Hooters Waitress Says She Was Sexually Assaulted at Work

Left: Former Hooters waitress Jade Velez of Northeast Philadelphia. (Photo courtesy Jade Velez) | Right: The front of a Hooters restaurant. (Photo via iStockPhoto)

Everybody knows that the business model of Hooters centers on attractive women in tight outfits serving cold beers and hot wings. But one young woman who worked at a Hooters in Philadelphia says she was the victim of sexual harassment and mistreatment at the bar that allegedly culminated in her being sexually assaulted. Read more »

Woman Claims Jersey Shore Bar Was a Sexual Harassment Hellhole

Ericka Puglisi (photo courtesy attorney Matthew Luber)

Ericka Puglisi is a 33-year-old woman from the Atlantic City area who, hoping to supplement her income as a per diem nurse, walked into a popular Jersey Shore bar earlier this year in search of a waitressing job. But according to a lawsuit she’s filed, that job quickly turned into a nightmare. Read more »

Dollar Store Heiress Dana Spain Sued Over Big Bar Bill

Dana Spain (center) with her loaded parents, Joan and Bernie Spain. | Photo by HughE Dillon

The last we heard from Dana Spain, the glamorous Society Hill socialite was considering a run for mayor of Philadelphia, back when multimillionaire Tom Knox was also thinking about making a play for City Hall. Now, Spain is embroiled in a lawsuit surrounding her Brewerytown restaurant, Flying Fish Crafthouse, the brewpub offshoot of the popular South Jersey beer brand. Read more »

Philadelphia Sues Wells Fargo Over Discriminatory Lending Practices

Image via Flickr.

On Monday, Philadelphia filed a federal lawsuit against Wells Fargo asserting that the bank has engaged in discriminatory lending practices against black and Latino home loan borrowers.

The lawsuit alleges that since 2004, Wells Fargo has operated in violation of the Fair Housing Act by pushing black and Latino borrowers towards high-cost or high-risk loans even when those borrowers were eligible for more favorable options.

The complaint further claims that Wells Fargo incentivized employees who steered minority borrowers to the risky and high-cost loans and specifically calls out Wells Fargo’s “lender credit” loan. The credit allows the bank to pay a borrower’s closing costs upfront but the borrower would have to accept a loan with a higher interest rate.

The city investigated Wells Fargo’s lending practices through an analysis of available loan data, which found that the practices disproportionately impacted minorities. About 23 percent of loans from Wells Fargo to minority customers in Philadelphia were high-cost or high-risk, while only eight percent of loans made to white customers were high-cost or high-risk.

“The City of Philadelphia’s investigation revealed that both the resources of the City and the lives of Philadelphia’s citizens have been negatively affected by Wells Fargo’s discriminatory lending practices,” said City Solicitor Sozi Pedro Tulante. “The Law Department must take action in light of this evidence and halt these discriminatory practices on behalf of the citizens of Philadelphia.”  Read more »

Philly Actor Sues Loco Pez Over Homophobic Slurs

Left: Sebastian Cummings. (Instagram) Right: Loco Pez (Image via Google Maps).

Left: Sebastian Cummings. (Instagram) Right: Loco Pez (Image via Google Maps).

Fishtown taco bar Loco Pez is a gritty and quirky spot, the kind of place where it’s not unusual to hear the kitchen cursing up a storm as you’re downing two-dollar tacos and Kenzingers, and where there’s a prominent sign reading cash only bitches. But one former employee says this ultra-casual, foul-mouthed culture went way too far. Read more »

Here’s the LeSean McCoy Lawsuit Filed by Two Philly Cops

Left: LeSean McCoy in a 2016 photo by Keith Allison (Flickr).

Left: LeSean McCoy in a 2016 photo by Keith Allison (Flickr).

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams has declined to press charges against former Eagles player LeSean McCoy after two cops were injured in an Old City bar brawl he was involved in. But that doesn’t mean that McCoy is completely off the hook. Read more »

Dick Sprague Is Suing Ken Smukler Over Chump Change

Left: Attorney Richard "Dick" Sprague (AP Photo/Matt Rourke). Right: Ken Smukler in a 2015 photo (Twitter).

Left: Attorney Richard “Dick” Sprague (AP Photo/Matt Rourke). Right: Ken Smukler in a 2015 photo (Twitter).

Dick Sprague is the most feared attorney in Philadelphia. Ken Smukler is a behind-the-scenes Democratic political operative who has worked for the likes of Kathleen Kane, Bob Brady, Rick Mariano and Marjorie Margolies back before she was Chelsea Clinton’s mother-in-law. And now Sprague and Smukler are squaring off in court. Read more »

When You Bite Into a Hamburger and Find a Human Tooth Inside

close-up of red lips eating junk food

Photo via iStock.com

It’s been nearly a year since we told you about a claim of gross stuff found in food in Philadelphia — the last time around, it was an allegation of a mouse head in a can of chick peas bought at a Philly grocery store — so we thought we’d bring you this things-that-make-you-say-ewwwwwwww tale of a human tooth allegedly found in a hamburger. Read more »

Detective: Philly Police Retaliated Against Me for Whistleblowing

Philadelphia Police Headquarters, aka "The Roundhouse." | Beyond My Ken | Wikimedia Commons

Philadelphia Police Headquarters, aka “The Roundhouse.” | Beyond My Ken | Wikimedia Commons

The city has settled a lawsuit with a Philadelphia Police detective who claims his superiors retaliated against him for blowing the whistle on civil rights violations within the department.

Detective Matthew Maurizio filed the suit in spring 2014, claiming he had been punished because he told his superiors about the practice of “icing” — holding arrestees in jail without the probable cause or charges required to do so, in violation of their rights.

The practice is used to shake loose information from the arrestees, Maurizio said in his suit. (See the complaint below.)

“Icing is to induce the held person to speak, to make the person provide a statement about matters the police are criminally investigating, to coerce the held person to speak when the person did not wish to speak to police or would not fully speak with police,” Maurizio’s lawyer, Brian Puricelli, wrote in the lawsuit.

The department, in a written statement to Philly Mag, denied the icing allegations. Read more »

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