The Rail Park: The Bacon Brothers to Play Concert to Help Fund Phase 1

Rendering courtesy of Studio Bryan Hanes

Rendering courtesy of Studio Bryan Hanes

Want to see the first phase of the Rail Park finally come to fruition? So does Kevin Bacon.

The Bacon Brothers, a duo consisting of Philly guys Kevin and Michael Bacon, will use their musical talents to support Phase 1 of the ambitious park project, one that many have compared to the famous High Line in New York City.

Phase 1 looks to transform an abandoned quarter-mile spur that begins at Broad and Hamilton, curves southeast and culminates near the Goldtex Building at 12th and Callowhill into an elevated green space with landscaping, lighting, walking paths, swings and community gathering spaces.  The plans have been designed by Urban Engineers and Studio Bryan Hanes, whose portfolio includes many of Philly’s exciting new green spaces, including Pier 68, Sister Cities Park and the Porch at 30th Street Station.

The concert will be held on February 4 at Union Transfer, with the proceeds benefiting the efforts to construct and maintain the park (ticket info here).

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Kevin Bacon Campaigns for More Male Nudity in the Movies

In a new video filmed by Mashable, Philly’s Kevin Bacon introduces a tongue-in-cheek (but maybe also a little serious) PSA to bring more full-frontal male nudity to the big screen.

“In so many films and TV shows we see gratuitous female nudity. That’s not okay,” he begins. “It’s not fair to actresses and it’s not fair to actors, because we want to be naked, too. Gentlemen, it’s time to free your bacon. And by bacon, of course, I mean your wiener, your balls, your butt.”

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“10 Surprising Things Miley Cyrus and the Swiss Cheese Pervert Have in Common”


Miley Cyrus photo via

Every once in awhile, someone asks me how I go about coming up with topics for articles and blog posts. Since the fake, talking-to-college-kids answer (“I just observe the world around me, man”) is much more palatable than the real, depressing answer (criminal caffeine abuse and subhuman sleep deprivation), I never really considered trying to explain the process formally. And now it looks like I’ll never have to, thanks to a new doohickey from web marketing firm HubSpot that’s offered to do all my not-that-critical thinking for me.

The Blog Topic Generator, launched to complement other services offered by the automated marketing platform, almost comes off like a proper clowning of Internet content creation, spitting out a week’s worth of trite “ideas” using nothing more than a few nouns you’re asked to input. But it seems to be positioning itself as a legitimate tool, which means it behooves us to use it legitimately.

While it doesn’t spit out headlines in the infinitely useful “winning a game of Clue” or “babies + Beyoncé” formats, HubStop’s auto-offerings seem to be optimized for maximum web traction and your-mom-on-Facebook shareability. What better way to rack up ideas for the rest of May and test its mettle than to plug in a bunch of Philadelphia-centric terms and see what comes up? Here are 10 of my favorite results from my Philly-fixated time spent with the tool. All these posts are most likely coming to a bereft-of-creativity city blog near you within the hour — and I’ll probably be writing all of them.

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Kevin Bacon: My Father Was the Robert Moses of Philadelphia

ed-bacon-time-magazine“What I got from my father was a burning desire to succeed. My father was into fame and leaving his mark.

He was a city planner, sort of a genius in that world, the Robert Moses of Philadelphia. He was on the cover of Time once, and I remember going to his office and seeing, like, two hundred copies, which he would hand out to people. I would never do that in a million years. I don’t save clippings.

“Anyway, we’d walk down the street, and even up to the time he died, people would say, ‘Mr. Bacon,’ and I’d turn around and they’d be talking to him. What I got from my father, frankly, was the desire to be more famous than him.”

–Kevin Bacon, in Esquire‘s Style Issue

WATCH: Kevin Bacon Gets Footloose With Jimmy Fallon

Yes, it helps that The Roots are the house band, but it feels like Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show is sometimes a celebration of … Philadelphia. Latest exhibit? Kevin Bacon’s entrance on Friday night.

The Academy of Music’s 157th Anniversary Concert and Ball with Jill Scott and the Bacon Brothers


The 157th Anniversary Concert and Ball, Philadelphia’s annual white-tie gala, celebrated the Academy of Music’s 157th birthday on Saturday, January 25th.

Music director Yannick Nézet-Séguin and The Philadelphia Orchestra along with host stars the Bacon Brothers and special guest artist Jill Scott entertained attendees during the concert. Nézet-Séguin told the audience that he had been a long-time fan of Scott’s and when he found himself in his dream job of conducting the Philadelphia Orchestra, he just had to perform with the home-town girl. He called it a dream come true.

The night began with an open house reception before the anniversary concert at the Academy of Music where guests dined on delights by chef Jose Garces. During the concert portion, newly installed Adele Schaeffer, chair of the board of trustees of the Academy of Music, told the audience that the evening’s funds would be used to restore the building’s HVAC system, which dates back to 1966. After the concert, guests made the annual trek up Broad Street to the Hyatt at the Bellevue Hotel. The ball included dinner and dancing to the music of six bands, including The Eddie Bruce Band, in the Grand Ballroom.

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This Friday Is (Kevin) Bacon Fest on the Parkway


This Friday, July 26th you can watch some Bacon while eating bacon on the Parkway. That’s right, Food & Flicks at The Oval presents Footloose, starring THE Kevin Bacon, while food trucks will be serving bacon focused dishes plus a pig roast from the new Cherry Bomb Bus. Participating vendors include:

  •  Local 215
  • Chewy’s
  • Guerilla Ultima
  • Sweet Box Cupcakes
  • Mac Mart Cart
  • Vernalicious
  • Sum Pig
  • Little Baby’s Ice Cream

The event runs from 6:30 p.m. – 11 p.m.

The Oval [City of Philadelphia]

The Following Finale: Who Lives, Who Dies (or Could it All Be a Dream?)

For those of us trying to guess how The Following would wrap up its first season, creator Kevin Williamson shared a clue with Entertainment Weekly. “People live, people die,” he told the mag, coyly. But the real hint was in his explanation of what makes for a good TV ending. “I loved finales as a kid. Knots Landing had the best finales.” And so it should be no surprise that, in the tradition of those campy 80s soaps like Knots and Dallas, we’ve been left with a whopper of a cliffhanger. Williamson had suggested that the Joe Carroll story would draw to a close, and it did. Or did it? The only thing I’m sure of is that the season is over, Kevin Bacon will be back, and my eye is still twitching from that interrogation scene. Read more »

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