19 #GayPhilly Instagrams You Need to See: The HughE Dillon Jump Shot Edition

Every Friday we roundup the best shots from some of Philly’s most clickable LGBT Instagram hams. This week, HughE Dillon does a jump shot, y’all!

19 #GayPhilly Instagrams You May Have Missed This Week: The Funny Faces Edition

Every Friday I round up the best shots from some of #GayPhilly’s most clickable Instagram hams. This week, the Funny Faces Edition. 

Are These Photos of DeSean Jackson Throwing Gang Signs?

Now that the Eagles have released DeSean Jackson, with reports surfacing that Jackson has ties to members of violent Los Angeles-area gangs, the DeSean Jackson gang allegations are turning up everywhere. (Jackson has issued a statement saying, in part, that “I am not and never have been part of any gang.”)

But TMZ was pushing the DeSean Jackson gang angle weeks ago, with a story that none of us noticed then: “DeSean Jackson Throwin’ Gang Signs With Rapper Nipsey Hussle.”

And if you scour the Internet, you’ll find more than a few photos of Jackson “throwin’ gang signs.” But is Jackson really ”throwin’ gang signs,” or is he just making stupid hand gestures, like all those idiots on the Tumblr WhitePeopleThrowingGangSigns? You be the judge.

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Art Museum Makes Top Instagram List

Mashable has stumbled upon one of Philly’s favorite ways to pretty up an Instagram feed.

The website compiled a list of 14 of the world’s best museum Instagram accounts, and our own Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA) makes the cut, at No. 8. The mention includes a photo of PMA’s massive The Burghers of Calais sculpture by Rodin. The quick description? “The City of Brotherly Love is home to a beautiful art museum with a wildly active Instagram account. Follow for a daily dose of creative photos.”

Leaves a little to be desired, huh? Well that’s all made up for considering who else is on the list, including Paris’s The Louvre, New York’s Museum of Sex, Tate in the U.K. and more. To see the complete list, go here.

The Philly Instagram Hall of Fame: The 15 Shots Everybody takes


Philadelphia, like most cities populated by smartphone users with a little too much time to kill, boasts a thriving Instagram community, and its members are not afraid to show off their surroundings.

We have the pleasure of living in a photogenic town, rich with opportunities to pic-share stuff more interesting than dashboard thermometer shots and butchered Starbucks cup names. But with so many active ‘grammers out there flexing their Valencia, Sutro and Earlybird skills, it’s only natural that some shots are cropping up more frequently than others.

Here, in no particular order, is a rundown of the Philly-centric Instagram shots I come across the most. Let me preface this roundup by stating for the record that I’m personally guilty of most, if not all, of these moves. Now join me in celebrating the Philly Instagram Hall of Fame’s inaugural class.

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Philadelphian Takes Selfies to Prove Local Residency to IRS

There’s a story at Mashable by Brian Koerber today with a fun tale about Andrew Jarvis. Jarvis is an architect at EwingCole who splits his time between the firm’s offices in New York City and Philadelphia.

Koerber reports Jarvis began to rent an apartment in New York City due to the long commute. (Geeze! That’s expensive. Why not Jersey City or Northeast Pennsylvania?) He realized he needed to spend fewer than 182 days a year living in New York or else he’d have to pay NYC taxes.

So, to prove to the IRS he lives in Philadelphia most of the time, he began taking dated self-timer shots with a camera — holding a copy of the New York Times and Philadelphia Inquirer to prove it.

His daughter, Anne, recently started an Instagram account documenting his work. After the jump, a selection of the best.

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13 #GayPhilly Instagrams You May Have Missed This Week: The Bitch-Slapped On Ash Wednesday Edition

Every Friday we roundup the best shots from some of Philly’s most celebrated LGBT Instagram hams. This week: shots that are gradually spring-inspiring, plus someone got bitch-slapped on Ash Wednesday.


16 #GayPhilly Instagrams You May Have Missed This Week: “Gunnar Montana’s Fake Penis” Edition

Every Friday we roundup the best shots from some of Philly’s most celebrated LGBT Instagram hams. This week: the “Gunnar Montana’s Fake Penis” edition. Scroll on, you’ll see why. 

Philly Instagramers Get Exhibition at Metropolitan Gallery 250

Screen shot 2014-02-27 at 12.38.59 PM

Metropolitan Gallery 250‘s next exhibit, “250 x 250,” poses that there might be some true art hiding among the selfies and food porn (or some mother-of-god variation thereof) hogging your Instagram feed. The exhibit, opening March 7th, features  popular Instagram photographer and University of the Arts graduate Austin Hodges (aka @austinxc04)’s street photography, which focuses notably on Philadelphia architecture and urban decay. Hodges’ 28,000-plus followers could scroll through most of the works on-display, but the physical exhibition might make clear the shortcomings of the purely digital.

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