Department of Secret Shore Awesomeness: The Brigantine Day Trip

Brigantine Beach | Chris Potako via a Creative Commons license.

Sunset over Brigantine  | Chris Potako via a Creative Commons 2.0 license.

I’ll admit that I never quite saw the allure of the day trip.

For as much as I love the Jersey shore (as in, so, so much) it has rarely been enough to justify driving down for the afternoon. To me, the quickie shore trip has always felt like quickie sex: Perfectly fine until I take a look around and realize there’s no shower, no change of clothes, and all kinds of chafing. Not necessarily bad, but not quite worth the trouble or the messy hair, either.

That is, until I discovered Brigantine. Read more »

iStar Announces Multi-Billion Dollar Waterfront Renewal in Asbury Park

From left clockwise: 1101 Ocean, the Asbury, Monroe | Renderings via Asbury Park Waterfront

From left clockwise: 1101 Ocean, the Asbury, Monroe | Renderings via Asbury Park Waterfront

iStar, real estate investment trust extraordinaire and prospective Jersey Shore dream makers in the making, has embarked on a massive redevelopment plan that is sure to elicit a head-turn or two. Their venture, which involves more than twenty projects all together and will have a multi-billion dollar price tag attached, is to give a 1.25-mile tract of the Asbury Park waterfront in New Jersey a complete restoration and upgrade.

According to a press release, the plan will add 2,100 new homes and 300 hotel rooms to the area, while also working on a series of mixed-use and infrastructure projects intended to restore the town’s shoreline attraction. These developments will include The Asbury, a 110 key boutique hotel; Monroe, a 34-unit luxury condominium; and 1101 Ocean, a, quote, “landmark mixed-use hotel/condominium/retail project” set to be in one of the tallest edifices along the Jersey Shore. Asbury Lanes, a historic bowling and music venue, will also get a refresh.

Joining iStar in their effort are creative lead Anda Andrei, former Director of Design at the Ian Schrager Company; David Bowd, the visionary behind the SALT hotels brand; architects Chad Oppenheim and Gary Handel, among others; and renowned landscape designer Madison Cox. More importantly though, iStar is partnering with several Asbury Park businesses, cultural institutions, entrepreneurs, artists, and community groups to give the renewal an authentic touch.

“Asbury Park has a soul that makes it unique in America,” says Andrei in the press release. “There’s a love for that behind this project.  We’re mining the incredible history and one-of-a-kind character to amplify what’s already here.”

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Jersey Shore Pizza Face-Off: Final Round

There’s no point in getting between a Jersey shore-goer and their favorite pizza place: they’ll travel extra miles just for one slice, they’ll defend the cheese-to-sauce ration vehemently, and they’ll dream about a hot pie in the dead of winter. So which Jersey Shore pizza shop is the best? It’s time to have your say. Last week we listed the top picks in each South Jersey shore town and 10,000 votes came flooding in. Now we’ve taken the top vote-getters in each town and are asking you to weigh in once again, to crown the ultimate winner. The victor will be announced online and be featured in next year’s shore guide in the magazine. A few housekeeping notes: Voting ends on Sunday, August 2nd; you don’t have to vote for a place in every town to have your say; you are invited to vote once a day; and if you decide to try every spot and wind up gaining five pounds, don’t blame us.
Make your vote count

Jersey Shore Pizza Face-Off

There’s a reason you’ll walk past 15 Boardwalk pizza places in the hot sun to get to your favorite: A good slice is worth the extra effort. So which Shore joint is truly the King of all Pizza? That’s for you to decide. We’ve picked the top places in each South Jersey Shore town, and are asking for you to vote for your favorite (once a day, every day) from now until July 26th. (No, you don’t have to vote for a spot in every town to have your say.) Then we’ll take the top vote-getter in each town and have a final face-off, to name the absolute best pizza place down the Shore. The winner will be announced online and featured in next summer’s annual shore guide in the magazine.

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Gastronaut: Down on the Shore

gastronaut-0715-400The Shore is what it is—a region with its own peculiar DNA made up primarily of watery sangria, sand fleas, cotton candy and flip-flop sweat. It’s been the Northeast’s playground for decades and has evolved into a highly advanced organism for separating city folk from their disposable income.

And for the most part, it all works just fine. But when it comes to Shore restaurants, I’ve always been a little bit mystified. I mean, here we are, just a couple hours’ drive from such a concentration of wealth and poor judgment, and yet most Philadelphia restaurateurs appear to have no interest in opening down the Shore.

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Better Homes & Gardens Names the Wildwoods Among Nation’s Best Beaches

In its July issue, Better Homes & Gardens chose the Wildwoods as one of the nation’s “Top 10 Beaches You Must Visit With Your Family.” The list was curated by magazine editors and a travel writer who had this to say about the family-friendly Jersey beach:

From 1950s mod-style motels to boardwalk custard stands and amusement arcades, this classic Jersey Shore town packs a lot into its 5 miles. Take the kids crabbing, show them your skee-ball prowess, then dance the night away at an evening concert.

The Wildwoods is by far the closest beach to Philly on the list. The locale has actually been enjoying a lot of listicle love this year. It was recently named TripAdvisor’s “No. 1 Destination On the Rise,” praising its mix of family- and adult-friendly activities; and called it the most beautiful place in New Jersey on a list of top stunners in each state. readers backed up the sentiment by voting this year to make it New Jersey’s “Best Shore Town.” Do readers agree?

This Weekend: Barefoot Beer Festival On The Beach

Undoubtedly the most picturesque place for you to get drunk this weekend

Undoubtedly the most picturesque place for you to get buzzed this weekend.

Drink beers on the beach this weekend at the inaugural Barefoot Beer Fest at Diamond Beach. Do you really need details? You’re drinking unlimited beers on the beach, people.

On Saturday July 11th, Icona Resort is hosting this craft beer fest on their private beach at Diamond Beach (between Wildwood and Cape May). Forty breweries are attending: including Goose Island, Yards, Dogfish Head, Great Lakes, Evolution and Sam Adams. Ten New Jersey breweries will also be on site with their seasonal specialties. One ticket ($50) gets you unlimited two-ounce pours and one food ticket.

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Which Shark Week Star Is Your Favorite Jersey Shore Point’s Spirit Shark?


Shark Week is upon us, friends.

The Discovery Channel’s annual celebration of scary fish and worse puns kicked off Sunday, and it looks to be another banner year. Maybe not quite as good as 2014 now that the network has promised more science and less Megalodon, but still — pretty damn good. (People whining about the factual accuracy of Shark Week: Why do you hate America? It’s the freedom, isn’t it? May your boardwalks be paved with splinters.)

This year’s marquee villains include ninja sharks, alien sharks, serial killer sharks and — we owe you one, Jesus — “The Bride of Jaws.” Most of these bad boys are trolling the waters of Florida, Australia and South Africa, but just in case they ever decided to drop by the Jersey Shore, we wanted to figure out where they would feel most at home.

Why would anyone waste their time doing such a thing? Because Shark Week. If you start bringing logic and good taste into this, you’ll ruin Shark Week. Stop that right now. Read more »

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