Urban Outfitters Is Making Big Moves at the King of Prussia Mall

Many people don’t associate URBN’s brands with each other, but the company hopes to change that perception soon. This fall, Urban Outfitters, Free People, Anthropologie and (wait for it) Pizzeria Vetri, URBN’s newest addition, will form a cluster within the King of Prussia Mall. This mall-within-a-mall will be more than just a bohemian girl’s haven; it’s a new concept for the company — and a bit of a gamble.  Read more »

Hai Street Kitchen Is in Expansion Mode

Hai Street Kitchen gets wheels

Hai Street Kitchen team (left to right: Patrick Hughes, Christa Vigilante, Nick Muzyczka, Rachel Knable, Craig Williams, Sun Joon Kim)poses with their new wheels

Hai Street Kitchen is revving it up as the weather warms up. The sushi burrito fast-casual brand is going mobile with a food truck that will be hitting the streets. This week the truck will be at the following locations:

  • Wednesday between 33rd and 34th on Market Street from 11 am to 2 pm.
  • Thursday at Almac Pharma Group in Souderton, PA from 10:30 am to 2 pm.
  • Friday between 33rd and 34th on Market Street from 11 am to 1:30 pm.
  • Friday Evening at Free Will Brewery in Perkasie, PA from 4 pm to  9pm.
  • Saturday at 8 Oaks Distillery in New Tripoli, PA from 10:30 am to 6 pm.

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SEPTA Picks a King of Prussia Rail Route

SEPTA locally preferred alternative map

SEPTA has chosen the PECO/Turnpike alignment as its “locally preferred alternative” for routing the King of Prussia rail spur. Map | SEPTA

SEPTA has reached a decision on which of the five possible routings for a Norristown High-Speed Line spur to King of Prussia it prefers.

A map showing the “Recommended Locally Preferred Alternative” route was released last week. The route chosen branches off the NHSL main line between Hughes Park and DeKalb Street stations, then follows a PECO transmission line right-of-way from the wye junction to the Pennsylvania Turnpike. It then hugs the south side of the Turnpike right-of-way until it reaches the King of Prussia malls. The line follows Mall Boulevard around the north side of the mall property, then crosses the Turnpike to follow First Avenue through the King of Prussia business park.
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Hold the Phone: Jimmy Choo and DVF Are Coming to the King of Prussia Mall

Lauren McGrath, Philadelphia Magazine, Shoppist, King of Prussia, DVF, Jimmy Choo

Styles by DVF and Jimmy Choo. | Images via DVF, Jimmy Choo.

Your favorite reason to trek out to the suburbs, shopping at the King of Prussia Mall, is about to get a whole lot more exciting. Luxury retail brands Jimmy Choo and Diane von Furstenberg are set to open this year in the mall’s new connector expansion linking The Court and Plaza. (See renderings here.) Read more »

Watch: Time-Lapse Video of King of Prussia Mall Expansion

King of Prussia rendering

By fall 2016, the King of Prussia Mall expansion will be finally finished, but the folks at Simon Property Group offered a look at the project’s progress to date with a new time-lapse video (see below.) Once it’s all done, the mall will span 2.86 million square feet with 450 retailers and restaurants.

In June, 2015, The Plaza and Court were first connected by a 170,000 square foot structure that will house 50 new stores, along with cafes, fountains and a new parking complex. In March, brands will begin building out their new stores and they should finish by summer 2016. Read more »

Report Makes Case for King of Prussia Rail Line

This slide from the morning presentation offered one hint at the possibilities of a rail line to King of Prussia.

This slide from the morning presentation offered one hint at the possibilities of a rail line to King of Prussia.

“How many of you took transit to get here?” SEPTA Deputy General Manager Rich Burnfield asked the standing-room-only crowd that came out Thursday morning to attend the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia’s presentation on “Connecting with the King” at the Sheraton Valley Forge Hotel in King of Prussia.

Three hands went up, including that of this reporter, who spent an hour riding three different buses from his Germantown home to the meeting site.

“How many of you wished you could take transit to get here?” asked Montgomery County Commissioner Val Arkoosh after Burnfield concluded his introductory remarks.

About two-thirds of the audience in the room raised their hands.

Two-thirds is the low figure for the percentage by which the Economy League’s new study, “Connecting KOP: The Benefits of SEPTA’s King of Prussia Rail Project” predicts ridership on the Norristown High-Speed Line will rise by as much as 81 percent after a planned extension to the King of Prussia mall and office park opens.

Other numbers from the report: Read more »

King of Prussia Mall Ditches “Spaceship” Santa After Complaints

Simon Malls, the country’s largest real estate trust and the owner of several malls in the Philadelphia area, had an idea for a “modern” and “interactive” presentation of Santa this year. There wouldn’t be a big Christmas tree, reindeer or other traditional secular Christmas symbols. There would just be Santa, sitting in a giant glacier.

The company planned to put it in six malls. One was set up at King of Prussia.

Santa is supposed to look like he’s in a giant glacier or igloo. But he kind of looks like he’s on a really cheap spaceship set. He’s a cool, hip, futuristic Santa for the modern age! It was only installed in several malls, but it got a lot of attention.

And guess what kind of attention it got? Put it this way: You’re not reading a puff piece about a cool, new idea for mall Santas. Complaints ranged from the simple — the set-up looks cheap and/or ugly — to the usual overblown “War on Christmas” outcry we see around this time every year. (Much like Christmas creep, War on Christmas creep is real too. We’re now seeing it in early November!)

Unique to the situation at King of Prussia, the second-largest mall in the country (and the one with the most retail space), was the presence of two Santas: One glacier, one traditional. The Santa in front of Bloomingdale’s in The Court has a traditional setup, while the Santa in The Plaza was the glacier setup.

But now the Spaceship Santa is hitting the (ice) bricks. Read more »

A Sneak Peek of King of Prussia Mall’s In-Progress Expansion


Behold, the new corridor that connects the Plaza and the Court. | Emily Goulet.

Yesterday, I put on my hard hat (see proof of this below) and took a tour of the King of Prussia Mall’s huge new — and very much still under construction — expansion. Set to be completed in August of 2016, the plan is to connect the Plaza and the Court via a 170,000-square-foot pavilion that will house 50 additional retailers and a new dining pavilion.

“Why is this amazing shopping center two shopping centers?” said David Contis, president of Simon Property Group, to the small crowd of press that gathered outside the construction site yesterday. “Because no one could figure it out. Could we possibly build [a connector]? It would have to go through a road, a parking lot, connect two department stores and be built entirely in the air.” the answer: Yes, but with a lot of manpower (over 400 contractors are working on the project), steel (5,000 tons), pipes (38,000 feet of them).  New retailer info here.

Meet The Man Behind the King of Prussia Mall Expansion

Simon Property Group Senior Executive Vice President David Contis.

Simon Malls President David Contis.

The King of Prussia Mall just hit a big milestone with its expansion project: The Plaza and Court are now connected by a 170,000 square foot structure that will house 50 new stores, along with cafes, fountains and a new parking complex. Set to be completed in August 2016, the mall will span 2.86 million square feet with 450 retailers and restaurants. (Check out a sweet time-lapse video of the project.)

The man behind it all is Simon Malls President David Contis. Dressed in a suit and white hard hat, he gave me some insight on the project while we toured the site. Read more »

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