Morning Headlines: Jon Bon Jovi’s New Soul Homes Open in Fairmount


A 55-unit mixed-use housing project by Project HOME will open its doors to many of the city’s formerly homeless this week — thanks in large part to Jon Bon Jovi and his unlikely partnership with Sister Mary Scullion.

Scullion recently told Philly Mag’s Joel Mathis how that relationship evolved:

“Jon was the co-owner of the Soul (Arena Football League) team at that time, and he was staying at the Ritz Carlton on Broad Street. He looked out his window and saw someone just out in the bitter cold and got his sound engineer and said to him, ‘Can you find me an organization in this area that we could partner with to do something about this? It’s an intolerable condition.’”

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Jon Bon Jovi’s Penthouse Goes From $42M to $39.9M


Last we spoke about Jon Bon Jovi — Philly-area booster and Project H.O.M.E. partner/real estate developer of housing for the disadvantaged — we noted that he’d put his Manhattan penthouse on the market for a staggering $42 million. Given all the good works he does, we don’t begrudge him wanting a good price for the condo, but $42 million is a hefty ask, even for 7,500 square feet in New York City.

Now the price has gone down to $39.9 million, which is indeed less money, from a mathematical perspective.

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