10 Gay Philly Instagrams from Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour

Unless you were hiding under a big rainbow rock, you know that the Material Girl herself was in Philly last night bringing her Rebel Heart tour to town for a packed house at the Wells Fargo Center. Of course, the gays were out in full-force, taking in everything that the “Unapologetic Bitch” brought to the stage. We rounded up 10 of our favorite Instagrams from last evening’s raucous festivities for your own viewing pleasure.

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10 Bootylicious Beyonce Instagrams From Made In America

Unless you’ve been hiding under a huge Made in America rock, you most likely know that Beyonce herself made audiences “bow down” during Saturday night’s Made in America festivities. The Queen herself posted some amazing shots on her Instagram account of her Philly appearance, and, of course, so did her loyal fans. We rounded up ten of our favorite booylicious posts that show Beyonce in action in front of our iconic Art Museum.

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Philly Woman Instagrams Period Blood, World Freaks Out

If you are a woman living in 2015, chances are, you’ve scurried to the bathroom with a tampon or pad tucked up your shirt sleeve or in your back pocket or maybe even in your waistband — you know, if it’s summertime and you don’t have shirt sleeves and your back pocket is exposed to the world (i.e. your coworkers). Because periods aren’t supposed to be talked about and evidence of them is certainly not supposed to be seen. At least that’s how we’ve all been conditioned. But one Philly woman, Louelle Denor, a philosophy student at Temple, has taken to Instagram to counter this idea with a very bloody selfie capturing her face, a Softcup, and a hand covered in period blood.
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Kevin Hart Run, Philly Naked Bike Ride, Philly 10K: The Best Instagrams from Your Crazy-Busy Weekend

instagram roundup

If you need a weekend to recover from your weekend, we don’t blame you — it was a big one for fitness in Philly! From Kevin Hart’s pop-up run at the Art Museum Steps to the Philly 10K to the Philly Naked Bike Ride, there was tons of sweaty fun happening around town. Below, our 15 favorite photos from Instagram to sum up this weekend’s events.  Read more »

Instagram Roundup Of The Week: Prepare For Insta-hunger (Snacks Recommended)

Screen shot 2015-07-30 at 2.46.37 PM

You know what’s hard? Picking the best ten of about a zillion awesome food instagrams from this past week. You know what’s even harder? Trying to do that without snacks (I couldn’t make it– thankfully the office has cake today).

Moral of the story? Have something delicious by your side before you look at these. You’ll thank me later.

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10 Philly Instagrammers Every Healthy Foodie Should Be Following

healthy eating grams
It’s time to put the hours you spend scrolling through Instagram to good use (don’t worry, we’re totally guilty, too). Instead of stalking your new coworker or ex-boyfriend until you’re in 88 weeks deep and accidentally “like” a photo (awkward), use your Instagram addiction as a way to add some new healthy recipes to your repertoire and discover some awesome Philly eats.

We rounded up 10 Philly-based Instagrammers who love healthy food just as much as we do. So next time you’re stumped on what to make or where to go, check out the accounts of these local healthy food bloggers, coaches, chefs, and dietitians for some drool-worthy healthy-eating inspiration. Read more »

14 Great Instagrams From Saturday’s LGBT 50th Anniversary Celebration

This past Saturday, July 4th, all eyes were on Philadelphia’s gay community as they hosted a 50th Anniversary LGBT Civil Rights celebration, including a reenactment of the first Annual Reminders protest and a star-studded commemoration outside of Independence Hall. We scouted our Instagram followers to find some of our fans sharing great shots throughout the afternoon’s festivities. Below, in no particular moment, are some of our favorite pictures (we do have to give a big shout-out to GALAEI for capturing some amazing moments of the protest). Read more »

Meet the Local Hospital Worker Who Posts Autopsy Photos on Instagram

Nicole Angemi via Instagram

Nicole Angemi via Instagram

When you go into the hospital, you probably don’t expect that your tumor, gangrened leg or, God forbid, dead body will wind up on Instagram. But thanks to one local hospital’s pathology assistant, who moonlights at Drexel University as a teacher, it could happen. South Jersey’s Nicole Angemi routinely shares pathology and autopsy photos with her 350,000-plus followers on Instagram (she swears none of them are her patients), so we reached out to her to find out how a mother of three wound up with such a gruesome hobby. As a condition of the interview, we agreed not to reveal the hospital where she is employed.

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So Fetch: Mean Girls Art History May Be the Best Instagram Account Ever

From the @meangirlsarthistory Burn Book Instagram.

From the @meangirlsarthistory Burn Book Instagram.

Trust us when we tell you that this is, like, so fetch: There’s an Instagram account that makes majoring in art history (unlike being in the mathletes) so popular that you’ll become high status man candy before you know it.

We’re pretty much in love with the Mean Girls Art History Burn Book (@meangirlsarthistory) that juxtaposes classic works of art with quotes from the popular movie. It’s genius, and it’ll surely prevent you from becoming a fugly slut. Unlike butter, we assure you that it’s not a carb, and we suggest checking out the gallery of images from the Instagram account below before we call you a home-schooled jungle freak. Of course, head over to the Instagram account yourself and follow it for more fetch updates.

And we promise we won’t tell anyone that you smell like a baby prostitute.

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