We’ve All Been Sucker-Punched… by the Knockout Game Myth

Photo | Shutterstock.com

Photo | Shutterstock.com

Unless you spent the whole month of November on vacation, you’ve probably been hearing about the “Knockout Game.” According to the news of the last few weeks, it’s a brand new game, spreading all over the country, in which young, African-American teenagers — sometimes alone, sometimes in groups — come up to innocent, unsuspecting people and try to knock them out with one punch.

This has been happening all over the place — including dozens of times right here in Philly — and no one in safe. But Barack Obama won’t condemn it. Neither will Al Sharpton.


In fact, the prevailing media narrative of the Knockout Game is starting to look completely wrong.

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VIDEO: Is This the Knockout Game in Philadelphia? [UPDATED]

SEPTA Knockout Game video

UPDATE 11/21 4:45pm: SEPTA police are interviewing a person of interest in the Broad Street attacks.


Over the last two days, we’ve told you about two separate incidents where women have allegedly been attacked by the same man on Broad Street, the man shown in the below photo, which was taken by one of the victims immediately after he punched her.

Knock out game attacker caught in photograph by would-be victim

One incident occurred at Broad and Arch streets and the other at the Erie station on the Broad Street Subway. Both attacks happened in broad daylight, and in both cases, the man has not stolen anything from them. He’s simply punched them and then run away. Some have asked on Reddit and on Facebook whether this is evidence of the so-called “Knockout Game” arriving in Philadelphia. Well, now we have obtained a video. Read more »