Georgia, a $3 Happy Hour cocktail at Smokin Betty’s. It’s Allagash White, peach schnapps, garnished with a peach that’s been soaking in ginger infused simple syrup!

Noted beer scribe Lew Bryson admits he’s sold out to beer cocktails and says “they don’t taste bad, either.”

And just when you’re thinking what’s going on here you find out it goes much deeper. Self-proclaimed “beer purist” and Brooklyn Brewery brewer Garrett Oliver says some of them “are really delicious.”

Well it’s not like we didn’t see this coming. Xochitl’s michelada has been delicious since day one, the Sidecar’s beer mimosa goes down oh so well at Sunday brunch. So it’s time to embrace the beer cocktail. Full speed ahead!

Smokin Betty’s: Of beer AND beer cocktails [Beer Lass]
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Countdown to Philly Beer Week: Day 21-18



 Just 18 days until Philly Beer Week–the most blessed 10 days in the life of Philadelphia beer drinkers–begins.

We have four events to highlight today–the celebration of beer drinking does not take the weekend off!–including a test, a ragin’ Cajun, a reading (with beer) and a bitter party…

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Morning Beer & Vegetarian News

Last week Joe Sixpack tried to help get you laid, this week he continues his quest to bring sexy back to beer with this article entitled “In this cold, warm up your tummy (and parts south) with a good stout.” It has a great clip-n-save on the many different varieties of delicious stout. Also, Joe has a book on the Philly beer scene coming out, just in time for Philly Beer Week.

Lew Bryson lasers in on the itsiest of microbrewers in Micro Microbreweries: Beer on a Truly Micro Scope []

Alert Hugs for Puppies! There’s a Philadelphian candidate in PETA’s annual Sexy Vegetarian contest:

The contest sponsored by PETA, people for the ethical treatment of animals, is hoping to highlight vegetarians with beauty and brains. Amanda Whiting, a former Eagles cheerleader with a degree in public relations, hopes she represents both. []

That’s right, a degree in public relations signifies brains.

Beer Me


Photo by HGruber

In his latest online column for Portfolio magazine, local beer scribe Lew Bryson chastises brewers both corporate and craft-y for their failure to properly market beer to women and offers suggestions on how to go after the ladies. In case you’ve been living under a rock:

Beer marketing reeks of testosterone. The staples include sports, cowboys, rappers—male rappers—big powerful animals, physical labor, and frat-boy humor. When women appear, they’re either carrying a tray of beers or standing around looking beautiful.

Women standing around drinking craft beer – now that’s real beauty. Just ask the ladies of In Pursuit of Ale.

Also, the 2008 Dogfish Head Beer Release Calendar is up and on their website, should you want to get a head start on scheduling your drinking.

An End In Sight for the Case Law?

Pennsylvania liquor laws are required, probably by some other draconian Pennsylvania laws, to make your brain hurt. It’s like the government wants to punish you with a hangover before you even get to the store to buy the stuff.

Beer writer Lew Bryson breaks down the latest round of haggling in Harrisburg in a post on his blog Seen Through a Glass:

The case law may be in its last months, if your legislator votes for the right bill in the next few weeks. House Bill 606 is making its way to the PA House for a vote, very soon. It’s a standard bill about liquor code enforcement, very technical, but an amendment is being attached to it that changes the case law. The changes:

* Before January 1, 2009: Restaurant, deli or tavern may sell one 6-pack, two six-packs, a 12-pack or 3-six packs. A beer distributor may sell any number of six-packs, cases or kegs.

* After January 1, 2009: Restaurant, deli or tavern may sell any configuration up to 18 cans or bottles totaling 288 ounces. Beer distributors may sell any configuration of a 6 pack or greater.

Translation: If this bill passes, you will be able to buy six packs at distributors. Further translation: Pennsylvania slowly tiptoes away from Prohibition and towards the millenial light.

Lew recommends contacting your local legislator to show your support for the amendment. We also recommend prayer, finger-crossing and building a beer cellar in hopeful anticipation.

Pennsylvanians: Stand Up For Six-Packs [Seen Through a Glass]
Pennsylvania General Assembly [Official Site]