Be Well Workout of the Week: Work Your Muscles from Top to Bottom

This workout is going to make you feel the burn all over, alternating between challenging your upper body and your lower body with a kettlebell, a resistance band and your body weight. Here’s the plan: You’ll do two lower-body exercises, and then two upper-body exercises, repeating this pattern throughout the circuit. Then, we’ll end it all with some planks and some wall squats. Your goal is to complete the circuit all the way through three times. You got this!

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Be Well Workout of the Week: A Total-Body Circuit Workout That Never Gets Boring

This workout consists of three different circuits, each composed of four different exercises. Your objective? To complete each circuit four times as quickly as you can.

For each circuit you’ll need a different piece of equipment: a bosu ball, a jump rope and a kettlebell. (If you don’t have a kettlebell, you can simply sub in a weight.) And with all these switch-ups, it’s pretty hard to get bored.

Okay, you ready? Go!

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Be Well Workout of the Week: Shred Your Entire Body With Just a Kettlebell

For this workout, you just need one thing: A kettlebell. You may even want a few kettlebells if you plan on varying your kettlebell weights throughout the workout. Here’s what the workout looks like: You’re going to alternate between 20 and 10 reps of various exercises to complete a circuit of nine exercises, all done holding the kettlebell. Your goal? To make it through the full circuit four times.

If you don’t have a kettlebell lying around, you can totally substitute with weights. And if you don’t know how to do kettlebell swings, just do squats instead. Now that all those housekeeping notes are out of the way, happy sweating! Read more »

The Checkup: The Piece of Gym Equipment That’s Way Germier Than a Toilet Seat

• You are about to do so much cringing. A new study examined bacteria samples from gym equipment at large fitness chains around the country and spoiler alert: Gym equipment is covered in bacteria. And the most digusting of all? Free weights, with 362 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. BRB, going to wash my hands forever. [Women’s Health] Read more »

The Checkup: WTF Is Cloud Bread? (And Should You Be Eating It?)

• It has come to my attention (thanks for keeping me hip, Pinterest) that people are trading in their store-bought baguettes for something called cloud bread, a make-at-home, grain-free bread replacement made with eggs and cream cheese, among other ingredients. It sounds … weird. But if the hype is to be believed, it makes a worthy low-carb bread substitute for folks following grain-free diets. [Women’s Health] Read more »

Be Well Workout of the Week: Crush Calories With a Kettlebell and Physioball

For this week’s workout, you’ll need a kettlebell and a physioball. (Can you tell this week’s workout is going to be a toughie?) For the kettlebell circuit, you’re going to start by doing 20 reps of each exercise, then do 16, then 12 and, lastly, eight reps of each exercise. Then, you’ll move on to the physioball circuit where you’ll do the same number of reps, but different exercises. Once you knock all four rounds of the physioball circuit out, you’re done! Got it? Good luck, friends!
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BeWOW: The Count-By-Fives Workout



For this week’s workout, you’re going to count by five all the way to 50. You’ll start by doing five pull-ups, then you’ll do 10 burpees, next you’ll do 15 reverse flys, and so on, increasing the number of reps by five until you get to the last exercise on the list—50 jumprope jumps. You’ll go through the circuit a total of four times, so get ready for some serious sweat, my friends. Good luck!

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