Why Do You People Hate Meteorologists So Much?


As Stella makes its way out of the Philadelphia area, a lot of people are pissed. Pissed that they’re stuck in the house with their kids, who should be in school. Pissed that they spent two hours in the Acme yesterday. Pissed that their flights were cancelled. And who are they blaming? Our meteorologists. Read more »

John Bolaris Just Can’t Help Himself When a Big Snowstorm Is on the Way

Left: John Bolaris covering a Philly snowstorm for Fox 29 back in the day. (YouTube) Right: Bolaris filing a report on this week's Philly snowstorm from Anguilla. (Facebook Live)

Left: John Bolaris covering a Philly snowstorm for Fox 29 back in the day. (YouTube) Right: Bolaris filing a report on this week’s Philly snowstorm from Anguilla. (Facebook Live)

If you live in Philly, you can count on three things happening during a snowstorm. First, a fight will break out over saved parking spots. Second, people will complain if their little side street in Manayunk is not plowed in eight hours. And finally, John Bolaris will be on top of the case, even though he’s not employed as a meteorologist these days. Read more »

17 Things You Might Not Know (or Were Trying to Forget) About John Bolaris

Tonight at 10 p.m. CNBC is airing the episode of its true-crime documentary series American Greed based on the adventures of Philly weather swain John Bolaris. How could it not be epic? The forecaster has seen more ups and downs in his 58 or so years than a cheap thermometer. Here, a cheat sheet of the meteoric meteorologist’s life of high- and low-pressure systems, to prep you for the fun to come. Read more »

AccuWeather Claims It Can Predict What the Weather Will Be 90 Days from Now

AccuWeather says it won't rain on the Fourth of July. (Screenshot from AccuWeather.com)

AccuWeather says it won’t rain on the Fourth of July. (Screenshot from AccuWeather.com)

Each year, as winter approaches, we have a bit of fun when the local weather folks deliver their long-range winter outlooks, attempting to tell us that they have a clue what kind of weather we’ll be experiencing by the time we get to February. But those reports are nothing compared a new service being offered by AccuWeather, the 54-year-old State College-based weather forecasting company that’s used by Channel 6 and countless other outlets across the country. Read more »

John Bolaris Will Buy You A Beer Down the Shore This Summer

We here at Philadelphia magazine are always interested in the trappings of John Bolaris, the Weather Savior. Whether he’s offering a weather concierge service, feuding with Angelo Cataldi or getting rid of High Pressure Harry, John Bolaris has had quite the 2015 so far.

Now comes this offer from Bolaris: If you see him down the shore and mention “Weather Savior,” he will buy you a beer. Read more »

You Can Now Pay John Bolaris $500 a Month for Personal Weather Forecasts


Would you like to be in contact with John Bolaris all the time? You are in luck. The Philadelphia weatherman is now offering a “weather concierge” service.

For the low, low price of $500 a month, Bolaris will be in contact with you via “phone, email and text” seven days a week at the times you designate. No days off all summer! Never accuse this guy of not working hard: If you pay him that $500 a month — or $1500 for the whole summer, May 15th to September 15th — he will literally talk with you every day if you so wish. Read more »

John Bolaris Attacks “Classless” Angelo Cataldi on Twitter

cataldi-bolaris-400x400On Tuesday morning, in the wake of the Great 2015 Blizzard of Philadelphia That Didn’t Happen, there was a lot of blame going around, including on 94-WIP, where host Angelo Cataldi was ranting and raving about all of the blown forecasts, which led to Mayor Michael Nutter unnecessarily canceling school, all city offices being unnecessarily closed, your trash not being picked up today — the list of inconveniences goes on, and on, and on. Read more »

Guy John Bolaris “Fired” After Ice Storm Says Not So Fast

john-bolaris-fired-harry-holmesOn Tuesday, we interviewed meteorologist John Bolaris of WeatherSavior.com in the wake of Sunday’s deadly flash freeze, which every forecaster, including Bolaris, missed.

In the interview, Bolaris told us that he had fired another meteorologist at WeatherSavior, because that unnamed person dropped the ball by sending out an inaccurate forecast early on Sunday morning. Bolaris claimed that the meteorologist “phoned it in” by writing the report the night before instead of checking the data in the morning.

Well, now that meteorologist — Harry Holmes (seen here) — has revealed himself, and he’s not very happy with Bolaris, with whom he’s worked for more than two decades. Read more »

John Bolaris Fired Someone Over Sunday’s Ice Storm

[UPDATE, 9 p.m., 1/21] Harry Holmes, who says he’s the man John Bolaris claims to have “fired,” has responded.

[ORIGINAL] John Bolaris always gives good conversation. So we thought we’d call the longtime meteorologist up to have one about Sunday’s deadly ice storm. True to form, Bolaris, now at WeatherSavior.com, had plenty to say.

What the heck happened on Sunday?
I really do blame it on the overall meteorologists on this one. At the beginning of last week, Sunday looked like a very mild 50-degree day.

But then the computer model started changing on Wednesday. And yet on Friday, the day when I wrote that Sunday was going to be colder than expected — I said there could be a cold rain — the local news stations were still calling for this mild weather. I was taken aback.

And then, what I feel horrible about, this flash freeze that took place in the city wasn’t in any forecast. But it was a concern and should have been addressed much more during the week.

Read more »

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