Krasner: Safe Injection Sites Work

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L: Photo by Matt Rourke/AP | R: Photo courtesy of Krasner’s campaign

As the conversation surrounding safe injection sites ramps up following a cleanup of the city’s most notorious spot for heroin users, Philly DA candidates are weighing in on the conversation.

NBC10 reports that Philly Democratic DA candidate Larry Krasner has announced his support of opening “properly run and appropriately located” safe injection sites in Philly. Read more »

Mayor Kenney Endorses Larry Krasner in DA’s Race

Mayor Jim Kenney (L) and District Attorney candidate Larry Krasner.

In an unsurprising move, although telling nonetheless, Mayor Jim Kenney officially endorsed Larry Krasner in Philadelphia’s upcoming district attorney’s race on Thursday.

The mayor described the Democratic primary winner as “a reasonable, fair and thoughtful arbitrator of dispensing justice” at a press conference held at City Hall this afternoon. Kenney made a point to specifically compliment Krasner’s work advocating for the homeless and LGBTQ community during the early dawn of the AIDS epidemic, “when federal, state and local governments ignored a bourgeoning public heath crisis.” Read more »

LISTEN: Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About Larry Krasner

Larry Krasner. | Photo via Krasner’s campaign

The latest episode of Pushback, the podcast co-produced by Philly Mag and WURD, is now available. Listen and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, or check it out below.

Larry Krasner, the Democratic nominee for district attorney of Philadelphia, has a higher profile today than he’s ever had. The New York Times, Atlantic, Slate, The Nation and Fusion are just a handful of the national media outlets that have profiled the criminal defense attorney who sued the city government and its police department more than 70 times. Most of the recent articles about Krasner have centered on politics and not his personhood, which, in an election cycle, kind of makes sense. But who he is and what informs his unique theories on justice — the backstory of an unlikely political heavyweight, should he prevail in the November 7th general election — has largely flown under the radar. At least until now.

In the latest episode of Pushback — a collaborative podcast (produced by WURD Radio and Philadelphia magazine and hosted by Malcolm Burnley and I that profiles those in Philadelphia and beyond who go against the grain in pursuit of fairness, equality and justice — Krasner is profiled in his most human form (he showed up wearing A Tribe Called Quest-inspired socks). Politics is certainly discussed, but the conversation is largely dominated by his personal history.To get know to Krasner better, you’ll need to listen to the entire podcast. But for a snapshot, here are five things you likely didn’t know about him: Read more »

How Rebecca Rhynhart Defeated Philadelphia’s Democratic Machine

City Controller candidate Rebecca Rhynhart | Photo courtesy of Rhynhart’s campaign

In the wake of Philadelphia’s paradigm-shifting primary, the district attorney election has gotten far more attention than any other race. But the results of the city controller face-off were far more surprising — and arguably more emblematic of the weaknesses of Philly’s Democratic machine — than the DA’s election.

Rebecca Rhynhart, a top financial aide for two mayors and a former Wall Streeter, won the controller’s Democratic primary in a landslide, defeating three-term incumbent and party favorite Alan Butkovitz by 17 percentage points. Unlike the winner of the Democrats’ district attorney election, progressive Larry Krasner, Rhynhart did not have the benefit of an independent political action committee with $1.45 million in the bank. Nor did she enjoy Krasner’s diehard fans or his ability to capture the imagination of the national media. Rhynhart was also competing on the Democratic Party’s home turf: She challenged a longtime politician in an off-year election. These races are typically won by party-endorsed candidates, in part, because so few voters cast ballots in them.

So how did Rhynhart pull off her upset victory? The election was a perfect storm, say campaign staffers, party insiders and other political observers — and it holds key lessons for future outsider candidates. Read more »

Progressives, I Am Done With You

Photo courtesy of the Krasner campaign.

Now that Philadelphia’s district attorney race has been set and we know that it’s going to be a battle between Republican Beth Grossman and Democrat Larry Krasner, I have a confession to make.

I don’t care if I never hear the word “progressive” again.

Seriously. Read more »

The Biggest Winners and Losers in Philadelphia’s 2017 Primary Election

Clockwise: Black Lives Matter activist Asa Khalif, Democratic district attorney nominee Larry Krasner, Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police chief John McNesby, labor leader John Dougherty, City Controller Alan Butkovitz, ward leader Marian Tasco, and protesters at Philadelphia’s Women March.

Philadelphia’s election on Tuesday was a game-changer. The winner of the Democratic primary for district attorney is a criminal defense lawyer who has never prosecuted a case in his life and made a name for himself by suing law enforcement over alleged abuses and representing progressive activists like Black Lives Matter. A young ex-budget director crushed incumbent City Controller Alan Butkovitz, the ultimate political insider, in an upset victory.

Those two Democratic nominees, Larry Krasner and Rebecca Rhynhart, are the race’s biggest winners. But who are the other winners and losers — the issues, interest groups, and kingmakers — in the election? Here’s our list: Read more »

“Stop Lighting Money on Fire”: DA Nominee Larry Krasner on His Plans for the Office

Criminal defense attorney Larry Krasner. | Photo courtesy of Krasner’s campaign

Democratic district attorney candidate Larry Krasner, whose progressive platform inspired the highest Philadelphia voter turnout for a DA primary since 2001 and earned him a nod from U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, laid out his vision for the future of the DA’s office on Wednesday. Read more »

Here’s One Millennial Who Didn’t Vote for Larry Krasner

Photo courtesy of the Krasner campaign.

I might be the only registered Democrat under the age of 30 who didn’t cast a vote for progressive darling Larry Krasner in Tuesday’s district attorney primary election.

As someone who once interned in the DA’s Family Violence and Sexual Assault Unit, I have seen firsthand how hard these prosecutors work to ensure the safety of our community. The ADA I was assigned to was a stand-up guy with loads of character, and it weighed heavily on him those rare times when defense attorneys like Larry Krasner were able to keep child molesters and rapists out of prison. Read more »

Bernie Sanders Is Very, Very Happy About Larry Krasner’s Win

R: (AP Photo/Matt Rourke) | L: Photo courtesy of Lawrence Krasner for District Attorney

Philly progressives have been on cloud nine since the city chose civil rights lawyer Larry Krasner as its Democratic district attorney candidate.

Apparently, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has been too. Today, Sanders congratulated Krasner on his win.

“At a time when Attorney General [Jeff] Sessions is pushing the Department of Justice to restart the failed ‘War on Drugs,’ it is refreshing to see voters choose a prosecutor who wants to treat addiction as an illness, not a crime, and move to end mass incarceration,” Sanders said, according to The Huffington Post. “Krasner’s primary victory is an important step forward in the fight to reform a very broken criminal justice system.”

The congratulations shouldn’t come as a major surprise – Krasner was backed by Our Revolution, a political organization with strong ties to Sanders. The Philly DA candidate likely drew primary support from many of the same people who voted for Sanders in the presidential election.

In fact, Krasner recently said he believes that had Sanders won the Democratic nominee last year, Donald Trump would probably not be our president.

It’s interesting, considering the Trump resistance was likely one of many factors that pushed Krasner’s anti-death penalty, anti-cash bail campaign to success.

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