Johnny Weir Shot Secret Gay Film at Sochi Winter Olympics

Apparently Olympic skater—and Quarryville, Pennsylvania native—Johnny Weir was doing more than moderating for NBC (and Instagramming his outlandish outfits) at this year’s Sochi Winter Olympics. Amid all the flack he took for being there in the first place, Weir was covertly working with a film crew to document what it was like being gay at the games.

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Johnny Weir and Hubs Back Together [UPDATED]

johnny weir victor voronov

UPDATE [4/14/2014, 4:53 p.m.]: Looks like TMZ had it all wrong. Johnny Weir is denying that he and husband Victor Voronov is getting back together. When asked by Access Hollywood if the rumors were true, he replied, “Nope. I had hope and Victor and I were talking about reconciliation, but it was for not. … I have been sad for a long time … and unfortunately don’t foresee a way to resolve our current marital issues.”

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MONDAY KICKSTARTER: Johnny Weir Offers Hilarious Commentary on Ice Skaters at Rockefeller Center

Still reeling from the hype they received being commentators for the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, figure skating champs Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers in a sketch where they offer hilarious commentary on everyday skaters at Rockefeller Center. Hilarious.

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PHOTOS: Johnny Weir’s 13 Most Fabulous Olympic Looks

Donning Chanel, dripping in jewels and draped in furs, Johnny Weir looked absolutely stunning at this year’s Olympics, channeling every style icon from Salvador Dalí to  Stanley Tucci’s Hunger Games character, Caesar Flickerman. I don’t know about you, but I was enamored by every one of his looks, so today I’m paying homage with a slideshow of 13 of his most fabulous looks — nearly all of which were presented in front of an electric blue semi.

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