Passenger Says SEPTA Driver Mocked His Disability


SEPTA bus | Jeff Fusco

A Philadelphia man says a SEPTA bus driver mocked his disability during a 2013 ride.

“Get up and give me some money,” the driver allegedly told the disabled man. “You can walk.”

Steven Gary sued in federal court last week, claiming the encounter with the Route 26 driver — identified as “John Doe” — occurred when Gary attempted to board the bus on a motorized scooter. Gary says he has “disease and/or injury” to his right leg that has left him with a disability.

According to the lawsuit, here’s what happened next: Read more »

Lilly Pulitzer Sues Old Navy Over Sale of Near-Identical Shorts


Can you tell which is which? (See bottom of post for the answer.) | Images via Lilly Pulitzer and Old Navy.

Lilly Pulitzer, as a brand, always seems to come with a little bit lot of drama. (See: Utter anguish over the fact that the warehouse sale lasted all of seven seconds; the classist fury over the Lilly x Target collaboration.) This week brings new outrage (or delight, depending on your finances) to the patterned stage once more: Lilly Pulitzer is suing Old Navy for copyright infringement, as originally reported by Fortune.

Apparently, fabric patterns are protected as intellectual property, and Lilly Pulitzer designs are original works. According to Fashion Week, “Lilly Pulitzer’s design team creates the prints exclusively for the brand every season, all of which are done by hand on a sketch pad or canvas.” The brand claims that Old Navy blatantly copied two of its patterns, and we can see their point:  Read more »