This Is How Public Unions Should Respond When Their Members Screw Up

Left: Joe Schulle speaks about the death of Philadelphia firefighter veteran Joyce Craig Lewis on Tuesday, December 9, 2014. Right: Marcell Salters' controversial Instagram post.

Left: Joe Schulle. Right: Marcell Salters’ controversial Instagram post.

Joe Schulle, the president of the Philadelphia Association of Fire Fighters – Local 22, seems like a good guy. He’s a fierce advocate for his union, which represents Philly’s firefighters and paramedics, but he balances that advocacy with the knowledge — which we sometimes forget — that his members aren’t just another special interest group: They’re also public servants.

Good on him for remembering.

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Ironworkers Union Members Face New Charges

The water is getting hotter for members of Ironworkers Local Union 401.

Ten union members were charged back in February with “criminal acts of extortion, arson, destruction of property, and assault in order to persuade property owners and construction managers to use union labor on their projects. Now there are additional charges.

The U.S. Attorney on Wednesday said it was adding to the original charges, announcing it had evidence of 14 new acts of extortion to force construction sites to turn to unions.

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