How Josh Huff’s Wife Helped Him To Prevent Drops

Josh Huff. (Jeff Fusco)

Josh Huff. (Jeff Fusco)

INDIANAPOLIS — Jerrica Huff didn’t like what she was seeing from her husband. She has watched him play football for six seasons now, from his time at Oregon to his career so far with the Eagles, but she had to talk to him about her concerns on Wednesday last week.

Her message? Since I began watching you play, I’ve never seen you this timid. Ever. 

Josh Huff took the conversation to heart, and he hauled in two passes for 60 yards in the Eagles’ 33-23 win over the Colts, adding a 9-yard touchdown run on the ground culminating in his best game of the preseason.

“She was right. I was playing timid. I wasn’t having fun. With her telling me that, I had to make some changes within myself, and I was able to come out here and have fun with my teammates,” Huff said. “I think that’s the biggest thing missing for me in the past: Just having fun. I was taking it too much as a business, and that took away from me having fun.

“A lot of (my improved play) goes to my wife. She saw that I wasn’t playing like myself and she was able to tell me. I just had her in the back of my head the whole game, and it was fun.” Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: WR Depth Chart Analysis

Jordan Matthews, Josh Huff, Rueben Randle, and Nelson Agholor. (Jeff Fusco)

Jordan Matthews, Josh Huff, Rueben Randle, and Nelson Agholor. (Jeff Fusco)

Tim kicked off this series by looking at the linebackers and defensive linemen. Let’s take a quick detour to the opposite side of the ball and focus on the wide receivers.

Current group

Projected starters: Jordan Matthews (slot), Nelson Agholor, Rueben Randle

Reserves: Chris GivensT.J. Graham, Josh Huff, Marcus Johnson, Cayleb Jones, Jonathan Krause, Xavier Rush, Hunter Sharp, and Paul Turner.


Obviously, the Agholor sexual assault allegation could drastically change the Eagles’ outlook at this position, but it remains to be seen what will happen — if anything — and when. The most recent bit of news on this front was a few weeks ago when Philly Mag’s David Gambacorta reported the investigation had been handed over to District Attorney Seth Williams. Read more »

Mailbag: What Happens With Bradford If He Excels?

Sam Bradford. (Jeff Fusco)

Sam Bradford. (Jeff Fusco)

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The Eagles are hoping Bradford starts all 16 games so they can compete for a division title and trade him for a good pick, you keep saying this, but what happens if Sam leads us to the nfc championship game, and lose but not his fault, do we still trade him? -RockyMan63

While this is an unlikely scenario, it is an interesting question to consider. You can debate whether the Eagles should’ve made the moves they did to put Sam Bradford, Chase Daniel and Carson Wentz on the roster together, but the underlying philosophy makes sense: Do whatever it takes to get a franchise quarterback.

If Bradford plays extremely well and looks like the perfect fit for Doug Pederson, they may have achieved that goal. But how do they keep Bradford? It’s hard to imagine a scenario where they’re willing to trade Wentz away and stick with an injury-prone quarterback longterm instead. Even if they only want to keep him for another season, Bradford has some leverage to get a trade worked out. Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: On the Player-Fan Dynamic

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Mychal Kendricks‘ “Welcome To Philadelphia” moment came in the aftermath of a home loss a couple seasons back. He heard his name being howled from above the tunnel and against his better judgment, looked up as he was heading off the field.

“Some dude got my attention and he’s like, ‘Kendricks!’ — he was crying — ‘Kendricks! You ruined my liiiife!’ I mean bawling. He was drunk. ‘You ruined my life!’ I’m like, ‘Sh*t, I’m the sad one. We just lost a game.’ That was fairly intense.”

For Najee Goode, it was an attention-grabber of an entirely different variety.

“Man, going up to an autograph signing in 2013 and seeing a chick with body paint on her top half — Eagles body paint. I’m like, ‘These motherf*&%ers crazy,'” he said with a laugh. “I liked it though, but I was like, ‘Damn.'”

Dennis Kelly‘s came in the form of advice via the always civil world of social media.

“Somebody told me to jump off the Ben Franklin onto a bed of spikes through Twitter after a game,” he said. “That was a nice little [piece] of critical feedback.”

None of the dozen or so Eagles players polled by Birds 24/7 have had a similar experience to the one Ryan Howard went through at Citizens Bank Park last weekend when the slumping slugger had a beer bottle thrown at him on his way back to the dugout (though there are members of this coaching staff who would tell you that J.D. Drew isn’t the only one to have Duracells flung in his direction). Such incidents, though, can trigger an examination of the relationship between professional athletes in Philadelphia and the fans. Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Randle ‘A Pleasant Surprise’

Jordan Matthews, Josh Huff, Rueben Randle, and Nelson Agholor. (Jeff Fusco)

Jordan Matthews, Josh Huff, Rueben Randle, and Nelson Agholor. (Jeff Fusco)

After some early interest in experimenting with Jordan Matthews on the outside, Doug Pederson has since concluded that the 23-year-old is best suited for the slot. Assuming that opinion sticks, the first-year head coach will look elsewhere to fill the ‘X’ and ‘Z’ receiver posts. Who will be the primary outside guys to start?

“Yeah, you know, Rueben Randle has really made an impact this spring,” Pederson began. “Chris Givens is another one. Nelson Agholor, of course, is another one. Josh Huff is another guy that can work both inside and outside — probably another one that’s going to be inside.

“And these guys have really, especially Rueben, has been a pleasant surprise. He’s a guy that’s a big, tall, sort of a smooth receiver that understands what we’re asking him to do. He knows his role and you’ve got three or four or five guys out there right now that are competing for that spot.”

A couple things stick out in that response. Read more »

Running Diary: Eagles Practice Observations

Sam Bradford and Carson Wentz. (Jeff Fusco)

Sam Bradford and Carson Wentz. (Jeff Fusco)

Here’s what we saw during today’s practice session as OTAs wrapped up:

10:00 — Before practice begins, Doug Pederson updates us on injuries. Jordan Hicks won’t practice as he’s been getting treatment for a quad spasm, although he’ll be back on the field next week for mandatory minicamp on a limited basis. Rueben Randle, who had gallbladder surgery, will also be back and limited next week. Both Nolan Carroll and JaCorey Shepherd have been cleared for team activities next week and are doing “extremely well.”

10:20 — We’re inside the bubble today because it’s raining, and Carson Wentz is the first quarterback there, followed shortly thereafter by Chase Daniel. No sight of Sam Bradford yet, who is likely hanging with T-Mac on the yacht today. Read more »

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