Alan Richman Ranks His Ten Favorite Cheesesteaks


Alan Richman, GQ Food editor and Philadelphia native has ranked his ten favorite Philadelphia cheesesteaks. In a single day, Richman and his crew of cheesesteak eaters managed to try 23-steaks and ranked the top-ten steak sandwiches in order.

There are plenty of zingers and a top-ten list that will be sure to be criticized. Unfortunately we don’t know which places he went to that didn’t make the list.

Here’s the top-ten list and some of our favorite zingers »

Summer Milkshake Series at Joe’s Steaks + Soda Shop

Joe's Steaks

Joe’s Steaks + Soda Shop (formerly Chinks) is offering a special summer milkshake series to compliment their revered cheesesteaks. In addition to their traditionalflavors, each month will feature a new flavor to cool down those sweltering summer days. July will feature Strawberry Cheesecake, while August boasts Double Dunker. Additionally, Joe’s is offering their Orange Creamsicle all summer long.

And if that wasn’t awesome enough: on the first day of summer (Friday, June 21st) you can grab a friend and head to Joe’s for buy one, get one free Orange Creamsicle shakes. Simply say the key phrase “Cool It” to buy one shake and get one free.

Joe’s Steaks [Official Site]