Jenkins: McCoy Trade Didn’t Surprise Players

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Malcolm Jenkins stopped by the NFL Network on Wednesday morning to offer his thoughts on the wild offseason the Eagles have experienced so far. He claimed the players in the locker room were not surprised by the trading of LeSean McCoy, but rather what they got in return for him.

“When you talk about what you can get for — if you are looking to acquire more talent — I just think Shady’s cap number and what we were able to get in return for Shady, I think made sense,” Jenkins said. “And some guys in the locker room who kind of know what’s going on weren’t surprised by it.

“In the locker room a lot of guys weren’t surprised by the trade, what we were more surprised of was that it was just a player-for-player trade. I think everybody thought we would have gotten more — Kiko [Alonso], plus a couple draft picks, you know, somebody else.” Read more »

What They’re Saying About The Eagles

Kirby Lee / USA Today

Kirby Lee / USA Today

Here is what the national media are saying about the Eagles at the annual owners’ meetings.

Conor Orr of believes, based on Kelly’s comments Wednesday morning, the Eagles will not trade up for a quarterback:

Kelly’s philosophy is simple. More players are better than less players. Drafting is an inexact science and coaches need to arm themselves with the best opportunity to hit on a player.

He reminded reporters of Dallas’ Herschel Walker deal back in 1989 and had the Saints’ Ricky Williams deal brought to his attention.

Kelly, of course, gave himself an out. He said that this is his philosophy but that in every philosophy there is room to change or make alterations. While this may seem leading, though, it was just an out. Every coach can break philosophy for one reason or another.

He just didn’t seem like he was prepared to do it this year.

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Banner Out In Cleveland

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp

Sixteen months after taking over as the CEO of the Cleveland Browns, former Eagles president Joe Banner is stepping down, the team announced.

Michael Lombardi is out as GM and will be replaced by Ray Farmer. Read more »

Eagles’ 2013 Offseason: Jeff Lurie and Co. Hit North Philly With Paintbrushes

Yesterday the Eagles–players, coaches, cheerleaders, etc.–went to the William D. Kelley School to make a sort of crappy asphalt wasteland (no offense intended) into a happy playground graced by a colorful mural. Lots of kids were on hand to greet the players and have their shirts autographed, and then everyone settled in to do some work, much of which involved painting a wall that was designed in conjunction with the Mural Arts Program. Jeff Lurie seemed especially peppy while painting, perhaps due to his recent nuptials. Read more »

This Is Where Jeff Lurie’s New Bride Will Live

Eagles owner Jeff Lurie got married this weekend to Tina Lai, whose family owns a successful suite of Vietnamese restaurants in Chinatown and Cedar Park in West Philadelphia, as well as Fu Wah grocery store, where Tina works as a cashier. Now Tina will, one assumes, move into Lurie’s phenomenal home, Inwood, the 13-acre, four-parcel estate on Cherry Lane in Wynnewood that cost Lurie $14 million in 2007. Before Lurie bought it, the property was the longtime home to philanthropist and media baron Walter Annenberg, who passed away there in 2002.

When Leonore Annenberg first put the property on the market in 2006, she was looking for $15 million, so she got pretty close with Lurie. (Another interested party was said to be auto dealer Robert Potamkin.) The house has incredible amenities–a golf course, a greenhouse, tennis courts, bowling alley, lap pool–some of which Lurie put in after the fact, though the three-hole golf course was Annenberg’s touch. As of time of sale, the main house had 18 rooms and the grounds had woods and a creek. The Annenbergs employed a landscaping staff.

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Mapping the Homes of Philadelphia’s Rich and Famous

You know those Hollywood tours that bring you outside the homes of stars? Here’s a Philly version, in which nobody drives you around and you’ve either gotta do it on the internet, or in your own car in the dead of winter! Nevertheless, Curbed has compiled a useful map, featuring the homes of such luminaries as Jeff Lurie, Raymond Perelman, and Bart Blatstein. Most of whom don’t actually live in Philly, of course. Click here to roam around.


For more on…The Homes of the Rich and Famous!…tune into Victor Fiorillo’s BLOCKBUSTER post on the VERY BEST homes for sale in the Greater Philadelphia Region! [Curbed Philly]

Switching Back to Kelly Green Eagles Unis Might Not Be So Easy

Rooting for sports is rooting for laundry. Players change, coaches change, owners change, as we keep on rooting for the guys wearing the right jerseys. Yet when the laundry changes, we want to bring it back. There’s a petition right now on lobbying Jeff Lurie to change the Eagles uniforms back to Kelly Green, as they were before 1996. 9,000 people have signed it, but it won’t be so simple to change them back, and would take at least two years to get a change approved.

The NFL does a lot of homework before giving its stamp of approval. They exchange design ideas with the team; test the uniform on the field, inspecting how it looks from every seat in the stadium (both indoors and out, at night and during the day), and how it looks on camera; they want to see how it would appear in stores, and get player feedback.

And even when it comes to alternate jerseys, there are roadblocks. The Eagles would be forced to submit a request to the NFL, and would probably have to give up the black alts they’ve got now. [Birds 24/7]

It’s Finally Over! Eagles Hire Chip Kelly

Nearly two weeks after first courting Oregon coach Chip Kelly (and after nearly two weeks of thinking Chip Kelly had rejected the Eagles), Lurie and co. have brought the Duck to Philly.

Jeffrey LurieHowie Roseman and Don Smolenski took their best shot at Kelly back on January 5, as a scheduled lunch spilled well into the night and lasted some eight hours. Oregon booster and Nike co-founder Phil Knight reportedly made a strong push to keep Kelly with the Ducks, and it looked like it had worked. Not so fast.

“Chip Kelly will be an outstanding head coach for the Eagles,” said Lurie, as the Eagles made the move official. “He has a brilliant football mind. He motivates his team with his actions as well as his words. He will be a great leader for us and will bring a fresh energetic approach to our team.”

This will be Kelly’s first head coaching job in the NFL.

Let the media narrative shift immediately from “Why Won’t Chip Kelly Coach in Philly?” to “Is Chip Kelly Any Good?” [Birds 24/7]