Kanella Looks To Be Expanding Southward

village-belle-papered-windowsAn eagle-eyed tipster alerted us to a liquor license transfer placard in the former home of Village Belle at 757 S Front Street. The applicant name is Kanella South. Could this be a new restaurant from Konstantinos Pitsillides, the owner of Kanella at 10th and Spruce Streets? The new license application isn’t in the system yet, so we reached out to Pitsillides but haven’t heard back yet. Back in March, Pitsillides sent us a teasing email, “Kanella will buy a new bigger space.or maybe,they just did.” At that time the chef did return any further messages for details. 

A property search doesn’t return any recent sales for the address though its value did just go up by a factor of eight.

But if the name is any proof, it looks like Queen Village will be noshing on Cypriot bites while looking out over the Mediterranean Delaware.

It’s a Sunday Tasting Menu that Won’t Break the Bank at Kanella

Photo by Frances Olson

Photo by Frances Olson

Brian Freedman provides the lowdown on chef Konstantinos Pitsillides’s Sunday Cypriot mezze dinner at Kanella. The menu changes each week but  you can count on it to be “honest, exciting, deeply comforting experience that, on a Sunday night, is the perfect way to begin a new week.”

Open Stove XXI: Now We’re Legal


It is hard to believe sometimes that we have been doing Foobooz Open Stove Nights at COOK for as long as we have. But by the somewhat suspect accounting of the COOK staff, Wednesday night was our 21st outing and we celebrated it with two great teams, a potato-based challenge, shots of potato vodka, and cases of beer from those potato-loving Czechs behind Pilsner Urquell.

It was a wild night, full of drinking and rivalry and potato chip garnishes and coxcombs. But when the dust settled and the scores were tallied, there could be only one victor. And while only 20 or so people actually got to see the competition first-hand, we’ve come home with photo evidence of how things shook out (which is good, because everyone’s memories are probably a little bit fuzzy right now). So if you couldn’t be there yourself, click through the jump and check out what happened once the shots were poured and the tater tots hit the tables…

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Marie Turney and Valerie Safran's enchanting Little Nonna's gets our prize for Best New Gayborhood Restaurant.

A table spread at Marie Turney and Valerie Safran’s enchanting Little Nonna’s, which gets our prize for Best New Gayborhood Restaurant. Photo courtesy of Jason Varney.

You don’t have to spend the mortgage at Marc Vetri’s eponymous townhouse to get that delicious Vetri Italian cooking. This exposed-brick, slightly industrial-feeling space has food that will simply knock your socks off, including our fave, the addictive tonnarelli. Sit at the counter, sip some very good wine, and watch the masters do their thing. 412 S. 13th St., 215-732-2647, amisphilly.com.

Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran’s latest is a step back in time to the cozy kitchen of some little Italian granny—one who wants to put some meat on those bones. Loosen your belt and dive head first into the homemade meatballs sopped in “Sunday gravy” and a plate of the fluffiest gnocchi this side of Trastevere. 1234 Locust St., 215-546-2100, littlenonnas.com

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Where We’re Eating: Kanella, Still Compelling

34_Kanella_Emily Frances Olson

Kanella, the endearingly small, five-year-old Cyprian BYO sits at the corner of 10th and Spruce, containing wicker chairs, wooden tables, and exposed brick walls graced with copper cookware. Anything more would be a disservice to the chef. Food is the focus here, and there’s a certain nece­ssitarianism to Konstantinos Pitsillides’s coo­king—an effortless persuasion that this sort of cuisine should only be prepared by him, that there is exactly one way to compose each dish, and that Pitsillides is the only chef in the world doing it correctly. Soak your bread in the brightly spiced yogurt sauce that accompanies the lamb dumplings, and let his famed “katsiki” stew’s layers of flavor unwind for a lifetime. His food is convincing, his talent is compelling, and his restaurant is still worth a visit. Or a hundred.

1001 Spruce Street

Photo by Frances Olson

First appeared in the May, 2013 issue of Philadelphia magazine.

2nd Pop-Up Announced

Stephen Starr’s second pop-up restaurant, this one with Kanella’s Konstantinos Pistilliedes, is taking reservations for July 27th to 29th. Pistillides will be cooking up food from the Levant.

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More on the Talula’s Pop-Up

The Talula’s Table Pop-Up Restaurant at Washington Square certainly left a positive impression on those who attended. I’ll Eat You was there on the first day and came out impressed. Then on the final day, Anthony Sica, our former Food & TV writer and current Meal Ticket intern submitted this report.

As for the next pop-ups, Michael Klein is reporting Kanella’s Konstantinos Pitsillides will be followed by Top Chef contestant Angelo Sosa.

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Quick Bites

Kanella gets a shout out from Travel+Leisure’s editor, Nancy Novograd. [Travel+Leisure]

Also, Kanella adds Sunday dinner hours. [Meal Ticket]

Stephen Starr’s catering arm, Starr Events has added the Philadelphia Museum of Art to its portfolio. The restaurant, cafe, catering operation and cafe in the Perelman Center annex will come to Starr on August 1st. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

The cute Nana Petrillo’s has opened on the Piazza at Schmidt’s. There’s coffee and Capogiro coffee. [Meal Ticket]

The White Dog in Wayne appears to be looking at an August opening according to a Craigslist ad. [Main Line Restaurant Guide]

Bistro Americano is out in Collingswood. The seemingly can’t miss corner won’t be empty long, next up, That’s Amore.

Jr’s Lounge at 13th and Locust has closed.

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