Covet: We’re Utterly in Love With Dylanlex’s Fashion Armour


Photo by Dom Savini.

If most oversize baubles are statement pieces, then the colossal collars by Dylanlex are shouted-from-the-rooftop proclamations.

Drew Ginsburg, a 2009 Drexel University grad, first nabbed attention for her handmade jewelry on Instagram. She began creating hefty made-to-orders featuring heaping drapings of Swarovski crystals that have garnered national attention (Rihanna and Rachel Zoe are fans) and now adorn the necks of fashion’s most vocal flock.

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The Edit: 10 Gorgeous Pendants We Love


A few seasons ago, the bib necklace debuted and then never really left. Suddenly, everyone was sporting hulking spangled collars and wide bedazzled bibs. Now, jewelry is tilting to the delicate side, and we’re loving it. Long necklaces have an elongating effect, and these look great layered with other necklaces of varying lengths. Here, 10 ways to wear ‘em at every price point.

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Monday Obsession: Mix-and-Match Earrings at Omoi


Mixed-EarringsSome things are best suited to pairs: socks, shoes, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Earrings, though, don’t always have to match (proof: this roundup of  fantastic ear candy, none of which has an identical twin). For earring traditionalists who shudder at the thought of wildly mismatched lobes, there are these: a quartet of geometric brass danglers that are sold singularly, and made to be worn in subtly mismatched pairs.
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Warning: You Will Spend All Afternoon Shopping on Ritual Ritual’s New Website

Ritual Ritual

While I was excited when I got wind of Ritual Ritual’s expansion—the postage-stamp-sized NoLibs shop is moving into Arcadia’s vacated space—I really cheered when I got news of the store’s brand-spanking-new website. After all, a spiffy brick-and-mortar is fantastic, but sometimes you just need a quick mid-afternoon shopping break from the comfort of your cubicle, without hightailing it to the other side of town. Enter:, the boutique’s gorgeously spare and now totally shoppable website, so you can get your bauble fix while you wait for the bigger and better store to officially open later next month.

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Market Report: This Cocktail Ring Tells You When You Get a Text



  • Skip the Google Glass. A cocktail ring that flashes light when you get a text (or an important call) is wearable technology we can get behind. [Fashionista]
  • If this humidity is wreaking havoc on your curly hair like me, then you need to read these five tips to get your curly hair through the rest of the summer. [Huffington Post]
  • We alter our hair and makeup to fit our face shapes—why not sunglasses? Rockstar daughter Georgia May Jagger spills on the best sunglasses for every face shape. (Apparently, I should be wearing a square variety.) [Refinery 29]

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The Edit: 10 Ways to Wear Rose Gold


I know everyone lauds crisp whites for being the perfect color to pair with a tan, but I’m a fan of rose gold. It’s less severe than white, more flattering than it’s gold cousin, and peachy-pink gold looks great on every skin tone. (Listen up, fellow pale chicks.) From sandals to t-shirts, see how rose gold has moved beyond just jewelry—though the jewelry is still pretty darn cute. Here, 10 of our favorite ways to wear rose gold this summer.

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Right Now: LizaBeth Trunk Show at Joan Shepp


Image via Liza Soklove.

After the huge wave of bib necklaces we had been seeing since 2012 finally subsided, we were in serious need of statement necklaces that were a little less suffocating. (Pendants: You’re cute and all, but we need a little more heft.) Enter: LizaBeth. Lucky for us, the Philly native is having a trunk show at Joan Shepp starting today.

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The Edit: 10 Ways to Try Mismatched and Single Earrings


Hey, we get it: Single and mismatched earrings are a tricky trend. They might even call to mind some misguided 1980s jewelry. (Ahem, Madonna.) But 2014’s iteration is so darn cute, it’s impossible to compare it to the earrings of yesteryear. Plus, it’s versatile. Opt for a single dangly earring for a statement, or tiny mismatched studs for a subtle look. Either way, it’s an act of earring rebellion we can get behind.

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