Crowd Jams Center City to… Purchase $1,240 Coin

kennedy It’s numismania, brother! Yesterday, crowds of capitalists jammed the U.S. Mint on Independence Mall to purchase a limited-edition Kennedy half-dollar for $1,240. The gold half-dollar commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy half-dollar, minted the year following JFK’s assassination.

First-day editions of coins are sought-after. Customers were limited to one. And this Kennedy coin was supposedly better than previous models: “There’s more of a fullness or a life-likeness about it that was lacking in some of the models that had occurred over the years,” Mint spokesman Tom Jurkowski told KYW 1060. Hence the huge crowd outside the mint, a place that doesn’t usually have the long release lines usually associated with sneakers or concert tickets.

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Vince Salandria: The JFK Conspiracy Theorist

WHODUNIT?  JFK Conspiracy Theorist Vince Salandria photographed on January 29, 2014

Vince Salandria photographed on January 29, 2014.
Photo by Gene Smirnov

THREE YEARS AGO, Vince Salandria got a phone call from Arlen Specter, a man he didn’t know. Salandria had been in the Senator’s company only once before, but that was almost a half-century earlier, at a public event. When he called, Specter wasn’t running for anything—he had recently been voted out of office. All he had was a simple request of Salandria, who was 83 years old, a retired Philadelphia school-system lawyer: Would you have lunch with me? They eventually met at the Oyster House, on Sansom Street in Philadelphia. The lunch would turn out to be one of strangest meetings of Salandria’s life.
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The Fonzi-Specter JFK Assassination Tapes

Linked By History: Salandria speaking in 1998; Arlen Specter working with the Warren Commission in 1964.

Salandria speaking in 1998; Arlen Specter working with the Warren Commission in 1964.

Philadelphia lawyer Vince Salandria prepped journalist Gaeton Fonzi for his interviews with Arlen Specter about the Warren Commission’s work; Specter’s evasiveness and inability to explain inconsistencies in the findings are chilling.

The Mary Ferrell Foundation has the audio and transcripts from three of those interviews in 1966, as well as a discussion between Fonzi and Salandria. Click here to listen.