The KKK Is Planning a Cross-Burning Rally in Lancaster This Weekend

A chapter of the Ku Klux Klan is planning to hold a cross-burning rally in Lancaster County this Saturday.

The East Coast Knights of the True Invisible Empire, a national hate group with Wilkes-Barre connections (per the Southern Poverty Law Center), is behind the event, which could be held in an undisclosed location in Quarryville, according to the group’s website.

A post on the group’s online forum claims the event could be “one of the biggest cross lightings in a long time … I believe we are making at least a 40 foot cross. We will be bringing other Klans into the Alliance.”

Several counter protests have been arranged for Saturday, including a teach-in event planned by a Franklin & Marshall professor and a demonstration organized by the The Other Church Lancaster, which will convene between 3 and 5 p.m. outside the Lancaster County Court House.  Read more »

Amish-Targeted Dark Money Group Wants to Beat Hillary Clinton

A Pennsylvania dark money group is trying to mobilize Lancaster’s Amish community — the largest Amish community in the country — to vote for  presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump this fall.

Amish PAC, which claims to be the first and only Amish-dedicated super political action committee, is spending on flyers and newspaper and billboard advertisements that will target Amish and Mennonite communities in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Each swing state has 60,000 Amish residents, according to the PAC’s website.

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Herr’s May Yank All of Its Products from Vermont


Soon, Vermont residents may not be seeing these on their shelves.

Once a tiny family-run operation in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Herr’s is now a major player in the snack food market, with more than $250 million in annual sales and a distribution network that extends into 26 states. Well, maybe make that 25 states. Read more »

Survey Finds Lancaster and Scranton Top Places For Gay and Lesbian Dating

Before you head home for the holidays, you might think twice before believing you won’t be able to find a mate in the burbs.

A recent survey by featured in Tech Insider, a division of Business Insider, compiled the top ten places to find gay love and lesbian love. Sure, there were the likely picks on the lists, like San Francisco and New York, but two Pennsylvania cities made it in the top ten before Philadelphia.

And they’re places you might not guess. Read more »

Jaw Dropper of the Week: Divine Lancaster Residence Inside Former Church

All images via

All images via

Rejoice and be glad, our real estate prayers have been answered! Months after spotting that unimaginably cool Bucks County home inside a gothic church building, our search for a similar residence has ended. (For now, anyway.) Formerly a Gothic Revival church erected in 1893, the space has been converted into two very unique loft homes*. This one, our appointed Jaw-Dropper, is the larger of the two.

In keeping with its ecclesiastic roots, the unit vaunts a two-story living area with a cathedral ceiling and overhead church lighting. This along with a hard to miss stained glass window is original to the property and has been restored. Meanwhile, in the midst of all this is a bevy of custom woodwork in the form of mahogany doors, beams, columns and more. The listing notes there’s also a neat two-way mirror, framed and quietly concealing the home’s entertainment system.

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Sign of the Apocalypse? Flies Invade Lancaster County

It’s like something out of a movie: twice in the past five days, swarms of mayflies have shut down the Veterans Memorial Bridge over the Susquehanna River in Lancaster County. On Saturday night, the bridge closure came after the low visibility from thousands and thousands of flies caused three motorcycle accidents (the injuries were reportedly minor).

Ryan Robinson of Lancaster Online reports today of “a surreal scene” that sounds like an entomological version of the frog scene from Magnolia. Fire Chief Chad Livelsberger told Robinson, “It was like a blizzard in June, but instead of snow, it was mayflies.” There was an inch-think slick of dead flies on the bridge, making cars skid and wheels spin as though the roadway were covered with ice. But the flies weren’t all dead, apparently, since they swarmed again on Sunday night, prompting a second shutdown of the same bridge.

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“Weird Al” Yankovic Coming Near Philly on “Mandatory World Tour”

“Weird Al” Yankovic has been promising a tour for quite some time, and now he’s making good on it. Today he released the dates on his “The Mandatory World Tour,” which comprises 100-plus cities, including two stops within driving distance of Philadelphia: Bethlehem and Lancaster.

Kicking off on May 12th in Las Vegas, the tour is in support of his Grammy-nominated 2014 album, Mandatory Fun, which hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Top 200 Album chart. Pre-sale tickets are available via Yankovic’s website starting Tuesday, January 27th, and will be available to the general public on January 30th. For a full list of dates, cast your eyes downward:

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People Bash on You on Twitter When You Go on Jeopardy!


Brad Rutter — who used to live in Lancaster — is the all-time Jeopardy! money winner and has never lost on the show, except in a game involving Watson. Wednesday night, he competed in a quarterfinal game of the Jeopardy! all-stars “Battle of the Decades” tournament.

Unlike another local-ish contestant, Rutter wore shoes for his game. He also dominated, finishing with $32,400 before Final Jeopardy! and betting zero. He advances to the semifinals next week.

Rutter is active on Twitter, and so during his game on the East Coast last night he began retweeting his haters! While he has plenty of fans, including baseball player Dexter Fowler and actress Kali Hawk, he also receives a decent amount of Twitter hate. Apparently, when you appear on national syndicated TV, people tweet mean things about you. It happened with Arthur Chu, too!

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