Guy John Bolaris “Fired” After Ice Storm Says Not So Fast

john-bolaris-fired-harry-holmesOn Tuesday, we interviewed meteorologist John Bolaris of in the wake of Sunday’s deadly flash freeze, which every forecaster, including Bolaris, missed.

In the interview, Bolaris told us that he had fired another meteorologist at WeatherSavior, because that unnamed person dropped the ball by sending out an inaccurate forecast early on Sunday morning. Bolaris claimed that the meteorologist “phoned it in” by writing the report the night before instead of checking the data in the morning.

Well, now that meteorologist — Harry Holmes (seen here) — has revealed himself, and he’s not very happy with Bolaris, with whom he’s worked for more than two decades. Read more »

John Bolaris Fired Someone Over Sunday’s Ice Storm

[UPDATE, 9 p.m., 1/21] Harry Holmes, who says he’s the man John Bolaris claims to have “fired,” has responded.

[ORIGINAL] John Bolaris always gives good conversation. So we thought we’d call the longtime meteorologist up to have one about Sunday’s deadly ice storm. True to form, Bolaris, now at, had plenty to say.

What the heck happened on Sunday?
I really do blame it on the overall meteorologists on this one. At the beginning of last week, Sunday looked like a very mild 50-degree day.

But then the computer model started changing on Wednesday. And yet on Friday, the day when I wrote that Sunday was going to be colder than expected — I said there could be a cold rain — the local news stations were still calling for this mild weather. I was taken aback.

And then, what I feel horrible about, this flash freeze that took place in the city wasn’t in any forecast. But it was a concern and should have been addressed much more during the week.

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John Bolaris and Stu Bykofsky on Gossip

John Bolaris with his financée, Erica Smitheman, and Stu Bykofsky at Butcher and Singer. Photograph by Dustin Fenstermacher

John Bolaris with his financée, Erica Smitheman, and Stu Bykofsky at Butcher and Singer. Photograph by Dustin Fenstermacher

The Story That Won’t Go Away

VICTOR: Stu, what were your first gossip items about John?

JOHN: I lied about my age. But I had a reason to. It was only two years. Stu always used to get on me in the papers, trying to find out my real age. When I first started in this business, my mentor told me to subtract two years. He told me that this business is all about age. But why didn’t he say to minus five?

STU: You could get away with two.

JOHN: [laughs]

STU: John, have you dealt with Victor before?

JOHN: Oh yes I have.
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Damon Feldman Says He’s Suing John Bolaris Over Cancelled Michael Lohan Boxing Match


On Tuesday, we told you that “celebrity boxing” promoter Damon Feldman was organizing a fight featuring John Bolaris, now of The opponent was, Feldman claimed, as yet undetermined: He was soliciting challengers via email.

Well, Feldman says the whole thing has been cancelled and that they had settled on Michael Lohan, yes the man responsible for half of the genetic makeup of Disney star-turned-train wreck Lindsay Lohan. And Feldman is blaming Bolaris for the cancellation.

Here is an (unedited) email that Feldman sent around on Thursday night:

Hi I just want to thank you for your coverage on John Bolaris I wasted 2 weeks on putting this together, I have advanced money here to hold venue opponent and more and after picking the venue Marple sports arena for sept 20 , the charity and the Opponent was going to be Michael Lohan who we where going to announce Monday, John said was the only person he would take on and Michael agreed John has pulled out leaving me and my company hanging and in a tough situation as I have put out cash n made promises to people and now John is saying all these different stories why he won’t do it and the Backlash he received , your when he accepted and told me who he wanted to do the celebrity boxing match with. I am very pissed off here but I do want to thank you for helping with this this is very unprofessional what he did and used me for publicity and knew and now pulled out so now I will see him in court this is just disgraceful , thank you Sincerely Damon Feldman

Bolaris broke up with Feldman via text message. “He didn’t even have the balls to call me,” says Feldman. “That just shows you what kind of a guy he is. He punked out of this fight.”

“He’s been asking me to fight for a long time,” responds Bolaris. “And I finally agreed to do it for charity. But then, there was a lot of negative feedback from my friends. They said, ‘You don’t need to do this. You want to be like Octomom and Tanmom?’ But I never signed an agreement.”

Bolaris went on WMMR’s Preston & Steve show this week to discuss the prospect. “Are you friggin’ out of your mind?” they asked.

“I’m trying to rebuild my career,” says Bolaris. “I thought this would be fun. But then I realized it was just the wrong move for me.”

And we agree with that assessment.

You Can Sign Up to Punch John Bolaris In the Face If You’re Famous Enough

Great news out of the celebrity boxing front: John Bolaris is stepping back into the ring! Eighteen years after stepping into the ring for a celebrity match against Q102’s Diego Ramos, Bolaris is planning to lace up the gloves again.

The fight, if it happens, will be promoted by Damon Feldman. The former boxer — he had a 9-0 record as a middleweight in fights held mostly at the Blue Horizon — made his mark in celebrity boxing with that first Bolaris-Ramos fight. Ramos won that in a split decision, because it’s boxing and even celebrity matches have to be controversial.

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WATCH: John Bolaris Spends 5 Minutes Trying to End His Video Chat

On Thursday, John Bolaris hosted a web chat on his new weather forecasting website, Weather Savior. There were about 20 people in the chat, which lasted about two hours and is archived here for your enjoyment.

Bolaris went through how to use his new weather site, rapped on request, asked for people to work selling ads for his site (on commission), and says the site got 100,000 pageviews in its first month.

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The Six Degrees Game of Love, Philly Celebrity Edition

Ever notice how for the bold-faced and famous here, Philadelphia’s social scene resembles a high school? The dating pool is shallow, everyone knows everyone else, and a stroll down the hall (or around Rittenhouse Square) can lead to a memory-lane disaster. Maybe that’s why A-list magnet Roseanne Martin’s latest well-to-do beau is an out-of-towner. Smart move, girlfriend — and a departure for Martin and others whose love connections are local, notable and, like, totes complicated.
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Best Bits of John Bolaris’ Snowstorm Chat

Starting at 5 this morning, ex-NBC 10 and Fox 29 weatherman John Bolaris held a marathon chat on, lasting until just before 11 a.m. Six hours! Counting questions from users and replies by Bolaris, it goes over 10,000 words!

I poked fun at the chat idea last night on Twitter, but I just read all 10,000-plus words and it’s actually pretty useful. Here’s a former TV weatherman — a four-time Mid-Atlantic Emmy winner! — who, if you type in your town name on, will predict exactly how much snow you’re going to get in your town. For free! This is one of the best public services has ever provided.

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18 Super Bowl Sex, Drug Arrests Made

Super_Bowl_XLVIII_logoGet this: People are selling sex and drugs to the rich tourists in New York for Super Bowl week! It doesn’t always go so smoothly: Today police began arresting 18 individuals wanted for selling sex and cocaine “party packs.” The investigation took 11 months.

The scheme, says New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office, was similar to the one that ensnared John Bolaris in 2010.

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