How Boykin Ruined Jerry Jones’ Day

When the Cowboys took over with 1:49 remaining and trailing by two, owner Jerry Jones believed the stage was set for his team to finally get over the hump.

“I thought, not that it was ordained, but that it was going to be our time,” he said, “and the way [Kyle] Orton had been playing, he went to his receivers well, he went to the right people, receivers most of the time, and I was very surprised. Their back made a really great play on (the interception).”

That back was Brandon Boykin, who came up with an interception on first down to stamp the Eagles’ ticket to the postseason.

“It was happiness,” said the second-year corner out of Georgia. Read more »

Eagles Still Prepping For Romo

The Tony Romo report broke late Monday afternoon. As word leaked into the NovaCare that Dallas’ starting quarterback could miss Sunday night’s game with a back injury, the Eagles had to modify their approach. But it wasn’t as if they just started ripping up the game plan. In fact, they are still preparing as if Romo will start for the Cowboys.

“It really wasn’t Earth-shattering,” said Davis. “Most of the time when injuries happen early in the week, [the reaction is] not that drastic because  there is still a possibility he’s playing. Now, do we say, ‘OK, let’s take maybe a longer look at Kyle Orton?’ Absolutely. That’s probably the biggest shift, we may have to play a different guy, but we’re going to prepare for their offense and all their weapons. He’s one man of 11 out there — he’s the main guy, but he’s also a guy we’ll prepare equally for.” Read more »