Voorhees Police “Arrest” PuppyMonkeyBaby

Depending on your point of view, PuppyMonkeyBaby — the Mountain Dew mascot introduced during Super Bowl 50 commercials on Sunday — is either fall-down hilarious or a crime against good taste. The Voorhees Police Department in Camden County, N.J.? They apparently fall closer to the “crime” determination.

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At Least Nine Sonic Booms Shook New Jersey Today

Sonic Boom - South Jersey - USGS map

Image via USGS

This afternoon reports on social media started pouring in: People all over South Jersey had felt an earthquake — a series of earthquakes, even. Wildwood 365 says as many as 7 to 10 were found. Reports of shaking came from places as far as New Haven, Connecticut.

Turns out it wasn’t an earthquake. It was a series of nine sonic booms caused by military exercises. The military confirmed two planes from Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland most likely caused the blast. Read more »

Chris Christie Is Rarely in New Jersey, and It Could Be Costly to Taxpayers

Christie 2016 campaign video

We told you earlier this week that Chris Christie barely spends time in New Jersey anymore, and that home state residents aren’t too happy about that. Now there’s a wrinkle to that story: All that out-of-state travel the governor is doing to run for president? Jersey taxpayers might end up paying the bill.

And it’s a big bill: Possibly as much as $1 million. Read more »

South Jersey Cop, Son Charged With Harassing Civil Rights Activist

Civil rights activist Walter Hudson (Photo courtesy National Awareness Alliance)

Civil rights activist Walter Hudson (Photo courtesy National Awareness Alliance)

Penns Grove is a small town in Salem County, New Jersey, sitting directly across from Wilmington along the Delaware River. But as small towns go, the borough of just over 5,000 has more than its share of tension and unrest, and community activist Walter Hudson seems to be at the center of a lot of it. Read more »

Missing Child Found Dead in Haddon Township

On Tuesday morning around 6 a.m., police in Haddon Township, New Jersey were notified that a 3-year-old boy was missing from his home on the 100 block of Cooper Street. Within a few hours, he was found dead, according to the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office. Read more »

Christie Files Eminent Domain Against “Selfish” Margate City

Chris Christie and Lucy - Margate

Chris Christie photo via the New Jersey Office of the Governor; Lucy the Elephant photo by Dan McQuade

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie yesterday filed an eminent domain action against 87 municipally-owned lots in Margate City.

The state has long wanted to build storm-dampening dunes in Margate. The city and many property owners oppose the deal, saying the bulkheads on its beaches protect the city adequately. When Hurricane Joaquin threatened the East Coast, Christie called Margate residents who oppose the dune project “amongst the most selfish people in the state of New Jersey.”

A federally-funded dunes project is planned for Absecon Island, which would build dunes to protect Longport, Margate and part of Ventnor. (Atlantic City is also on the island.) The administration has already received 90 percent of the 4,279 easements required to go forward with several dunes project up and down the state. But it still needs easement approval from 239 property owners, mostly in Margate.

In a statement announcing the eminent domain action, state officials again chastised residents who oppose dune building. Read more »