Will New Jersey Have Two Valentine’s Days?

“Democratic New Jersey Assemblyman John McKeon wants Gov. Chris Christie to spread the love by declaring a double Valentine’s Day in the Garden State this year,” Business Insider reports. “McKeon introduced legislation last week calling on Christie to embrace an extra holiday devoted for love as a way to boost the economy. New Jersey’s second Valentine’s Day would take place August 14, 2014 and would be officially designated as ‘Half St. Valentine’s Day.’”

Christie Signs Bill Opening Adoption Records

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie plans to sign a bill that would allow access to birth records for people adopted in the state,” AP reports. “Birth parents of children adopted before Aug. 1, 2015 would have until the end of 2016 to request their names be removed from the birth certificates.” Parents of children adopted after that date won’t have the option of redacting  their names.

Christie Legal Bill Climbs Over $3 Million

“Private lawyers hired by Gov. Chris Christie’s office after the George Washington Bridge scandal erupted are on pace to bill taxpayers roughly $3 million for their work, and it appears well over half that tab is being incurred for events unrelated to whatever led to the lane closures in Fort Lee,” the Daily Record repoorts.

“Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher was originally hired for an internal investigation of the bridge incident and cooperation with the U.S. Attorney’s Office inquiry. But its work rapidly expanded to include a review of the allegations leveled by Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer that federal Sandy aid was withheld by the state because of the city’s unwillingness to approve an unrelated development project.”

Gosh. Think how pricey this would be if Christie hadn’t been exonerated by his legal team?

Christie Considers Gun Bill, Presidential Aspirations

Conservative activists across the country are watching to see if N.J. Gov. Chris Christie will sign or veto a bill that reduces the allowable size of ammo magazines from 15 to 10 rounds.  While his presidential aspirations have been damaged by Bridgegate, he’s not necessarily out of the running in 2016 yet: Conservatives say he probably would end his candidacy by signing the bill.

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Bear Delays Start of School in Jersey

NBC 10 reports that “Phillipsburg High School in Warren County, N.J. opened 90 minutes late Friday morning after someone spotted a bear high up in a tree on the Hillcrest Boulevard campus.”

The Express-Times reports: “A black bear that took up residence overnight in a tree on the Phillipsburg High School campus was tranquilized about 9:45 this morning by a fish and wildlife officer and fell into a net.”

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Paralyzed Rutgers Player Will Speak at Commencement

Rutgers graduation planning has become an embarrassment to the university. First, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was invited to speak — but she backed out after protests from students and faculty. Then paralyzed Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand said he had been invited to speak, then uninvited in favor of former New Jersey Gov. Thomas Kean.

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Jersey Transit Says It Lost Money on Super Bowl

Warning to everybody who still wants to bring a Super Bowl to Philly: It might be more trouble than you expect. Newsworks reports that New Jersey lost $5.6 million transporting riders to and and from the stadium for January’s big game — despite reaping more than $1 million in ad sales along the route.

One reason for the loss: The agency expected to transport 10,000 people to the game — and ended up taking 30,000.

And that sounds pretty incredible. Then again, just imagine what those numbers would be like if the transit system had actually worked well.

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