Philly’s Google Zeitgeist: Here’s What We Searched for Every Single Day of 2013

Google Zeitgeist Philadelphia

We are about to be inundated by 2013 Year-in-Review videos, articles, blogs, cable shows and radio marathons. The most interesting review is already out – yours. Every year, Google puts out a list of the top searched names, places and things of the year gone by. It is like the American Idol of Year-in-Reviews because you vote by your searches on the most important events of the year.

This year death, devices and the Harlem Shake dominate the Google Zeitgeist. Here are the national top 10 searches of the year:

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7 Reasons Amazon Drones Are The Dumbest Idea I’ve Ever Heard

Amazon Drone

You’ve heard about Amazon drones, the Seattle-based e-tail giant’s new idea to use drones to deliver packages on the same day to customers, particularly those in “densely populated” urban areas? The way it works is like this: you order something from Amazon. You want it the same day. Your order is placed in a tupperware container which then gets sent to something resembling the checkout line at Acme where a model “octocopter”(the kind your 5th grader got for Christmas last year) swoops it into the air and seamlessly delivers it to your door.

Really, this is how it will work. And in only a few years. Assuming FAA approval of course. And assuming that we’re all insane.

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Man Uses Internet for First Time

The smartest show on the radio right now is WNYC’s On the Media, and OTM’s smart people have launched a smart podcast called TLDR. The show—or at least, their blog—earned my affection when producer PJ Vogt introduced me to the seemingly universally loathed 40 Days of Dating in a sharply witted post on the superficial passion project of those two annoying but still hot Manhattanites. It also introduced me to the charm of TLDR: It’s short, but not reductive; analytical without feeling parasitic of other’s reporting.

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