The Edit: 10 Ways to Try Mismatched and Single Earrings


Hey, we get it: Single and mismatched earrings are a tricky trend. They might even call to mind some misguided 1980s jewelry. (Ahem, Madonna.) But 2014′s iteration is so darn cute, it’s impossible to compare it to the earrings of yesteryear. Plus, it’s versatile. Opt for a single dangly earring for a statement, or tiny mismatched studs for a subtle look. Either way, it’s an act of earring rebellion we can get behind.

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5 Lego-Inspired Accessories to Wear to Philly Brick Fest


Photo via Marc by Marc Jacobs,

Philly Brick Fest, a fan convocation for Lego enthusiasts, is coming to town this weekend, Shoppists. We might not be Lego enthusiasts, but we do love accessories. So to get into the spirit, we rounded up the best and worst Lego accessories out there. Plus, we couldn’t help but reminisce a bit about Marc by Marc Jacob’s spring 2008 line (see above).

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Your First Look at Concrete Polish’s New Jewelry Collection


Pieces from Concrete Polish’s latest collection.

When I think of my jewelry collection, I think of it in tiers. Tier 1: Jewelry that I love (my vintage bangles). Tier 2: Jewelry that I love so much I wear it nearly every day (my Lee Hale rose thorn stud earrings from Egan Day). Tier 3: My wedding band stack—an engagement ring sandwiched between two thin diamond bands. To make it to the first two tiers isn’t too hard, but to break into that third tier, well, that’s pretty much impossible. Enter Concrete Polish, Angela Monaco’s line of sculptural jewelry, which secured a prime spot right smack-dab in the middle of my diamond stack.

Really? It’s that cool?

Sale Alert: Spring Sale at Moon & Arrow


Photo via Moon & Arrow.

Shoppists, if you’re not familiar with the Queen Village jewelry/home goods/vintage haven that is Moon & Arrow, you should make a point to visit. The vast store stocks handmade and vintage jewelry that transition from city-chic to music festival in a snap (pair this necklace with a white tee or a fringed crop top). Plus, it seems like everyone we feature in our Street Style series is a fan (see: here, here, and here) — and for good reason. Through the month of April, the boutique is treating shoppers to a spring sale. Check out the back of the store for a sweet sale selection that’s 20 to 50 percent off. Happy shopping!


This is the Easiest Way to Clean Your Jewelry

This is the Easiest Way to Clean Your Jewelry

Nine times out of ten, when I compliment someone on her wedding or engagement rings, I get this response: “Ugh, thanks, but it’s sooo dirty.” It’s like the jewelry version of “Oh, this old thing?” and it leads me to two questions:

1. Why the heck can’t we ever just take a compliment?

2. Why are we all walking around wearing filthy jewelry?

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Organize Your Life! Day 4: How to Organize Your Jewelry

Keep display-worthy pieces out by incorporating them into your decor.

Keep display-worthy pieces out by incorporating them into your decor.

Maybe it was the 72-hour stint of warm weather last week, but we here at Shoppist are ready for a little spring-cleaning. Each day this week, we’ll be compiling the best ways to organize your life. Trust us: Imagine how good it will feel to spring clean, before spring. Collective sigh of relief, everyone.

Organizing your jewelry, especially if you’ve got a lot of it, can be tough. And jewelry boxes don’t always cut it: Chunky bangles don’t fit, necklaces get tangled and earring backs get lost. Enter: Legions of crafty folks who’ve come up with all manner of ways to store their gems. Some of the ideas are great—I’ve rounded up my picks below, and shared how I store some of my favorite pieces—and some, well, aren’t. (See: hanging earrings on old shutters.) Keep reading for some inspiration and tips on how to organize your baubles in ways that would make even jewelry stores jealous.

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Shopping Confession: I Want Everything in the New Sophia Grace and Rosie Jewelry Collection

Confession: Sometimes when I’m having a bad day, I watch videos of Sophia Grace and Rosie on Ellen. They’re two of my favorite people ever, which is sort of weird because I’ve never met them and I don’t even particularly like kids all that much. Maybe it’s their British accents. Or their massive flouncy tutus! Or maybe because, like me, Sophia Grace is extremely excitable and has a penchant for ear-piercing squeals.

In any case, I squealed as soon as I saw this subject line in my inbox this morning:

ANNOUNCEMENT: Claire’s Inc. Lauches Sophia Grace & Rosie Collection

Oh. My. God.


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