Geno’s Steaks Has Removed Its “Speak English” Sign

Geno's Steaks

Photo | Jeff Fusco

It was Joey Vento’s dying wish.

The late Geno’s Steaks owner told his son he wanted nothing more than to keep his controversial “Speak English” sign in the window of his business – the sign that made him famous, he said.

But he died in 2011. And now, under the ownership of Vento’s son, Geno Vento (named after the business, not vice versa), Geno’s Steaks has reportedly removed the sign, which once sparked a discrimination complaint. Read more »

We Want Answers: Geno Vento, Cheesesteak Heir

Photograph by Claudia Gavin

Photograph by Claudia Gavin

It’s been nearly four years since your father, Joey Vento, died. What’s the one thing you wish people knew about you and your dad? Dad was a little more boisterous than me. But you know, I’m getting in his shoes and getting a little more boisterous.

I don’t get the sense that scrappiness is quite as much in your nature. I don’t know if he was argumentative — he was talkative and funny. I’m very approachable, down-to-earth, love to joke and make people laugh. The Philly experience — to be part of that is very honorable. Dad started in ’66 with six dollars. He borrowed $2,000 off my grandfather and turned it into the multimillion-dollar business you see.

His influence is still around. I understand you still have the “Speak English” sticker? Yeah, it’s still in the window. That was his legacy and his thing, and I’m honoring him by keeping it up. Read more »

Joey Vento’s Dying Wish: Keep “Speak English” Sign at Geno’s


Last week, Eater Philly ran a photo of rapper Busta Rhymes hanging out at Geno’s Steaks in South Philadelphia. That was all well and good. But what really caught our interest was an update to the item, explaining that the “Speak English” sign is still being proudly displayed at Geno’s, because its preservation was late owner Joey Vento’s dying wish.

Geno’s recently retained Neff Associates, the same public relations firm that’s been handling the Joe’s vs. Chink’s racist cheesesteak drama. Neff PR director Kylie Flett explains the Geno’s sign situation in an email today:

I wanted to reach out to you personally regarding the newest addition to our client roster, Geno’s Steaks.

As you know, Geno’s is under new management since the passing of Joey Vento. Geno Vento, Joey’s openly gay son is the new owner and operator and I think it is important to inform you, that he does not share all of the polarizing views his Father was famous for.

I think it is also important for you to know that we have retained Joe’s Steaks + Soda Shop with this growth. In fact, the work we did, and continue to do for Joe’s, really resonated with Geno Vento.

Our PR counsel and marketing recommendations (I am not sure if you are aware but we also have creative, media buying, social media, website design, etc services in-house) are being taken very seriously over at the Geno’s camp – this is the first time they have ever bought an agency or someone from outside the family into the daily operations of the business.

Our client has reported to us, that per our strong recommendation the ‘American’s don’t press # 2’ sign has been removed.

I can also tell you that we STRONGLY recommended to Geno Vento that the ‘speak english’ sign be removed also. Our recommendation is currently under consideration by the Geno’s Team. Unfortunately, Joey’s dying wish to his son was for the sign to remain, and Geno at this time is choosing to respect his Father’s request.

I can promise you that we have already, and will continue to push for the removal of this sign with our client, Geno Vento. And as a non-US citizen myself, I hope you understand how important this is to us.

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Never one to shy away from controversy, Tommy Up from PYT has a new Burger of the Week special running: A tribute (kinda) to another controversial Philadelphian–Joey Vento of Geno’s who died last week at 71. For those of you who, like Vento, are not exactly fluent en Espanol, the “burger” is chopped steak, fried onions, roasted peppers and melted provolone on a kaiser roll with a side of fries with Wiz and fried onions, all served “In honor of the founder of Geno’s Steaks.”

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Geno’s Joey Vento Dead at 71

Geno’s Steaks founder Joey Vento died earlier this evening of a massive heart attack, he was 71. Vento opened Geno’s at 9th and Passyunk in 1966 with as the legend goes, “$6 in his pocket, two boxes of steaks and some hot dogs.”

In 2006 Vento achieved international notoriety for his “THIS IS AMERICA. WHEN ORDERING, PLEASE SPEAK ENGLISH” sign. Vento also gave thousands of dollars to charities and the needy.

Mayor Michael Nutter issued this statement hours after Vento passed away, “Joey Vento was a colorful, larger-than-life Philadelphian who loved his city and excelled as a businessman. Mr. Vento had strongly held views that were matched by a commendable desire to give back to his community.”

The 24-hour cheesesteak stand remained open despite Vento’s death.

Vento is survived by his wife, son and one brightly illuminated cheesesteak stand at 9th and Passyunk.

Lost in Translation [Philadelphia Magazine – November 2007]
Geno’s Steaks [Official Site]