Has Chip Kelly Lost His Freakin’ Mind?

Photo illustration | Alyse Moyer

Photo illustration | Alyse Moyer. Photos | USA Today Sports. From left: Sam Bradford (Jake Roth); DeMarco Murray (Tim Heitman); Kiko Alonso (Kim Klement); Chip Kelly (Brad Mills); Jeremy Maclin (Howard Smith); Nick Foles (Billy Hurst); LeSean McCoy (Kevin Hoffman). Background | Shutterstock.com,

In the past two weeks, the Philadelphia Eagles have overhauled their roster in a manner never before seen.

And the man calling all the shots: head coach Chip Kelly. Read more »

Chip Explains: Plan Was Always To Add Two Backs

DeMarco Murray

According to Chip Kelly, this was always part of the plan.

When the Eagles dealt LeSean McCoy to the Bills for Kiko Alonso, they determined their best approach to replace his production was to add multiple ball-carriers. The names at the top of their list? Frank GoreDeMarco Murray and Ryan Matthews.

“We obviously lost a tremendous running back in LeSean,” Kelly said Thursday at the NovaCare Complex. “So how do you replace that productivity? What’s available out there? And obviously we thought the three best guys were Frank and DeMarco and Ryan. And we wanted to target two of them. And we ended up with two of them.

“Did we have a master plan that it was always gonna work out like this? No, but we went into it with an idea that if we lose LeSean, we better get two guys.” Read more »

Kiko Alonso, LeSean McCoy Speak

Kim Klement / USA TODAY Sports

Kim Klement / USA TODAY Sports

The details of the Eagles-Rams trade were sent over by the team just as the conference call with Kiko Alonso began, so reporters were a bit preoccupied trying to digest the terms and make sense of it all (t0 this point, unsuccessfully). But a few questions were fired off and there was some news that came back in return.

The 24-year old linebacker, who tore his left ACL back in July, does not anticipate being “full go” for April or May but the plan is to be 100 percent by the time training camp starts up. Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Free Agency (Officially) Begins

Andre Johnson. Troy Taormina/USA TODAY

Andre Johnson. Troy Taormina/USA TODAY

Given the flurry of activity the past three days, in many ways it feels like we’re already in the middle of the free agency period.

But as the Eagles were reminded when Frank Gore changed course, the start of the new league year doesn’t officially start until today at 4 p.m. That’s when the LeSean McCoy trade and the Byron Maxwell signing can be finalized.

The Eagles have already filled some holes. Brandon Graham is coming back to start at LOLB. And the Mark Sanchez signing makes it unnecessary for them to add another QB.

Barring something totally unforeseen, Maxwell gives them a starting cornerback. And Kiko Alonso fills a need at inside linebacker.

But there’s still quite a bit of work to be done. Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Thoughts On A Busy Offseason

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Today’s question comes from David via Twitter:

David’s tweet came right after the Byron Maxwell and Frank Gore signings and before Jeremy Maclin left for Kansas City and Mark Sanchez re-upped, so we’ll have to round back and see if his mood shifted at all as the day went on.

Here’s what the Eagles have done so far: Read more »

Welcome to Salary Cap City

salary cap city

Welcome to Salary Cap City, the sports town where we don’t win a heck of a lot, but by gosh, we have an awful lot of money stored up for future use.

The Eagles joined the party (started by the Sixers and Sudden Sam Hinkie) this week when they dropped a series of bombs on their fan base. Boom went Cary Williams and his $8 million salary. Bang went Trent Cole and his $11 million paycheck. And then the carnage culminated with the elimination of LeSean McCoy and his $12 salary cap hit in a trade to Buffalo that brought the Birds linebacker Kiko Alonso. Read more »

Westbrook Reacts To McCoy Trade

Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

Brian Westbrook said his initial reaction was surprise when he found out that LeSean McCoy had been dealt to Buffalo, but then, after going over some of the conversations he had and whispers he heard within the NFL’s inner-circle, he concluded that it really wasn’t much of a surprise at all.

Westbrook — a longtime mentor of McCoy — arrived at the same thought that Todd Herremans floated just a few days before: when it comes to skill position players, Chip Kelly believes the system will take care of it.

“I think Chip Kelly, the way he views things – especially on the offensive side of the ball – is that he can almost plug-and-play. He can plug-and-play anybody, and as long as his offense is doing what he wants it to do, it will work,” said Westbrook in a phone conversation with Birds 24/7.
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