Vetri Abandons A La Carte

In March, Marc Vetri is going to stop offering his a la carte menu and will go to tasting menus only each night Vetri is open. Vetri will offer a classics menu option, the more inventive degustazione, a pasta tasting, and a vegetarian menu.

LaBan highlights several other successful tasting menus, namely at JG Domestic where 25% of the meals are tasting dinners and Tinto where tasting options make up 35% of the orders. In Conshohocken, Chip Roman sees 45% of his Blackfish customers ordering the tasting menu.

So we ask, do you think this is a good idea for Vetri and do you expect other chefs to follow suit?

No more a la carte: Vetri moving to tasting menus only in March [Philadelphia Inquirer]
Degustazione [Vetri]

Orange Placard Alert

On our way to check out the new Thai Chef & Noodle Fusion Friday, we noticed that 2006 Chestnut, former home to Arch Electronics has a liquor license for Jolly’s Rockin Piano Bar. We’ve heard Jolly has been looking for a new location and it seems this set-back storefront is the location.

2006 Chestnut Street [Google Street View]

Quick Bites

  • Aqua, the Malaysian and Thai restaurant at 7th and Chestnut has opened.
  • Michael Klein reports that the National Park Service is looking for a restaurant operator for the Kennedy-Supplee Mansion in Valley Forge Park. No word on whether the Park Service will be installing a space crippling metal fence around the mansion.
  • A moderate priced Mexican BYOB is opening just about any day now at 744 Christian Street. Molcajete Mixto’s signature dishes will be served in hot volcanic rock (Inqlings).
  • Former Starr chef Christopher Painter is the executive chef at Kitchen 223 in Haddon Heights, NJ. The American bistro will be open in about a month (Feeding Frenzy).
  • Jolly’s Sporting Saloon may be leaving it’s 19th Street location (Icepack)
  • A.D. Amorosi’s article in last week’s City Paper kicked up quite the fuss resulting in three letters to the editor defending the credentials of Ed Rek of Restaurant M.