Chickie’s Italian Deli for Sale for $1 Million

Photo via Chickie's Facebook page.

Photo via Chickie’s Facebook page.

Chickie’s Italian Deli — self-proclaimed originator of the veggie hoagie — has been in business at 10th and Federal since 1993, and received countless accolades, including more than one from Philadelphia Magazine. Now the business in toto is for sale — and we’re talking everything.

Of course, the business includes all the large items, like the commercial gas stove, the built-in AC units, the refrigerators, the freezers, the counters, deep fryers, etc. But the inclusion of small items — like cash registers and a small microwave — reminds me of Georges Perrier’s poignant Craigslist-advertised estate sale). It just feels sad.

There’s also an “anti-pasta box” listed, which I’m embarrassed to say I had to read a couple of times before I understood that no one at Chickie’s has anything against pasta.

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Suspect Charged in Beau Zabel Case

If you’re a fan of superb local journalism in Philadelphia, you probably read Mike Newall’s five-part Inquirer series on slain Philly transplant Beau Zabel, a naive, trusting, Minnesota kid who was killed near the Italian Market on his way home from a Starbucks shift in 2008. On the heels of his reporting, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office charged its lead suspect today, 35-year-old Marcellus “Ant North” Jones.

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Italian Market Lands Tapas Bar


The Italian Market is getting a topless tapas and paella bar. Torrero Bar is replacing El Costeno taqueria at 940 S 9th Street. Passyunk Post has some more details on the upcoming project.

Tapas place called to Torero Bar coming to Italian Market [Passyunk Post]

UPDATE: Passyunk Post gets an inside look in the tapas and paella bar with chef Miguel Martí Rossello.

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A Different Kind Of Taproom: Cardenas Opens In The Italian Market


The good folks over at the Passyunk Post have been keeping an eye on Cardenas Oil & Vinegar Taproom, which has been building out in the Italian Market for a few months.

Now, though, the place has finally opened and they sent a shooter over to snap a whole bunch of pictures of the lovely, bright and airy new space. Cardenas (as the name suggests) stocks a whole variety of olive oils and vinegars (plus condiments and other little things that come in jars), but because the place is a taproom, it means you can also taste the oils and vinegars before you buy–which is kind of cool because, seriously, who among us has tasted enough Bordeaux cherry or honey ginger balsamic vinegars to know whether or not we actually want to buy a whole bottle?

You can check out the full photo spread over on the Passyunk Post.

Cardenas Olive Oil and Vinegar Taproom Now Open In Italian Market [Passyunk Post]

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