Meet the Local Hospital Worker Who Posts Autopsy Photos on Instagram

Nicole Angemi via Instagram

Nicole Angemi via Instagram

When you go into the hospital, you probably don’t expect that your tumor, gangrened leg or, God forbid, dead body will wind up on Instagram. But thanks to one local hospital’s pathology assistant, who moonlights at Drexel University as a teacher, it could happen. South Jersey’s Nicole Angemi routinely shares pathology and autopsy photos with her 350,000-plus followers on Instagram (she swears none of them are her patients), so we reached out to her to find out how a mother of three wound up with such a gruesome hobby. As a condition of the interview, we agreed not to reveal the hospital where she is employed.

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So Fetch: Mean Girls Art History May Be the Best Instagram Account Ever

From the @meangirlsarthistory Burn Book Instagram.

From the @meangirlsarthistory Burn Book Instagram.

Trust us when we tell you that this is, like, so fetch: There’s an Instagram account that makes majoring in art history (unlike being in the mathletes) so popular that you’ll become high status man candy before you know it.

We’re pretty much in love with the Mean Girls Art History Burn Book (@meangirlsarthistory) that juxtaposes classic works of art with quotes from the popular movie. It’s genius, and it’ll surely prevent you from becoming a fugly slut. Unlike butter, we assure you that it’s not a carb, and we suggest checking out the gallery of images from the Instagram account below before we call you a home-schooled jungle freak. Of course, head over to the Instagram account yourself and follow it for more fetch updates.

And we promise we won’t tell anyone that you smell like a baby prostitute.

Faces of Philly Pride 2015: An Instagram Photo Essay

One of the most beautiful things about Pride is that, no matter where in Philly you celebrate, it’s an annual reminder that it really is a full community of so many different types: Every gender, sexuality, color, and social status come together for the same reason. Sure, at first glance, there’s a heck of a lot of half-naked dudes strutting on stages, but when you pull back the layers, you can see the faces of Pride are so varied and so beautiful, that it’s hard to ignore. We were keeping a close eye on your Instagram pictures today and selected a collection to share with you that we think captures that essence of variety, and what Pride is all about. Read more »

10 Awesome Instagram Photos from The Love Run

love run lead
Yesterday morning, thousands of runners woke up bright and early to pound the pavements of Philly in the Love Run Half Marathon. The weather gods blessed ‘em with better weather than last year’s nonstop rain, but it was still pretty chilly out there — but that didn’t stop runners from having a blast and Instagraming all about it! Check out the photos, which range from inspirational to downright hilarious, below.  Read more »

12 Must-See #GayPhilly Instagrams This Week

Your Friday afternoon guilty pleasure has arrived: We spent the week finding some of the best Instagram posts from LGBTQ Philly and compiled them all, so you can use your cell phone browsing for more important things (like trying to avoid all of the spam on Grindr these days). Below, in no particular order, are our favorite pictures that graced Instagram this week. Happy weekend, #GayPhilly!

Opening of Observation Deck at One Liberty Place Moved to Fall 2015

Photo credit: ryanoshea via Flickr.

Photo credit: ryanoshea via Flickr.

I know, I know…we were all itching for the observation deck at One Liberty Place to open this summer, as had been the plan when we first heard about it. Alas, we’ll have to wait for August to be behind us before heading on over with our phones and cameras to get a new shot of the city. (Guess foodies might have to wait for its new restaurant too?)

According to a spokesperson, an opening date for the observation deck–to be operated by the Paris-based Montparnasse 56 Group–has yet to be set, but is likely to happen after Labor Day. As for its name? We can expect that sooner rather than later (i.e. sometime within the next week) as copyright is currently being secured. Ticket prices have also yet to be determined. In the mean time though, we can look forward to the groundbreaking ceremony, which will take place late next month and count Mayor Nutter as an attendee.

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Jaw Dropper of the Week: Memorable Childhood Home on Delancey

Photos by Rough Coat Photography

Photos by Valerie Buller of Rough Coat Photography

If there was ever a time to shamelessly plug our new Photo of the Week feature, it would probably be now.

Not to diminish the beautiful work of Valerie Buller, founder of Rough Coat Photography, but it goes without saying that her photos of this Federal townhouse certainly have an intimate atmospheric quality iPhone patrons might appreciate and use as inspiration for their #phillyscape pics on Instagram and Twitter. (And check out that blue #phillyhomeportrait-friendly front door!)

Of course, that should come as no surprise given that Buller can call 241 Delancey her childhood home. (No exaggeration, she was born at CHOP and grew up in the Society Hill home that’s now listed for over $1.47 million.)

“It was a portrait session with the house,” the photographer tells us of the shoot, which, using her Nikon D7100, Buller says she approached from an angle of love. The house “is very much a member of the family,” she adds.

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13 #GayPhilly Instagrams You Should See This Week

For the first time since before Christmas, the Philadelphia region had temperatures in the 60s this week. That was enough for everyone to celebrate the melting of all of the snow, ice, and slush and enjoy the start of warmer times to come. Of course, #GayPhilly took to Instagram to post some seasonably appropriate shots, and we couldn’t help but show off some of our best picks of this week’s photos.

10 Philly Instagrams You Should Definitely Follow

A photo posted by Ryan Rector (@recthedirector) on

City Hall, Robert Indiana’s LOVE statue, the PMA steps—all sites you and I (and probably every tourist with an iPhone) are sure to have photographed, filtered, and posted on Instagram at some point during our wanderings in Philadelphia. And while such pictures of Philly are expected, this Instagram roundup pointedly turns away from the go-to snapshot spots.

Instead, we’ve chosen to feature 10 (really, 11) IG accounts whose principal focus are infrequently noticed aspects of the city, be it architecture, interior spaces, abandoned buildings, or other rarely appreciated cityscape scenes. Of course, you can’t just talk about #phillygrams and not mention @StreetsDept, Conrad Benner’s stunning 94,000-follower Instagram gallery (he also has a photo blog) filled with artfully immortalized Philly graffiti, street art, and urbex

However, for the purposes of bringing what may be potentially new images to you, we’ve decided to include lesser known IG users (but you should still follow him if you don’t already!), which brings us to our next point: Property will now feature a “Photo of the Week” each Friday!

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