Bensalem Muslims Say Township Won’t Let Them Build a Mosque


Bensalem has its fair share of churches and other houses of worship. The Bucks County township of 60,000 has Catholic churches, Protestant churches, synagogues, a Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall, and a Buddhist Temple. And there are two Hindu temples under development. But if you’re a Bensalem Muslim, you’re out of luck, because Bensalem doesn’t have a mosque. Instead, local Muslims meet once a week for Friday prayers inside a rented fire hall. Read more »

Jury Awards $500,000 Judgment Against Philabundance



Philabundance has been ordered to pay $500,000 to a former employee who says he was maliciously prosecuted by the non-profit hunger agency.

A Philadelphia jury ordered the award last week after hearing testimony in the case of Manuel Burgos, a former truck driver for Philabundance, who in 2010 was accused of stealing gasoline that had been donated by Sunoco to the agency. Criminal charges were brought against Burgos, who spent three months in jail as his case made its way through the court system. A judge eventually dismissed those criminal charges — and did so again when Burgos was charged with the crime a second time.

James Beasley Jr., Burgos’ lawyer, said Philabundance blamed Burgos in order to avoid blame for its own shoddy record-keeping — and failed to pursue evidence that another employee, who originally accused Burgos of the theft, might be to blame for the stolen gasoline. (That employee was terminated several months after Burgos was arrested.)

“What they did was wrong,” Beasley told Philly Mag. “They caused this guy to be in jail for three-and-a-half months.”

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Philly Comcast Subscriber? You’re (Maybe) About to Get Some Goodies.

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Comcast has settled a lawsuit alleging it overcharged Philly-area customers for cable TV subscribers — and that means current and former subscribers are going to be eligible for some goodies … if the settlement is approved by a judge.

Reuters reports:

The preliminary settlement, which requires court approval, calls for Comcast to pay $16.67 million in cash to current and former subscribers in Philadelphia and four nearby counties.

Comcast will also offer current subscribers as much as $33.33 million in services via a $15 bill credit or free Internet upgrades or movies worth up to $43.90.

Ars Technica gives some background:

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Lawyer Who Filed Led Zeppelin “Stairway to Heaven” Suit Could Be Disbarred

stairway-to-heaven-lawsuit-led-zeppelin-attorneyRecently, Media, Pennsylvania-based attorney Francis Malofiy scored a small victory against Led Zeppelin in his “Stairway to Heaven” plagiarism lawsuit when a Philadelphia federal judge denied the band’s motion to dismiss the case or transfer it to another jurisdiction. But if a disciplinary panel doesn’t decide in his favor, Malofiy could potentially be disbarred from Philadelphia’s federal court thanks to his actions in another copyright case, one he filed against music mogul Usher.

The Usher suit has been winding its way through the federal court system since back in 2011, when Malofiy, seen here in a publicity photo from his website, sued Usher and others on behalf of a no-name Philadelphia songwriter named Dan Marino, who claimed that he never received proper credit for the R&B star’s perfectly unmemorable 2004 song “Bad Girl.” Here is Usher performing the tune with Beyonce.

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Catholic Pediatrician Says City Fired Her for Refusing to Prescribe Contraceptives


After moving to the United States from her native India, Doris Fernandes worked as a pediatrician at Philadelphia’s District Health Center at 4400 Haverford Avenue for 35 years. But now, the Roxborough resident claims that the city fired her in November 2013 because she refused to prescribe contraceptives like Depo-Provera and the morning-after pill to the young women in her care. Read more »

Norman Mailer Mistress Sues Mailer Estate, Biographer for Libel


Carole Mallory has led quite the life. Though the 72-year-old woman now lives quietly in Norristown, Pennsylvania, her earlier years were nothing short of exciting.

In addition to being a Pan Am stewardess (back when they were actually called stewardesses), actress (she was in Looking for Mr. Goodbar and The Stepford Wives), scantily clad model (she graced the covers of Newsweek, Cosmopolitan and New York magazine), and, oh, fiancee of Pablo Picasso’s son, she also played the paramour to an impressive roster of famous men.

Mallory’s conquests reportedly included Robert DeNiro, Peter Sellers, Rod Stewart, Warren Beatty, Richard Gere and Norman Mailer, and it is her eight-year affair with Mailer that is the subject of a just-filed lawsuit in Philadelphia’s Federal Court. Read more »

Allentown Trans Woman Sues Former Employer Over Discriminatory Behavior

Kate Lynn Blatt

Kate Lynn Blatt

A transgender woman in Allentown has filed a federal lawsuit against her former employer, Tilden Township sporting goods store Cabela’s, saying that the company discriminated against her when she was transitioning, even going so far as to fire her because of her gender identity.

Kate Lynn Blatt’s lawsuit claims that management wouldn’t let her wear a gender-appropriate uniform, they forced her to wear a name tag with her birth name on it, and refused to let her use the women’s restroom.

“I mean it personally tore me down,” she says. “It never let up, they never stopped, and it prevented me from expressing who I was. … [My right to use the women’s restroom was] refused and thrown in my face, even after I had provided all the documentation and proved my case.”

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