King of Prussia Mall Ditches “Spaceship” Santa After Complaints

Simon Malls, the country’s largest real estate trust and the owner of several malls in the Philadelphia area, had an idea for a “modern” and “interactive” presentation of Santa this year. There wouldn’t be a big Christmas tree, reindeer or other traditional secular Christmas symbols. There would just be Santa, sitting in a giant glacier.

The company planned to put it in six malls. One was set up at King of Prussia.

Santa is supposed to look like he’s in a giant glacier or igloo. But he kind of looks like he’s on a really cheap spaceship set. He’s a cool, hip, futuristic Santa for the modern age! It was only installed in several malls, but it got a lot of attention.

And guess what kind of attention it got? Put it this way: You’re not reading a puff piece about a cool, new idea for mall Santas. Complaints ranged from the simple — the set-up looks cheap and/or ugly — to the usual overblown “War on Christmas” outcry we see around this time every year. (Much like Christmas creep, War on Christmas creep is real too. We’re now seeing it in early November!)

Unique to the situation at King of Prussia, the second-largest mall in the country (and the one with the most retail space), was the presence of two Santas: One glacier, one traditional. The Santa in front of Bloomingdale’s in The Court has a traditional setup, while the Santa in The Plaza was the glacier setup.

But now the Spaceship Santa is hitting the (ice) bricks. Read more »

A Sneak Peek of King of Prussia Mall’s In-Progress Expansion


Behold, the new corridor that connects the Plaza and the Court. | Emily Goulet.

Yesterday, I put on my hard hat (see proof of this below) and took a tour of the King of Prussia Mall’s huge new — and very much still under construction — expansion. Set to be completed in August of 2016, the plan is to connect the Plaza and the Court via a 170,000-square-foot pavilion that will house 50 additional retailers and a new dining pavilion.

“Why is this amazing shopping center two shopping centers?” said David Contis, president of Simon Property Group, to the small crowd of press that gathered outside the construction site yesterday. “Because no one could figure it out. Could we possibly build [a connector]? It would have to go through a road, a parking lot, connect two department stores and be built entirely in the air.” the answer: Yes, but with a lot of manpower (over 400 contractors are working on the project), steel (5,000 tons), pipes (38,000 feet of them).  New retailer info here.

Meet The Man Behind the King of Prussia Mall Expansion

Simon Property Group Senior Executive Vice President David Contis.

Simon Malls President David Contis.

The King of Prussia Mall just hit a big milestone with its expansion project: The Plaza and Court are now connected by a 170,000 square foot structure that will house 50 new stores, along with cafes, fountains and a new parking complex. Set to be completed in August 2016, the mall will span 2.86 million square feet with 450 retailers and restaurants. (Check out a sweet time-lapse video of the project.)

The man behind it all is Simon Malls President David Contis. Dressed in a suit and white hard hat, he gave me some insight on the project while we toured the site. Read more »

Time-Lapse Video of King of Prussia Mall Expansion

The King of Prussia Mall expansion project is in full swing.

The King of Prussia Mall expansion project is in full swing.

After 103 days, the two parts of the King of Prussia Mall are finally connected. Construction crews created a 13,000 feet long corridor made with 5,000 tons of steel.

Sure, it’s not quite finished yet and won’t be open until August 2016, but the folks at Simon Property Group offered a sneak peek on Tuesday. Check out this time-lapse video to see how the project is coming along so far. Read more »

UPDATED: Here’s How to Join Our Thursday Shopping Party King of Prussia


Think spring! | Images via Ted Baker.

UPDATE: Due to weather, this event has been rescheduled for Thursday, April 2nd.

Hey, Shoppists! We’re throwing a mini-bash at Ted Baker this Thursday evening to celebrate the store’s gorgeous new spring collection. Here’s the deal: From 6pm to 9pm this Thursday, you’ll get the chance to shop the brand-new spring pieces before anyone else, and you’ll get to hang with me and Sabir Peele, founder of Men’s Style Pro and one of the coolest men’s style experts I know.

Wanna shop with us? (We’ve also got live music, drinks, food and 20 percent off everything all night to sweeten the deal.) RSVP here. Hope to see you there!  Read more »

KOP Becomes the Montreal of Malls


When a co-worker first heard that the King of Prussia Mall would be expanding, she wrote, via chat, “WHY IS KING OF PRUSSIA EXPANDING??? IT’S ALREADY LIKE 55 MILES WORTH OF SHOPPING. I can’t.” This was a legitimate response, especially for those of us with credit card debt.

But the expansion isn’t just about shopping. It’s also about warmth, since one must now go outside to walk between the two malls, The Court and The Plaza. The expansion will make the entire site fully enclosed. For renderings and details, go here.

King of Prussia Mall Unveils Expansion Plans


The owner of the King of Prussia Mall unveiled its expansion plans yesterday. Simon Property Group announced details and showed off renderings of the already-underway expansion that will connect the two malls at King of Prussia, The Court and The Plaza.

The 155,000-square-foot expansion, which will be fully enclosed, is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2016. The mall will also add a new parking garage “with speed ramps, space location technology and valet service.”

Click here for renderings.

There Was a Fire at the King of Prussia Mall This Morning

A kiosk on the lower level of the King of Prussia mall caught fire this morning. Firefighters put out the early-morning electrical fire at a kiosk right outside the food court, near J.C. Penney and Sears, about 20 minutes after arriving.

Per a blog hosted by the KOP fire company, firefighters were dispatched at 5:20 a.m.

But did this interrupt people’s shopping? Of course not: The mall opened on time at 10 today. Though there was expected to be a delay, even food court restaurants opened on time.

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