5 End-of-Summer Shore Ideas (That Don’t Involve Sitting in a Labor Day Crowd)


The window on summer is quickly closing (or already closed, you jerks already drinking pumpkin beer).

But we still have hot weather, and there’s still time to get another Jersey Shore fix beyond just sitting on the beach in a crowd.

Here are five ideas for doing just that — covering the entirety of the Jersey Shore. I do stray north of Brigantine sometimes.

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The Ocean City, N.J., vs. Ocean City, Md., Headline Quiz


Two states, two Ocean Cities. But which is which?

One has a swim up bar and spots like the Brass Balls Saloon; the other is so dry it doesn’t even allow BYOB.

One pushes its family friendly image with billboards showing families; the other still uses a stale lifeguard campaign.

Only one gloated about its plan to steal away visitors from a storm-damaged area, so you can guess why my tone favors one town over the other.

But they do share the same name, and for the last seven years I’ve had a Google alert set for Ocean City, which means I’ve read a lot about both.

Can you tell which is which? Below are some Ocean City headlines from this summer.

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Jaw-dropper of the Week: $12.5M in Loveladies

Photo via Joy Luedtke Real Estate LLC

Photo via Joy Luedtke Real Estate LLC

Talk about exclusive: Not only is this Gym Wilson-designed house in Loveladies; not only is it oceanfront; not only does it have Viking/Sub Zero and Miele appliances; it even has an espresso bar and martini bar. Then there are the materials: limestone, marble, onyx and glass tile in the bathrooms; granite and stainless steel in the kitchen; Brazilian Ipe for the deck outside; glass walls and California glass for the deck rails; carved cherry wood for the full-sized elevator. And whatever material makes a room soundproof for the movie theater.

That’s just for starters. See the gallery below.

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Are Offshore Wind Farms the Future of Atlantic City?


New Jersey Wind Energy Area

The Department of the Interior and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) announced yesterday the proposed sale of commercial wind energy leases for nearly 344,000 acres off the South Jersey coast as part of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan.

BOEM proposes to auction the Wind Energy Area as two leases: the South Lease Area (160,480 acres) and the North Lease Area (183,353 acres). The Wind Energy Area begins about seven nautical miles off the coast from Atlantic City. A map of the Wind Energy Area can be found by clicking here.

Perhaps this is the future of Atlantic City: Wind energy boom town.

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The 10 Idiots You Meet Every Year at the Beach


I have been going down the shore, Ocean City to be exact, since before I can remember. On the beach, an instant community is formed of all types — including outcasts. The outcasts are the ones who engage in some perverse, imposing and inconsiderate activity that breaks the serenity of the day for everyone else. I call these selfish bastards the “beach idiots” — blunt, not very clever, but appropriate.

A day at the beach should be void of confrontation and the stress it brings, so most tag-wearing, well mannered folk put up with the beach idiots without saying a word, knowing their annoying behavior can usually only last so long.

As a public service, I am here to call out the beach idiots in the desperate hope that they will see the error of their obnoxious ways.

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High-End Shore Market Unlikely to Be Hurt By Casino Closures

margate home

Photo of 514 N. Thurlow Avenue in Margate, a home for sale for $8.5 million. Copyright SJSRMLS.

The legalization of gambling across the Northeast has hit Atlantic City hard: The latest victim, Trump Entertainment Resorts confirmed this weekend, is Trump Plaza, which is scheduled to close on September 16.

But it’s not all gloom and doom. Real estate experts we contacted said that while the rental market may be hit hard by the job losses — particularly in nearby inland towns like Pleasantville — the closures are much less likely to have a significant impact on the higher income ownership market in towns like Ventnor and Margate.

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Guide To the Jersey Shore Guides

Photo by Jason Varney

Diving Horse | Photo by Jason Varney

It’s Friday, the ocean is calling your name, it’s going to be absolutely beautiful both today and tomorrow. Leave work now. The Internet has spoken, and here’s all you’ll need to know about where and what to eat this weekend. Read more »

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