Kane Won’t Sue Inky After All

AP Photo | Bradley C. Bower

AP Photo | Bradley C. Bower

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has apparently dropped the idea of suing the Philadelphia Inquirer for its articles about her decision to abandon an investigation that had caught Philly Democrats on tape accepting cash payments. She had hired famed and feared Philly litigator Richard Sprague after the article ran, bringing him to a meeting at the Inky where he refused to let her talk.

The Morning Call reports that Kane has since abandoned the notion of a lawsuit:

Kane said Sprague accompanied her because she thought there was a potential defamation lawsuit. But Kane said she has not pursued the matter further and is no longer represented by Sprague.

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Prosecutors’ Association Slams Kathleen Kane

The Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association is criticizing Attorney General Kathleen Kane, saying she needs to back off her criticisms of the Jerry Sandusky investigation now that her accusations of political foot-dragging in the matter have proved unfounded.

The rebuke comes in the form of an op-ed in today’s Inquirer from DAs David J. Freed (Cumberland County), D. Peter Johnson (Union County), Risa Vetri Ferman (Montgomery County), and the executive committee of the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association.

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Corbett: “Never Will” Condemn Joe Paterno

One reason Gov. Tom Corbett starts his re-election campaign in such a deep hole, poll-wise, is that there are a whole lot of people in this state who love Penn State — and a whole lot of them are still fans of the late football coach Joe Paterno. A whole lot of them blame Corbett for how Paterno and the university so messily divorced — there is, at the extreme end, this online petition — citing Corbett’s handling of the investigation into Jerry Sandusky to Corbett’s actions as a voting trustee on Penn State’s board. Corbett on Thursday tried to dig his way out of the hole, telling the Associated Press that he had “never” condemned Paterno for failing to report Sandusky — and that he regretted Penn State fired Paterno by phone instead of in person: Read more »

Recovered Emails Could be Boon for PA Defendants

One unexpected result of Kathleen Kane‘s probe into Tom Corbett‘s handling of the Jerry Sandusky investigation is that millions of old emails from the attorney general’s office were discovered — now public records that could prove useful to Pennsylvania defendants appealing their convictions.

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Kathleen Kane’s Bad Choices

AP Photo | Bradley C. Bower

AP Photo | Bradley C. Bower

There’s a proposal floating around Harrisburg that would downsize our bloated Pennsylvania government: It would cut seats from both the legislature and judiciary, and eliminate the lieutenant governor’s office entirely. All of which sounds fine to me — and in fact, could go one step farther.

It’s time to make the attorney general’s office a little less prominent.

I say take it from the list of elected offices in Pennsylvania and treat it like they do at the federal level: Let the governor appoint, with confirmation coming from the legislative branch. Let the attorney general end up being more of a career bureaucrat than a career politician. Make it the capstone to a career instead of a stepping stone. Insulate the office, just a little bit, from the bump and grind of our partisan political battles.

Why? Because Kathleen Kane, is why.

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Three Big Obstacles in the Jerry Sandusky Case


While debates over the investigation of Jerry Sandusky will haunt Pennsylvania — and Penn State, in particular — for decades to come, Monday’s release of Kathleen Kane’s probe into the investigation (full report below) that very slowly built to Sandusky’s conviction might put to rest some of the rumors that have dogged participants for years.

Turns out you can’t blame Tom Corbett for dragging his heels on the case. But the case developed slowly, and according to the probe, blame can be spread far and wide: Too often, the right hand didn’t know what the left hand was doing. Based on Monday’s report, here are three places where the system was either slow or less-than-maximally effective in bringing Jerry Sandusky to justice:

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Kane Releases Sandusky Probe Results

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has released the results of her probe in to Tom Corbett’s handling of the Jerry Sandusky case while Corbett served as A.G.

The investigation found no evidence Corbett delayed the investigation into Sandusky — a onetime assistant coach for Penn State football great Joe Paterno, later found to have molested a number or young boys — for political purposes, but the Centre Daily Times says “the investigation did find ‘crucial missteps and inexplicable delays in bringing (Sandusky) a serial child molester to justice.’”

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