Coaching Candidate All-22: Gase’s Adaptability

Adam Gase. (USA Today Sports)

Adam Gase. (USA Today Sports)

Much has been made about Adam Gase’s adaptability. Whether you talk to his former players or media members who have covered him, it’s one of the first things they’ll mention.

Sure, he helped the Broncos win a playoff game with Tim Tebow starting, but how much can you actually attribute that to the quarterbacks coach? Peyton Manning had the best statistical season for a quarterback ever when Gase was his offensive coordinator, but wasn’t Manning probably most responsible for that?

And now, as the Bears offensive coordinator, Gase helped Jay Cutler achieve a career-high passer rating, but Chicago ranked just 17th in offensive points per drive this season, per Football Outsiders.

To get a better feel of how, exactly, has Gase adapted, and how much praise he deserves for his quarterbacks’ successes, we took to the film and pulled an example from his time with three of his most recent quarterbacks.
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Eagles’ Defense To Face Its ‘Biggest Test’

Eagles Defensive Coordinator Bill Davis Explaining to Press
Brandon Marshall
and Alshon Jeffery are getting the most attention heading into Sunday Night’s matchup between the Eagles and Bears. Given the talent of that receiver duo and the way the Eagles’ secondary performed in Minnesota last week, it’s certainly understandable.

But it’s clear Billy Davis‘ concerns do not stop there.

“Chicago might be one of the most talented offenses we face,” he said.  “Top five in scoring.  Big, physical Pro Bowl receivers, two of them.  They have a tight end [Martellus Bennett] who is a big, athletic passing tight end.  The running back [Matt Forte] is as rounded as any running back we’ve faced.  His pass protection is great.  He runs the ball well.  He catches out of the backfield well.

“The offensive line is young on one side, but it’s getting better and better as we go.  The quarterback [Jay Cutler] can make all the throws.  You can tell he understands this offense because his eyes are downfield and he’s getting the ball where it needs to be.  This is overall our biggest test.”

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