5 Snow-Filled Philly Fitness Instagrams That Will Make You Want to Go Outside

snow lead
If the thought of abandoning your house for a workout in the snowy — or in some cases, very slushy — outdoors is proving difficult (because heat and Netflix and thermal onesies), here’s some much-needed workout inspiration: five photos of locals (including one with last week’s adoptable running dog, Cy) braving the snow and slush to get their sweat on. And the biggest shocker of all? They actually make it look fun. Check the photos out below, then bundle up and follow suit. Read more »

13 Must-See Instagrams From The Academy Ball

A who’s-who of Philadelphia donned their best clothes and partied the night away at the annual Academy Ball on January 24, 2015. This exclusive white-tie affair is one of the only annual fundraisers to support the Academy of Music, and this year, Al Pacino teamed up with the Philadelphia Orchestra to present what was a memorable evening for those in attendance. Of course, eager socialites couldn’t help but post some great shots on Instagram, so we rounded up some of the best pre-ball prep, gorgeous clothes, and, of course, selfies. Read more »

Is Beyonce Pregnant Again?

The internet is abuzz this afternoon after Beyonce took to Instagram earlier on Sunday and posted the following shot of her in the sand with what looks to be a pregnant belly:

A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

The Queen might be just playing on the beach, but many of her fans are sending congrats her way via social media. We’ll have to wait and see if Blue Ivy is going to be a big sister.

10 Inspirational Healthy-Eating Quotes That Won’t Make You Cringe



Finding a healthy-eating quote that doesn’t inspire a cringe (á la “Keep calm and control your portions”) or cause you to cower underneath your kitchen table in fear (I’m looking at you, #EATREALORDIE), is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. And this is a serious shame because who couldn’t use a good-humored healthy-eating quote as a friendly reminder every now and then? Especially the week after Thanksgiving.

But not to fear, friends: You don’t have to resort to any of the many awful “Keep calm and …” quotes for inspiration quite yet. We searched high and low through the virtual haystacks that are Pinterest and Instagram to supply you guys with enough non-cringe-worthy healthy eating inspiration to cover your fridge, plus the occasional “treat yo self” quote (because balance). Enjoy!

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12 #GayPhilly Instagrams You Should See This Week: Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Okay, we know, we know: it got really freaking freezing this week. However, that didn’t keep Instagram from keeping Gay Philly nice and toasty warm. Below you’ll find our picks for some of the best snapshots that graced our iPhones this week (that is, if we were able to double-click “like” through our gloved fingers).

Introducing #catjawns, Instagram Hashtags for Philly Cats


The problem: Lots of Philadelphia cats on Instagram, but no way to tell what neighborhood they live in. The solution: #catjawns.

A few years ago, a friend of mine who lives in Kensington posted a photo of her cats to Instagram. I tagged it “#kenzokats.” She picked up the idea, and she and another friend of mine use the #kenzokats hashtag. It’s time to expand this project.

Here’s how it works: When posting a photo of your cat to Instagram, please use the corresponding hashtag for your neighborhood (or one near it). Here’s an example: The cat in the header image at the top of this post, Detective John Munch, lives in East Falls. Take a photo of her, and you’d tag the Instagram photo #eastpaws. Get it?

What follows is an exhaustive list of #catjawns hashtags.

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PHOTO: Hillary Clinton’s Down With the Roots

Philly Roots drummer Questlove posted this photo of him and former Secretary of State (and future President?) Hillary Clinton on his Instagram feed. The caption reads, “Most would say ‘ … so this happened’ … I’m like ‘yeah it’s Sunday night.'” 

The pair were attending an event during the weekend long Clinton Global Initiative 2014 Annual Meeting in New York City.

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