A First Friday Party For The Food-Obsessed

CultFoodKrallObviously, we here at Foobooz HQ are big fans of Hawk Krall‘s (largely food-focused) art. So any time he has some sort of show happening–and particularly when said show involves snacks and free cocktails–we’re going to tell you about it.

To wit: The opening of Krall’s “Cult Food Manifesto,” a new project “focused on obscure branches of regional food”–something about which he is something of an expert, especially when it comes to hot dog-shaped regional foods. His show will be on display for the entire month of October at the Art In The Age boutique and gallery at 116 North 3rd Street, but on Friday, from 6pm-8pm, Krall will be teaming up with Keith Garabedian (the guy who used to run Hot Diggity, the hot dog stand for which Krall did a whole lot of hot dog illustrations) for a one-night-only party.

There’ll be complimentary cocktails made using Art In The Age’s Snap and QC Malt, plus (non-hot-dog) street food-style snacks cooked up by Garabedian for the opening night party. And, of course, plenty of art to look at.

Hawk Krall [Official]

Hot Diggity Shows Off Chow Mein Sandwich

hot-diggity-chow-mein-sandwich-940Hot Diggity is kicking off a series of regional sandwich specials. First up is the Chow Mein Sandwich from Fall River, Massachusetts. According to owner Keith Garabedian, the sandwich has been a local classic since the 1930s when it “helped feed thousands of hungry laborers and immigrants.

The sandwich is made with Hot Diggity’s own chow mein, celery, peppers, carrots, scallions, ginger, garlic and soy. The sandwich is available with chicken or vegetables.

Hot Diggity [Foobooz]

Hot Diggity Owner Bringing Dogs to England

hot-dog-britainZagat has the story on Hot Diggity’s Keith Garabedian’s impending expansion into the United Kingdom. Garabedian was approached by a British restaurateur to open Big Dog, a hot dog spot in Birmingham, UK.

Like South Street’s Hot Diggity, the shop will offer unique toppings and housemade dipping sauces. Zagat reports that some of the toppings will include British comfort food into the toppings, so think of things like black pudding and piccalilli relish.

Hot Diggity Owner Expanding to the UK [Zagat]

So You Think You Can Work That Wiener?

Listen up all you tubesteak enthusiasts out there. You think you have a hot dog design that can stand up proudly against those served at Hot Diggity? Then it’s time to show ’em what you got because the South Street wiener emporium is holding their first-ever hot dog cook-off during which you–the dog-loving public–get to compete for a spot of honor on the Hot Diggity menu.

You want details? Oh, we have details…

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Travel Channel’s Food Paradise to Feature Jake’s and Hot Diggity!

The Travel Channel’s Food Paradise is filming at two Philly locations this weekend. On Friday from 12 to 2 p.m. Food Paradise will be heading to Jake’s Sandwich Board to film the shop’s Garlic Bomb, a cheeseteak with roasted garlic, sautéed garlic, and deep fried garlic cloves. Jake’s is looking for a few adventurous eaters to be filmed doing the 5-Pound Philly Challenge with the Garlic Bomb as a two-footer, accompanying the challenge’s four soft pretzels, a whole box of TastyKakes, 24 Peanut Chews, and a Champ Cherry soda – in 45 minutes or less. What this has to do with paradise, we’ll never know.

On Saturday the film crew moves to Hot Diggity! from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The hotdog shop’s owner Keith Garabedian would like the place to be packed for filming as the show plans on interviewing customers about their favorite dogs. Hot Diggity! will also be debuting their new homemade sodas on Saturday, including flavors like root beer and maple lemonade.

So if you would like to be on TV and/or love insanely garlic-filled food challenges, head to Jake’s and Hot Diggity! and maybe you’ll be “discovered.”